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Home > How To > Vaper's guide: 4 issues that affect lifespan of your coil head
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Vaper's guide: 4 issues that affect lifespan of your coil head

Vaper's guide: 4 issues that affect lifespan of your coil head

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 6861 1

The coil head is one of the consumable elements of the e-cigarette. This component needs to be maintained and replaced when necessary.

coil head

Generally speaking, the coil head has a life span of between 7 days and up to 2 weeks depending on the individual brand, model, user habit, and so on.

coil head's lifespan

What affects lifespan of your coil head?

However, what are the specific factors that directly impact the coil head's life expectancy? Here is the answer.

1. Output power

Coil heads have their maximum tolerance clearly marked, e.g. 0.15 Ω (50 – 260W). If the output power exceeds this limit, the high temperature produced by the coils will evaporate excessively and finally lead to burnt cotton.

2. Higher voltage

It is easy to burn out or instantly "break" a coil by using an incorrect voltage for the coil head. A higher voltage will burn the wick, build up heat quickly, and then the coil cannot become saturated with e-juice; this means the heat cannot dissipate properly.

3. Vape Juice

The e-liquid is delivered to the coil through the cotton or string, and then heated to produce the vapor. In this process, some residue will stay on the coils (carbon deposition) – this can affect the performance and taste of vaping.

The ratio of VG and PG can also affect the life cycle of coil head:

● A higher VG will result in more vapor, softer flavor, and viscous liquid as well as bad mobility.

● It will lower the liquid flow and lead to burnt cotton.

However, this is not absolute, some high VG juice will add deionized water to improve the fluidity and juice leading performance.

4. Usage

While using a new coil head, no matter if it's a processed or RBA one, vapers should make some preparations: disassemble the coil head first, and then fill a small amount of e-juice to cotton by sides of coils, not to the middle position. This is the process to "moisten coil".

By doing this, the cotton can absorb the liquid more easily and avoid burning the cotton with bad taste and shortening the lifespan of the coil head.


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