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Home > How To > Ultimate Buying Guide | What dash cam should I get
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Ultimate Buying Guide | What dash cam should I get

Ultimate Buying Guide | What dash cam should I get

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 11416 1

Buying a dash cam doesn't need to be stressful. Our comprehensive guide gives you the lowdown on how to choose your next car dash with the minimum of fuss.

What is a dashboard camera?

A dashboard camera (dash cam) mounts on windshields or dashboards via suction cup or adhesive-tape mount. Also called DVR (Digital Video Recorder), they continuously record the view through the windscreen.

dashboard camera (dash cam)

Auto start/auto stop: This is an essential feature to separating from your dash camera from others cameras. Plug a USB cable into the car cigarette lighter power adapter, and the DVR auto starts/shuts down when the car powers on/off.

Seamless loop-cycle recording: Another significant feature of a car DVR. When the memory is full, it can continue record and cover earlier segments to save time and space.

video setting - recording mode

Why do you need a dash cam?

First-hand documented evidence in a car accident.

Ideal for driving instructors, taxis, worried parents, and people who loan their car.

Great for recording your cool road trip.

Dash cams comes with GPS showing the route and speed.

car accident

What should we pay attention to in a dash cam?

Looking for specific product recommendations? Check out our full list of recommended dash cams.

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1. Video quality

This is the main consideration. The video quality is affected by the processor, CMOS sensor and lens.

1080P video quality    720P video quality

1080P                                        720P

• Get an FHD camera: Choose 1080P (30fps) for the best overall results.

• Don't over-spec: 1296P and higher is not required for most drivers.

• Choose one with good resolution and storage options.

Here are links to different resolution DVR, choose the one you need:

1440P DVR on GearBest                • 1080P DVR on GearBest

1296P DVR on GearBest                • 720P DVR on GearBest

2. Lens - material, angles, aperture

Lenses are equally important for performance.

Lens material

Generally either optical glass or resin (a kind of plastic).

• All-glass lens is generally superior.

• Metal lens body is better than plastic.

• Additional lens layers offer better image quality but more expensive.

Lens material

Lens angle

Wide angle recording covers more street area on both sides. 120° is optimum to cover the entire front area and across three lanes up to 3 meters away. Wider angles are available depending on your requirements.

Lens angle

Here are GearBest links to different wide angle DVR:

120 degrees: click here     •    130 degrees: click here      •      140 degrees: click here

150 degrees: click here     •     160 degrees: click here    •     170 degrees: click here

180 degrees: click here

Lens aperture

Larger aperture allows more light in for brighter images/video.

Lens aperture

3. Built-in GPS

A high-end DVR feature, this calculates and records vehicle location, speed, route, time and date. Models with a GPS feature generally come with software to view this data for additional proof following accidents. This carries extra cost, so think carefully before obtaining it.

dash cam with built-in GPS

4. Storage capacity

Most DVR have no memory card included. Some support up to 32GB cards, the latest accept 128GB. Factors to consider: video resolution, daily driving routine, and your budget.

• 1080P AVI (30fps) needs at least 400MB for a 3 minutes video.

• An 8GB card holds 20 minutes of 1080P AVI (30fps).

• Always check what card class is required for your DVR.

• Ask customer support or retailer for card advice if required.

• We recommend premium card brands, e.g. Kingston, SanDisk, SAMSUNG, and TOSHIBA.

5. Wi-Fi

This high-end feature permits a smartphone/tablet to change settings and view/save footage.

connect dash cam to smartphone via wifi

• Eliminates the need for built-in screen, reducing DVR size, improves discreetness, and easier to share footage.

• With built-in WiFi, the dash cam is accessible from anywhere.

• No need for extra device or card removal, footage can be easily shown to law enforcement.

Other considerations

Parking mode

One of our favorite features, this records when your car is parked, providing hard evidence of unattended incidents, e.g. accidental bumps, hit and run, vandalism, theft, etc.


DVR size makes a difference: small devices are discreet, larger ones are easier to operate.

Power adapter length

3.5m (11.5 feet) or longer is best, allowing you to secure wires around the windscreen.


Saves and locks recorded video (and data) automatically following a collision.


Choose a DVR with a safe capacitor to withstand high temperatures for safety.

Wrap up

No matter how good the features is, your budget is also critical. Buy the best DVR from GearBest you can based on your available budget!

• $20 or below: click here

• $20.01 - $50: click here

• $50.01 - $100: click here

• $100.01 - $200: click here


For the purpose of this new article, the featured image(s) were sourced from the internet. For any issue, please contact us, and we will deal with the matter promptly.

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