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Home > How To > These things you should know after buying a new Xiaomi TV
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These things you should know after buying a new Xiaomi TV

These things you should know after buying a new Xiaomi TV

By  Niki Jones 2018-12-18 1635 0

Double 11, the sales volume of the Xiaomi TV is first! We have prepared a user guide for your new TV, let’s come to see what things should be noticed.

 Xiaomi Mi TV 

1. Install

Xiaomi TV can use the two kinds of forms to undertake installation: seat mounting and hanging mounting. For your safe use, it is recommended that choosing the Xiaomi TV’s original mount rack, and Xiaomi authorized engineers to complete the installation for you.

the two kinds of forms to undertake installation 

2. Start up

It is different for that split Xiaomi TV and integrated Xiaomi TV to start up. Split TV: after turning on the power, press the control panel through the TV host, and click the power button to wait for the indicator to light up; Integrated TV: after the power is switched on, gently press the bottom indicator light of the touch panel under the TV screen to turn on. Wait until the indicator lights up, then use the remote control to boot up.

the starting up of split TV 

the starting up of integrated TV

3. Connect the remote control and projection screen

The remote control of Xiaomi TV has two basic ways of connection, namely infrared connection and Bluetooth connection. Infrared remote control does not need to be set separately, can be used directly. To connect to the Bluetooth remote control, you need to hold down the home button + menu key at the same time, keep the remote control 20cm away from the TV, wait after you hear the sound of dripping, and the pairing will be realized when it shows the connection is successful. In addition, you can also choose the  projection screen APP and universal remote control APP to remote control the TV through mobile phone.

Projection screen is the most frequently used function in daily life. The large screen game, mobile phone pictures, PPT,etc, which can be screen into the TV, not only the family can share happiness, the company office is also super convenient!

Projection screen 

4. Network connection

There are two ways of network connection: wireless connection and wired connection, among which:

Wireless connection: click the upper key on the remote control- enter the setting page- select the wireless network- select the wireless network at home, and enter the password to connect.

Wired connection: the TV set connected to the wired network must automatically assign IP address to the network cable through the router. After inserting the network cable into the network interface on the back of the TV, click the wired network connection in the setting to use.

5. Image and sound adjustment

You can adjust the TV's image and audio output according to the viewing scene. Under the image parameters, we can choose the color mode we want as needed (including standard mode, user mode, movie mode, gorgeous mode and motion mode, etc).

Image and sound adjustment 

In addition, in order to you and children’s the eyesight health, in "image" setting, Xiaomi TV can also choose "eye protection mode" to effectively prevent the eye fatigue caused by blue light stimulation for a long time.

In the sound adjustment, you can also choose to set up the sound output device, Bolby sound effects, etc, to create a more shocking audio-visual experience for you.

6. TV maintenance

After using the new TV for a period of time, if not properly maintained, it will inevitably affect the experience. And in the maintenance of TV, it's most important to maintain a LCD screen.

TV maintenance 


Due to the special attribute of liquid crystal screen, never wipe with common paper towel and wet towel, nor wipe the stain with fingers and sharp objects, which is harmful to the screen. It's best to use a professional clean suits of LCD screen, which usually includes LCD screen detergent, fine fiber cleans cloth and fine wool soft brush. Generally speaking, high-grade glasses shop’s glasses cloth can also be used as cleaning cloth.

Cleaning method:

(1) After the TV is powered off, gently wipe off the dust on the screen surface with a clean cloth.

(2) Spray the detergent on the surface of the cleaning cloth, but do not get wet, and it can clean the stubborn stains directly.

(3) Wipe the screen along a direction, do not press it back and forth firmly and rub against the surface of the screen.

In addition, LCD TV needs to keep away from damp environment, and sharp accessories, etc.


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