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Home > How To > The pro guide to choose dope skateboard bearings
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The pro guide to choose dope skateboard bearings

The pro guide to choose dope skateboard bearings

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 4434 3

Bearings make a world of difference. Learn how to choose the best ones to get the job done.

What are skateboard bearings?

Bearings are what allow skateboard to turn, slide, and flip on the axle of the wheel. Board bearing, as a fundamental part of skateboard, connects the wheels to the main part of the board.

Even though bearings are small, don’t be fooled! They play a huge part in how fast and how smooth you skate.

If you are serious about getting a proper bearing to suit your needs, you should have a rough idea of how they work and their features.


Choosing the Right Skateboard Bearings

Before you choose skateboard bearing, you first need to get a basic overview.

In general, most skateboards, roller and inline skates use a standard 608 size bearing with an 8mm bore, 7mm thickness, and 22mm diameter, and have seven or eight steel or ceramic balls each in the interior.

Bearings help reduce the friction so skaters can turn corners, glide in curves and flip in the air with little effort.

play with skateboard

ABEC Rating System

The Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) is a group that rates bearings around the globe.

ABEC measures efficiency and is the most commonly used bearing rating system. The higher the ABEC rating, the smaller the permissible tolerance, the greater the precision in making the bearing.

ABEC Rating Features
ABEC-1   Least precise and least expencive
  Most durable
ABEC-3   Most found in entry-level budget
  May not roll or smoothly
ABEC-5   Typically found in fitness and recreational inline skates
  Reasonanble speed at reasonable cost
ABEC-7   Smooth and fast at acceptable price
  Most common skaters use
ABEC-9   Delicate and easily damaged
  Most fit for high-speed motor

Because smooth bearings reduce friction significantly, which has an influence on speed, many skaters mistakenly believe that they should get the bearings with the highest ABEC ratings. Understand the ratings

When choosing ABEC rated bearings, keep in mind that the effect of a higher rating on speed is somewhat limited because this rating system was engineered with high-precision equipment, not skateboard or roller skates.

Even the very fastest skaters do not generate enough RPM that is equal to a motor at speed of 2000 - 3000 rpm.

In addition, steel sealed bearings are the most common used in skating. Sealing design, on one hand, can protect against both water and grime, but it can also last a long time without maintenance.

Steel bearing normally are equipped with seven or eight ball bearings to reduce both the load on the bearing and overall friction between the wheel and road. They are lower in price than other types of bearings, and perfect for recreational and beginner skaters.

steel skateboard bearings

No matter what variety and rating of bearings you choose, you should choose according to your skill and needs.

With the right bearings on your skateboard, you can twist, turn, and perform various tricks smoothly and easily.

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