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Home > How To > The shortest way to set Gmail Auto reply and Signature
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The shortest way to set Gmail Auto reply and Signature

The shortest way to set Gmail Auto reply and Signature

By  Livio Defranza 2019-01-21 6353 0

Gmail, Google's e-mail service, offers many feature, including setting an automatic response that starts when you decide not to reply to emails.

Back to work after holidays, you just realized dozens of colleagues and business partners were sending you important e-mails in the last three weeks, but since you forgot to set auto reply on your e-mail address, they were wondering why you're not answering.

Gmail account 

First steps to set your e-mail auto reply

1. Open your Gmail account

2. On the right top click "Settings" 

3.  You will see at the bottom "Vacation responder", click on that icon.

4. Now you can fill the form for your automatic reply message. Don't forget to write the date and subject of your absence.  

5. After completing this operation, click Save Changes and try sending an email from another account to make sure everything works better.

Vacation responder 

E-mail signature

Among the options in Gmail we can use, there's the signature function, which is a short portion of text that can be included by default in all messages, after the text of the letter. The signature can be useful in many ways but especially in the workplace. Professionals include, for example, their data, contact details, data management information and much more. The "home" users can simply insert a personalized signature, perhaps accompanied by some funny image.

It should be noted, however, that the setup made on Gmail from the web will not be operational if users use a client email.

That means that for those of you which use Outlook or other software tools, the signature will be set within the program if obviously available as an option.

Case practice - setup an e-mail signature

Recently you got a new job, so you would like to add in your future e-mails a signature with your name and surname, phone number, website address, company name or professional title. Your Signature can have up to 10000 characters. The procedure is similar to the one with auto reply settings.

1. Open your Gmail e-mail account.

2. Click "Settings" on the top right

3. The "Signature" window will pop up; you can add your signature text in the window. You can upload images too, for example if you want to add your company or project logo.

Signature window

In addition, all users who use the "Send message as" function to send from different addresses through their account can create a different signature for each address.

So, Gmail users simply have to select the desired address using the drop-down menu above the signature text box on the Settings page.


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