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Home > How To > Troubleshoot all SMA - BAND fitness tracker issues
Troubleshoot all SMA - BAND fitness tracker issues

Troubleshoot all SMA - BAND fitness tracker issues

By  Felicity Rosa 2017-05-06 8946 0

Troubleshoot all SMA - BAND fitness tracker problems! From displaying error codes, hear rate measuring issues, Bluetooth pairing problems, step counter inaccuracy, SMA app usage, to time format changing. We summed them all up in one handy FAQ to solve these problems.

The SMA - BAND is really awesome fitness tracker. Many people take it a rival to Xiaomi Mi Band 2. With a sensor, it can make a real-time dynamic heart rate detection, getting accurate data. With a touch button, it is easier to see and operate the watch. Plus, many functions are embedded activity tracker, sleeping monitoring, call and message notification, sedentary reminder, and APP will make a professional data analysis. Have to say, it's the very definition of an affordable and functional smart watch.

GearBest is here to walk through the fixes for the most common issues that you might run up against during daily use. Let's get started!

These error codes show up because of long pressing the touch button while charging. Just take off the smart watch from the charger and long press the touch button to quit or wait for 3 minutes till it get back to the initial state automatically.

SMA - BAND screen displays A11F/A09F error

● Firstly, make sure you are using the heart rate test correctly:

(1). Wear the smart watch on your wrist with the underside sensor touching the skin.

(2). Then open the measuring on SMA app.

(3). Fasten the band above your wrist and keep stay for a few seconds while measuring. Because it is a static measurement.

● Even if all operations are normal and good, the heart rate testing is not working either. The heart rate monitor probably has developed a fault, please contact our aftersales service for further assistance.

Note: In general, the smart watch heart rate monitor is using optical sensors, through the LEDs to light up the capillaries on the wrist and monitor the speed of blood flow to get the bpm beat per minute. However, the optical sensor will be affected by light, skin sweating, and others easily, so there will be a certain deviation.

Before paring, please make sure that the watch battery is fully charged. When you get the smart wristband, search band to pair and the band will flash 3 blue lights. At the moment, long press the button when you fell vibration and tap the tick on app to confirm. As the pairing is successful, the indicator lights will turn off. If you can't find the SMA watch Bluetooth signal, please go to iPhone Settings - Bluetooth - Forget the device (SM07) and then reconnect. If Bluetooth pairing problem still persists, follow these steps:

pair SMA - BAND with phone via Bluetooth

● Make sure the phone is compatible with the SMA-BAND supports' system - Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0 and above system and supports' Bluetooth version - Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

● If both system and Bluetooth meet the requirement but still fails to connect, please check if you open the Bluetooth function at first. Also check if there are too many Bluetooth connect record of the phone, if so, delete them and reconnect.

● Keep the band close to your phone (in 5 meters). Turn off the Bluetooth and phone or even uninstall the SMA app and try again.

● Try connecting to other systems phone. If it works, it is the phones' problem, if not, it should be the problem of SMA - BAND, contact our aftersales service for further help.

My SMA - BAND is disconnecting constantly, even in close distance. It could be the phone may have poor compatibility, try changing another phone with better compatibility. If it is not working, contact our aftersales service to determine if a product return and repair are required.

● The step counter is based on the hardware and software algorithms, and rigorous logic operation, swinging arm gesture, stride, road flatness, and other factors could affect the accuracy. For example, if your arm swing is too small, this step may not be counted in, and vice versa. So these steps are not 100% accurate but the devices do count your movements. Sure, the numbers won't be a far cry from real steps, a gap of ten percentage points is normal. If you do feel discrepancy, please uninstall the app and re-download to try again.

● The fitness wristband is auto returning to zero at midnight. If the battery is out of juice or being turned off, the bracelet will keep the last night data. This could lead inaccuracy problem too. So give it a charge if there is a flickering red light.

SMA smart watch App is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices (Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0 system and above system), but why my iPhone can not bind and use the SMA app? Please follow the step by step to check which segment is wrong and how to correct it.

● Download from App Store or scan the QR code to get the SMA app. Usually, following the instructions will install the app successfully.

download SMA app

● But if your phone display "Untrusted Enterprise Developer", please remember the "FOSHAN JINXINGHUI ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO., LTD" (Marked with a red in picture). Find and click it in "Settings - General - Profiles", select "Trust FOFOSHAN JINXINGHUI ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO., LTD" and confirm by click "Trust". Then the app can be installed normally.

● Please make sure that the watch battery is enough, and close to the phone. Turn on the SMA app - select pair "SMA - COACH" - register and login - start and success pairing.

● If it cannot be paired either, go to phone's Settings - Bluetooth - forget the device of "SM07". Then keep the Band in 5 meters from iPhone and long pressing the touch button on watch to start pairing.

● Follow the prompts to complete the profile adding profiles like gender, date of birth, height, and information like notifications or not, allowing to write data of heart rate, steps, and more.

● Finally, you can enjoy the SMA app to track your sports, sleep, dynamic heart rate, etc.

use SMA app to track sports, sleep, dynamic heart rate


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Unfortunately, the SMA - BAND fitness tracker only supports 24 hour time format.

Wrap Up

We hope our practical guide helps you to wipe out the troubles of SMA - BAND heart rate monitor. However, if you still require further technical assistance about a specific issue not covered here or issues of other devices, feel free to contact our dedicated Support Center. Our professional support staff will deal with your query as promptly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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