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Home > How To > Top 3 Earphone Usage Habits that Harm Hearing and Solutions
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Top 3 Earphone Usage Habits that Harm Hearing and Solutions

Top 3 Earphone Usage Habits that Harm Hearing and Solutions

By  Joe Horner 2020-04-02 293 0

Many people are immersed in noise and do not know it. As a result, hearing health has gradually become a global problem. This kind of hearing loss is also showing a trend of younger age. According to data released by the World Health Organization in 2019, about 1.1 billion young people around the world (11-35 years old) are at risk of irreversible hearing loss. The hearing loss of modern people has a lot to do with headphones. The emergence of headphones leads to the possibility of hearing loss to some extent, but in fact, there are many noises around us that are hurting your ears, and the wrong habits of using headphones every day will further aggravate this kind of damage to our hearing. Today, let's take a look at the top three ear-hurting habits that are most likely to be overlooked in the use of headphones.

Why is our hearing so fragile?

"is our hearing really so fragile?" The answer is yes. There are many ear hair cells growing in the inner ear, which are the receptors of human hearing. These ear hair cells are fragile and non-regenerative and cannot be recovered once lost.

Exposure to excessive volume for a long time will cause great damage to ear hair cells and cause irreversible damage to our hearing. When exposed to more than 85 decibels of the playback volume for more than 8 hours, ear hair cells are damaged, causing temporary hearing loss, which can be improved by rest and treatment.


When the playing volume is more than 100 decibels and lasts for more than 1 hour, the ear hair cells will cause irreversible damage and hearing loss will begin.


When the volume exceeds 110 decibels, the ear hair cells die, and prolonged exposure to such noise will lead to hearing loss.


What kind of earphone usage habits that harm hearing?

Here are three of the most common headphone habits that damage hearing

1. Headphones are used too loudly for a long time when taking transportation.

When using headphones in a noisy environment, many people are used to turning the volume on. What you may not know is that when the subway is running, the noise can reach 85 cents 110 decibels, with an average of 96 decibels. To hear clearly, the headset volume must exceed 90 decibels. When you try to mask the subway noise with the volume of music, your hearing is suffering serious damage.



The process of hearing loss is usually difficult to detect, and if you do not pay attention to hearing protection for a long time, you will step into the hearing loss group prematurely.


Some studies have shown that active noise reduction headphones can effectively protect hearing. Now mainstream big brand active noise cancellation earphones usually use advanced microphone noise reduction technology, and some also have built-in active noise reduction chips that continuously monitor environmental noise. can effectively eliminate environmental noise. For example, AirPods Pro, HUAWEI FreeBuds 3, Honor FlyPods 3 and so on.


The noise of the outside world is reduced, and the music can be enjoyed quietly without having to be too loud. Especially in the subway, bus, airplane, and other scenes, using noise cacelling headphones not only allows you to enjoy music at normal volume but also allows you to enjoy peace in a noisy environment after a hard day's work.


In addition to the noisy environment, some people will blindly increase the volume when listening to some music with a strong sense of rhythm, so as to make the drumbeat and rhythm of the music more distinct. However, the sound effects transmitted by each audio device have different characteristics, so it is suggested that this kind of music lovers can choose headphones with more on-the-spot sound quality.


For example, JBL Tune 220TWS not only pays attention to the on-the-spot sound effect but also increases the function of passive noise reduction, so that you can feel the linear sense of music in a quiet environment, mellow human voice and so on. If you use noise reduction headphones to listen to music in a noisy environment, your experience will be better than turning up the volume.


2. Often sleep with headphones.

Some people need to sleep with the help of soothing sleep-aiding music, while others like to listen to music before going to bed and forget to take off their headphones when they fall asleep.


Our ear bones and eardrums are soft and fragile organs in the body. earphones plugged in the ear for a long time will affect the blood circulation of the ear, while overnight volume stimulation can lead to damage to the hair cells of the inner ear. The cerebral cortex will also be excited and unable to get deep sleep.



Therefore, for those who sleep less, you can try to use soft medical earplugs, which can not only play a comfortable wearing effect but also effectively isolate the sound of the outside world and let you sleep quietly.


3. Do not pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of headphones.

Good hygiene habits can lead to physical and mental health, as does the daily use of headphones. The sweat and grease secreted by our bodies may seep into the headphones and become a "hotbed" for the growth of bacteria.


If you do not wipe and clean regularly, the bacteria growing on the headphones will spread to the ear because of contact with the skin for a long time, thus causing skin diseases, otitis media, and other diseases.



So how to maintain headphones? I'd like to share with you a few tips for maintaining headphones.


It is common for headphones to get sweat stains on the ear cushions after wearing them for a period of time.


●If it is a leather ear cushion, you can first wipe it with a wet towel, then wipe it with some low concentration alcohol disinfectant (do not use corrosive liquid), and finally dry it with a dry cloth.


●If it is a woven material ear cushion, you can use a fine hair toothbrush, dipped with a little gelatinous sponge cleaning fluid and water, gently brush the ear cushion toward the ground, and finally use a dry paper towel to absorb the water. You will find that the odor and sweat stains on the ear cushions are gone.


If it is an in-ear headset, as it is not easy to wipe with a towel, it is recommended that you can buy a special headset cleaning stick from the Internet.


These professional tools can clean to any narrow place on the headphones, clean the earwax, dust, etc., and have a good cleaning and maintenance effect on the headphones.



At present, many people's awareness of hearing health is still weak, and people are not aware of a series of serious consequences of hearing loss. The use of good noise-cancelling headphones can play a certain role in protection, but the headphones are not suitable to wear for a long time, the key is to improve the awareness of hearing protection.


If you already have some hearing problems (such as not hearing others clearly, frequent tinnitus), be sure to go to the hospital in time to avoid continuous hearing loss.


Finally, I hope you will start to care about your ears from today and stay away from the noise and bad ear habits.

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