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Home > How To > Troubleshoot Z80 smart watch Bluetooth & SIM card issues
Troubleshoot Z80 smart watch Bluetooth & SIM card issues

Troubleshoot Z80 smart watch Bluetooth & SIM card issues

By  Sophia Windsor 2017-09-21 3912 1

Read this post if your Z80 smart watch failed to connect with the phone through Bluetooth or read the SIM card.

pair Z80 smart watch to phone

1. My Z80 smart watch cannot connect to phone via Bluetooth.

● Firstly, please check if the Operating System and Bluetooth version of your phone are compatible with your smart watch. This Z80 smart watch is compatible with Android system devices and supports Bluetooth 4.0. If it doesn't meet the condition, your smart watch surely cannot connect to the phone.

● If both your phone OS and Bluetooth version meet the requirement, but your smart watch still fails to connect to the phone, please examine if you have turned on the Bluetooth feature on your smart watch and the phone.

● During the connection, if there are too many Bluetooth connection records in the phone, you had better clear them out. Then let the phone search for your smart watch Bluetooth and pair again.

● Bluetooth connection will consume lots of power, please ensure your smart watch power is enough. If the power is going to be drained, please charge your smart watch in time. After it finishes charging, try connecting to your phone again.

● Usually, Bluetooth connection can also be affected by the distance and environment. The distance between your smart watch and the phone should be less than 5 meters. And also there should be no big obstacles between them. Otherwise, long distance or obstacles like walls, corners will interfere the signal.

● Sometimes, rebooting is a good choice to solve the problem. You can try turning off your smart watch and the phone, and reboot them. If it doesn't help, try closing the Bluetooth feature on your smart watch and phone, and then turn on them again to connect.

● If all the attempts above fail, please try connecting your smart watch to another phone to see if it can be connected successfully. If your smart watch can connect to another phone, there may be something wrong with your phone Bluetooth component. Or else, your smart watch may go something wrong, please contact with our after-sales service for more help.

2. My smart watch cannot read the SIM card.

● Please check if the SIM card is installed rightly. Remove the SIM card and re-install it well on your smart watch.

● There may be something wrong with the SIM card. You can change another SIM card to see if it can be read. If your smart watch can read another SIM card, your SIM card may be damaged. Please change a new one.

● Please ensure the balance of your SIM card is sufficient, since the insufficient balance will cause some inconvenience.

● There may be something dirty inside your smart watch or SIM card slot. Please take out the SIM card to clean the metal chip with a soft cloth and then re-install it to see if it works.

● Check if your local network type and frequency are consistent with what this smart watch supports: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA 850/2100MHz. Any one of the frequency lack will lead to no service.

Related: Country-based mobile phone network frequency bands coverage guide

● If all the possibilities are excluded, the SIM card slot on your smart watch may be broken. Please contact with our after-sales service or send it back to the factory to check and repair.

For Gearbest customers: If you have other questions about your Z80 Smart watch unmentioned in this post, welcome to submit your questions at our Support Center. We will try our best to deal with your problems as soon as possible.

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