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Home > How To > What is Hotknot and how to use it to share file?
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What is Hotknot and how to use it to share file?

What is Hotknot and how to use it to share file?

By  GB Blog Official 2017-10-01 12861 4

Hotknot, also called Hot Knot, is designed by the MTK (MediaTek Inc) and developed by GOODIX (a Chinese touch screen design company). Hotknot technology has been applied in many Android phones now, as it allows mobile to transfer/share data quickly by the contacts of capacity touch screen.

If your phone comes with Hotknot function, you can use Hotknot to transfer information between smartphone to smartphone or smartphone to computers, such as transfer and exchange photos and video, sharing contact data, smartphone quick pay and etc...

Hotknot technology advantages

● It can transfer information on any device with capacity touchscreen. No need to add hardware, and no requirement to the device design. Therefore, Hotknot will not increase the cost and supply more convenient and quicker transfer experience to users.

● In this mobile social era, Hotknot takes great advantages. It can transfer the files and also can establish Wi-Fi hot spot via the contacts of the touchscreen of 2 devices. Thereby, it can change phone numbers, play mobile games and other social entertainment without any network traffic or fees.

● In mobile payment apps, it takes more convenience than the NFC technology, which requires 2 devices in 2cm distance range for payment safety. However, Hotknot can get the success payment safely when two phones (with Hotknot) make a simple contact. It greatly improves the security in macro distance transmission.

How to use Hotknot to share photo, media, etc.?

Step 1. Make sure your device has Hotknot function and the target pairing phone has the smae connectivity with your device.

Step 2. Turn on the Hotknot of both devices.

Step 3. Select the wanted file and click Hotknot share botton.

Step 4. Place both devices screen-to-screen until you hear a beep sound.

Step 5. Put apart the devices after sharing.

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