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Home > How To > Vaper's guide: choose the right battery for your VV/VW mod
Vaper's guide: choose the right battery for your VV/VW mod

Vaper's guide: choose the right battery for your VV/VW mod

By  GB Blog Official 2016-11-02 5049 0

We help you to choose the right battery for VV/VW mods based on usage and discharge.

ICR 18650 3.6V Li-ion battery

Understanding the battery

The battery is a critical part of the e-cigarette, supplying power to heat the resistance wire and then vaporize the e-juice. The cell can be divided into two types:

● "Capacity" type which can carry more capacity and provide a longer lifespan.

● "Power" type that has larger output and relatively lower capacity.

With the development of e-cig technology, box mods started to gain market share. Now, virtually all box mods feature short-circuit protection and voltage protection, so the user no longer has to worry about cell performance.

However, if you don't use a compatible battery with your device, then you may not reach the full potential of the device leading to lost performance.

Consideration of Usage

If you use a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), you should buy the "Capacity" battery type. 3000mAh cells provide a longer battery life than 2000mAh cells.

Discharge is also less than 5A which is perfect for using "Capacity" cells. Conversely, if you were to use "Power" cells instead, the device may lead to reduced usage time and waste the high current.

What kind of cells should be used with a vapor cloud tank? Choose "Power" cells.

If the output current is too low for the wattage needs, the chip will lower the voltage to protect the device.

Example: if the mod has 80W output wattage but the battery cannot reach that level, the chipset will lower the voltage until the battery is supported. This means you cannot experience vaping at 80W.

Consideration of discharge

According to Ohm's Law (I = U/R, Amps = Voltage/Resistance), you could get the current from the resistance of atomizer coil head.

For 3.7V (battery voltage), 0.5ohm (atomizer coil head resistance), you would find that it requires a 7.4A current. Therefore, the cell with discharging above 7.4V is suitable for this device. If the resistance is lower, then it needs higher current to match.

Last but not least, please don't let over-volt your mod or expose it to over-voltage conditions. The higher the voltage, the more dangerous it becomes.

Vaping safety is always the most important consideration.

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