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Home > How To > Troubleshooting Guide | Fix all your U8S smart watch issues
Troubleshooting Guide | Fix all your U8S smart watch issues

Troubleshooting Guide | Fix all your U8S smart watch issues

By  Zim Watson 2017-03-01 12335 1

U8S smart watch cannot charge? It cannot power on? Cannot connect to phone? We summarized lots of U8S watch's problems and offer the solutions here for solving them.

One of the easiest ways to enter the world of smart wear is by owning a practical and affordable device such as the U8S smart Bluetooth watch. The convenience of Bluetooth allows the watch to be connected wirelessly to your phone, for a full range of watch-controlled functionality: making phone calls, sending messages, listening to music, and even taking photos! Life is not only smarter, it's more convenient! But sometimes your new smart life runs into a few issues so, to help new devotees of a smart life, we've put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about the U8S smart Bluetooth watch and offer practical solutions. We hope that this article help you to live a smarter life!

While outwardly straightforward, this problem can have more than cause. One possibility is a bad or insecure connection between the USB cable and the watch, the USB cable/charger/power source might also be defective, or there's a component or hardware failure. You can try the following fixes:

• Remove the USB cable from the watch and reattach it ensuring the connection is solid; alternatively, shake the watch body for a few moments, before trying to charge the watch again.

• Change to another USB cable and/or USB charger and compare the results.

• Use a different power source: for example, another USB port or power socket.

• If you're charging the watch for the first time, please connect the smart device to a strong power source such as a standard wall power socket for at least 3 hours and then power it on.

• Once you have confirmed that the connection is secure, and all the various components – the USB cable, charger and power supply – are working, but the watch isn't charging, then the fault lies with either the watch battery or an internal hardware issue. Please contact the aftersales service for professional support. Generally, we do not recommend taking the U8S watch to a standard electronic repair store as they will be less familiar with the device than the manufacturer.

How long a battery – any battery – can work actually depends on how the owner uses the device. Obviously if you activate and use all of the watch's functions all of the time with Bluetooth on, the battery will be drained very fast limiting its duration even after a full charge. Also any screen activity will increase the power consumption.

• If you have only used the watch for a few times, charge it when there is around 10% power remaining – please charge it at least for 2 to 3 hours before powering it on.

• Also, to minimize power drain, shut off functions you rarely use, and only launch them when they are needed.

This problem usually happens when the battery has completely deleted or due to a faulty battery/component.

• Charge the device for at least 15 minutes then observe whether the watch can be powered on.

• Usually when the watch is being charged, there is some indication: for example, the screen will light up and show a battery charging icon. If this occurs, keep charging it for at least 3 hours for a full charge and then power it on.

full charge U8S smart Bluetooth watch

• If the watch still cannot be powered on after a full charge, insert a needle into the U8S watch’s reset hole (located on the back cover) to reset it. Then power on the watch again.

U8S smart Bluetooth watch reset hole

• If the watch has absolutely no reaction to being charged, i.e. no charging icon appears on the LED screen, please refer to the steps for resolving issue #1 at the start of the guide.

• Check your phone OS and Bluetooth version, they must meet the minimum compatibility requirements. This watch is only compatible with Android devices running at least Android 3.0 together with Bluetooth 3.0 or above.

• If these requirements are met but they still cannot pair, check whether Bluetooth has been activated on both your phone and the watch.

pair U8S smart Bluetooth watch with smartphone

• For a more accurate step-by-step walkthrough to pair the watch to your phone.

• Check the phone's Bluetooth connection logs/history. If there are too many entries, we suggest deleting the history, and start searching for the watch again and pair with it.

• Bluetooth signal transmission can be affected by the environment: for a strong connection, make sure there are no obstacles between the phone and watch with a distance under 10 meters (ideally 5 meters).

• Turn off the phone's Bluetooth and then back on again. Or, alternatively, reboot your phone.

• Try pairing the watch with another phone to check whether the Bluetooth connection is working. If not, there is a strong likelihood that the watch's internal hardware may be faulty. Please contact the aftersales service for more help.

No, this is not possible. Only Android 3.0 and above smartphones can be connected to this watch. The Bluetooth version of the phone should be at least 3.0.

No, the U8S smart watch can only pair with Android OS devices, specifically Android 3.0 OS and above.

The Pedometer, Rest, and Drink water functions can all be accessed and used on the watch.

Pedometer not working

Before you use this pedometer feature, you need to fully activate the feature on the watch:

Power on the watch, locate and launch the pedometer function icon, tap the center button to start the step count. If you see the time moving, it means the feature is working correctly. Also, tap the bottom right menu button to enter settings, choose the "Run in the background" option so the count continues even the pedometer is in the background.

Inaccurate results

The U8S watch step calculation / pedometer feature works based on the watch’s own hardware and software algorithms: arm waving gesture, step stride, body gesture, road surface evenness, and road gradient are all taken into account.

So if your arm waves are too subtle, or your stride is very short, the band might not detect these movements as a full step. Try to complete full strides with a complete range of movement. If the problem persists, try the following measures:

• Reset the watch by inserting a needle into the watch's reset hole located on the back cover, or remove and reinitiate the watch's pairing connection.

• Sometimes the watch and phone compatibility can affect the pedometer function, check whether your phone OS and Bluetooth version match the minimum requirements.

• To prevent an inaccurate step record, the watch is programmed only to record steps after you walk a minimum of 10 continuous steps. If you walk less than the minimum and stop, they will not be counted.

Yes, it can both ring and vibrate. You can adjust the mode based on your own needs.

Enter the watch's Settings -- Ringtone -- Alert type, you can choose between: Ring only, Vib. only, Vib. and ring, Vib. Here "Vib." means vibration.

U8S smart Bluetooth watch vibration mode

This suggests an issue with the watch OS.

Simply reset the watch: on the back cover is a reset hole, just insert a needle to reset the watch.

If the display issue still persists, the screen/hardware is faulty, you should contact the aftersales service for further assistance: arrange for a product exchange, refund, or product return for repair.

Both time formats are available, choose your preferred one.

Enter the watch's Settings -- Clock -- Time and date -- Time format, choose 12 or 24.

U8S smart Bluetooth watch time format

The U8S smart watch is rated at IP6X, providing it with water resistance for day-to-day use, so you can wear it to wash hands/face, or even in the rain. However it should not be worn during swimming and cannot be immersed in water – doing so will damage the smart watch.

We hope you can get even more out of your U8S Smart Bluetooth Watch with this guide. If you have encountered other issues that have not been mentioned here or the issues have not been fully resolved, you're welcome to submit a support ticket at our Gearbest Support Center. We'll deal with them as soon as possible! Thanks!


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