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Home > How To > Vaper’s guide | learn the secret to atomizer coil heads
Vaper’s guide | learn the secret to atomizer coil heads

Vaper’s guide | learn the secret to atomizer coil heads

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 9639 1

The atomizer coil head is an essential element to all e-cigs. To get the best out of it means understanding its function and how it works.

The atomizer coil head, also called as atomizer head, core or replacement coil, is responsible for heating the e-liquid for create the vapor cloud. So, without it, the e-cig cannot operate at all.

atomizer coil head

It is comprised of 3 primary components:

● Casing

● Resistance wire (coil)

● Wicking material (cotton or string)

Inside the coil head, the resistance wire is wrapped around the wicking material to form a coil. Both ends of this coil are then connected to the section of the casing that makes contact with the battery. When vape juice is drawn into the tank, the cotton will absorb it and become saturated. Once the battery is activated, the coil is heated, vaporizing the e-liquid.

Atomizers heads can be classified into 2 types depending on their properties:

RBA heads (rebuildable atomizer)

● Complete core (clearomizer)

RBA head

These require resistance wires and cotton in the building deck to create a whole coil. The coil needs to be wound and fixed to the post, with cotton passed through the coils, before the air flow draws the vapor away. RBA coils come in 2 general types:

● Single-coil (one heating element)

● Dual-coil (two heating elements)

RBA head

Complete core

This is equipped with the processed coil head which can be directly replaced with sub ohm tanks. Most of them adopt either vertical or horizontal coils for a different vaping experience based on the vaper's own preferences.

Complete core

Many clearomizers are also carried the RBA deck for DIY fun. Therefore you can customize yours depending on your own needs.


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