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Home > How To > Tech lowdown: master the art of balancing on an e-scooter
Tech lowdown: master the art of balancing on an e-scooter

Tech lowdown: master the art of balancing on an e-scooter

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-31 7134 1

Riding a two-wheeled scooter can be difficult for beginners, but there is a way to master it. Otherwise, you may fall off the scooter and injure yourself.

learn how to ride a balance scooter

To master your balance scooter well, here are things you need to do:

1. Learn how to maintain balance

Since the wheels on a two-wheeled scooter face each other, it doesn't balance correctly. The time it takes to do this correctly varies from person to the next, so be patient.

Once you get the hang of balancing consistently, you will be ready to ride the scooter safely.

2. Practice on an easier scooter

Use scooters purposely designed to have easier balancing, such as ones with three wheels.

This can improve your balance and help you understand when, where and how to shift your weight when you ride a two-wheeled scooter.

two-wheeled scooter

3. Start the scooter and wear protective gear

To avoid injury and stay safe, we recommend wearing a helmet and protective pads.

Start the scooter and wear protective gear

Be sure that they fit comfortably and does not move around on your body. They can protect you from serious injury if you fall down.

4. Mount the scooter carefully

Start by placing your hands on the handles of the two-wheeled scooter.

At the same time, place one of your legs on the bottom of the scooter. Keep your other leg down, and get ready to push.

Now push yourself slowly with your leg that is on the ground. Set off slowly and later, glide a little bit faster. This will prevent you from falling off the two-wheeled scooter.

5. Learn to steer the scooter

At last, try to maintain your balance.

If the scooter leans to the right, turn the handlebars to left to counter its lean. If the scooter leans to the left, turn the handlebars right.

6. Develop confidence

Practice riding in as straight a line as possible at differing speeds before attempting an intentional turn.

As long as your balance is properly trained and honed to ride safely, you can be out on the road cruising in style and safely.

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