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Home > How To > What are the bad effects of mobile phone to human body?
What are the bad effects of mobile phone to human body?

What are the bad effects of mobile phone to human body?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-14 25225 2

Nowadays, mobile phones are very popular. Playing mobile phones is bound to require charging, especially at night when many people are used to charging at the head of the bed.

charging a mobile phone at the head of the bed

Many people have questions about whether charging a mobile phone at the head of the bed is bad for their health, but there is no accurate answer. We need to find out if cell phone charging is harmful to our health.

The effect of mobile phones's radiation

Cell phones are one of the great sources of radiation in life. Without radiation, cell phones would have no signal, and the worse the signal or the lower the battery, the higher the radiation.

Researchers at Universidad de Granada in Spain say the short wavelength blue light emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones during charging can disrupt the body's production of melatonin, affecting metabolism and contributing to obesity and diabetes.

the effect of mobile phones's radiation

Data show that mobile phones in the upper pocket, easily lead to heart disease. Mobile phone in trouser pocket can easily cause infertility and so on. To reduce cell phone radiation, you can use Bluetooth headset or earphone line as much as possible.

In addition, if there is a malfunction in the charger or the phone's hardware while the phone is being charged at the head of the bed, it may cause injuries. Although the odds are extremely low, this kind of news still exists. People still need to be careful, it is best not to put the phone at the bedside to charge.

The health problems caused by mobile phones

Following is 3 health problems caused by mobile phones.

1. Neck stripe

For women, this can be a "punch". When you put your head down to play with your phone, the pressure on your neck is greater than usual. And the long bow squeezes the muscles of the neck, causing the skin cells to age faster and deepen the neck lines.

 mobile phones causing neck stripe 

2. Peritendinitis

Young people who play with mobile phones, especially those who swim with their hands, are prone to tenosynovitis and symptoms include sore fingers, wrists and forearms, and cramps. If the phone is much larger than the palm, the thumb should be extended for a long time, the entire palm will exceed the functional position, and the longer time will cause hand, wrist strain, hand numb, hand weakness and other symptoms.

3. Ophthalmic diseases

In addition to the known risk of myopia, prolonged mobile phone play can lead to dry eyes, sore eyes, congestive, and even serious conjunctival lesions and other eye diseases.

mobile phones causing ophthalmic diseases 

The harm of playing with mobile phone before bedtime

Following is 8 harms of playing with mobile phone before bedtime.

1. Influence biological clock

Using a phone, tablet or other electronic device that emits light for more than an hour in bed reduces the amount of melatonin produced by people by about 22%. Once people's melatonin is suppressed to this extent, their physiological cycles will also be affected. The direct effect is to keep people in light sleep all the time, or even greatly reduce people's sleep time. That is, after an hour on your phone, you may have to play for three hours because you can't sleep anymore.

mobile phones influencing  biological clock 

2. Chronic strain

The neck is overhanging, the body is unnaturally bent, and the neck is leaning forward. It cause that papillary muscles of the neck of the human body to continue to stretch forward, and will be in the state of chronic hyperemia after a long time, and the cervical spondylosis is induced by the prolonged and easy pressure of the vertebral artery, resulting in chronic strain.

3. Affect visual acuity

Lying on both sides has the greatest pressure on the left and right eyes, which will cause the deviation of the eyesight of the right and left eyes within a month (why some people have different glasses, while others have the same eye degree when they are born, because some people like to lie on their sides playing with mobile phones, reading novels and comics). The compression of the pillow on the eye causes a lack of blood supply. As time goes on, the eyes develop a sense of expansion, causing a temporary overlap in the image.

4. Cervical vertebrae reverse arch

We all have cervical vertebrae, and if we don't have a physical curvature, we're going to bend in the opposite direction, it's called a reverse arch. As the most common pathological basis of cervical spondylosis, the "back arch of cervical vertebra" can make the head bend forward, increase the stress of the lower cervical vertebra and accelerate the degeneration of cervical vertebra. The bad habits such as high back-to-back TV watching, long time internet surfing and lying on mobile phones, which drag the cervical spine for a long time, will also lead to the decrease, straightening and even reverse bow of the curve.

mobile phones causing cervical vertebrae reverse arch 

5. Affect intelligence

The radiation of mobile phones is relatively large. There are 2 kinds of radiation: screen radiation and body signal reception. The blood in the human body needs to maintain a balance of positive and negative charges. The radiation from the screen will have a slight effect on this balance. Although it is small, it is still harmful.

The long time will cause the body immunity decline, easy fatigue, nausea, and other adverse reactions.

 mobile phones causing the body immunity decline

Prolonged exposure to a cell phone can also affect your eyesight. When you go to bed at night, you are advised to play less on your cell phone.

In addition, the cell phone's signal-receiving radiation affects the nervous system of the brain and decreases intelligence over time.

6. Damage skin

The radiation of mobile phone to person cannot be underestimated in fact. When people use mobile phone, it is very close to the face, which will affect the skin to some extent. It is not certain whether it will grow spots, but it is definitely not good for the skin and easy to get acne.

7. Numbness of fingers

Frequent keystrokes hurt your thumb. Excessive use of mobile phones and frequent texting can cause discomfort such as sore thumbs, numbness or swelling.

8. Allergy

Cell phones cause allergies. Some people have just used their cell phones for a short time when they somehow develop skin allergies. It turned out that nickel and some other metals on the phone were causing trouble.

Cell phones causing allergies 

To reduce the time you spend playing with your phone, you can do these:

1. Neck and shoulder exercises: exercise your head, neck extension, neck rotation and chest expansion 10 to 20 times each time, not once or twice an hour. This can be used to relax neck muscles and relieve neck fatigue when you are tired.

2. Looking up to the farsightedness: when walking outside, look up to the sky consciously, and appreciate painting and calligraphy photos hanging in the room during working and resting time. This is not only a way to relax the mind, but also a way to eliminate eye fatigue, relax neck muscles and intervertebral joints, so as to achieve multiple exercises.

Tips: The sleep pillow of the person that bends down to play mobile phone for a long time should be slightly low, so that head neck muscle is in neutral position. Try to make neck muscle, other parts of the body more relaxed and get enough rest.


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