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Home > How To > Troubleshooting Guide | Easy fixes for bricked mobile phones
Troubleshooting Guide | Easy fixes for bricked mobile phones

Troubleshooting Guide | Easy fixes for bricked mobile phones

By  Linky Johnson 2017-03-03 3486 1

We get it, your whole world revolves around your mobile phone. But, what if the unthinkable happens and your pride and joy – your precious – doesn't even power on?

Many smartphone owners may well have previously encountered boot up problems; if so, were you able to find the right solutions? The reasons behind power on failures can vary from easy to complex. To save you a huge amount of time, we've compiled a list of the most common solutions to get you up and running again.

Problem #1: Non-Responsive Phone

Don't boot up a brand new phone immediately: Use the original power adapter to charge your phone for at least 10 minutes first, afterwards boot up your phone.

How to resolve Non-Responsive Phone

Remove the insulation sheet first: Some removable batteries come with insulation material. If you have just purchased a mobile phone that uses a removable battery, carefully check the battery and remove any insulation around it. Please also ensure there is no glue or residue between the battery and the metal connectors on the phone; wipe away and clean the residue clean, before rebooting your phone.

Try another cable and adapter: If the charging time remains excessively long, please check the charging cable and power adapter for any flaws; or alternatively try different ones. Make sure the new charging cable and/or power adapter both operate correctly first with other mobile phones.

Re-activate the battery: If your phone is still dead, the battery have become over-discharged; in this situation, you can try to re-activate the battery.

For more details, please refer to 4 secret ways to revive any dead phone battery.

Problem #2: Some Flickering/Vibration

Find a new good battery of the same model: If the phone screen only flickers with no audible sound or it only vibrates for a while, this tends to suggest a faulty battery. If possible, find and use a replacement battery (same model) and reboot your phone. If the replacement still doesn't work, try the following steps.

Dry your phone: Did you get your phone wet? This is one of the most common reasons a phone won't turn on – phones and water generally don't play well together. If the phone internals were exposed to water, the phone will (at best) only be able to start intermittently. Be sure to dry your phone thoroughly first for 1-2 days, replace the battery with a new one and power on the phone.

Screen is defective - contact aftersales for help: Long press the power button to force it to shut down and then turn it back on. You should hear a boot sound and feel a vibration, but the screen remains totally dark. Why does this happen? External pressure can deactivate the phone screen, while another culprit can be insufficient soldering. Simply put, your phone is on, but there is no visible output on the screen.

Furthermore, if you notice the screen blinking only when you shake or tap it, this indicates that there is a fault with the screen module. As we are unable to perform component repairs, I advise taking your phone to an aftersales repair store for professional technical assistance.

Problem #3: Boot Sequence stops at Logo

If the phone is stuck at the "logo screen" or "boot interface" and unable to perform any operations, we refer to this as a boot-loop. It means your phone powers on as normal but will be stuck forever on the logo screen. In this case, you should hold down the power button and the volume down button together – this boots your phone into recovery mode. If you can move the cursor up and down with the volume buttons, you'll be able to restore the phone's original factory settings or flash a new ROM on your phone.

how to handle Boot Sequence stops at Logo

Problem #4: Random Failure

If you can occasionally boot your phone successfully as opposed to consistently fail, I suggest checking whether there is a software problem after following the previously outlined methods. In most cases, simply reset the phone to its factory settings and wipe the data to resolve the issue.

phone appears Random Failure


We hope our short resource guide is able to help you get back on your feet. Nobody wants a bricked phone, so be sure to try the above solutions if your phone doesn't power up.


For the purpose of this article, the featured image(s) were sourced from the internet. For any issue, please contact us, and we will deal with the matter promptly.

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