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Home > How To > What is Pokemon Go? Why all people are talking about it (Pt 1)?
What is Pokemon Go? Why all people are talking about it (Pt 1)?

What is Pokemon Go? Why all people are talking about it (Pt 1)?

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 2027 0

Pokemon Go is bringing everyone back to the first generation of Pokemon - where collecting a charizard card was more important than having lunch, taking a shower or working.

At this point, Pokemon Go is spread around the world and almost everyone can walk along the street with a mobile phone and collect Pokemons without having to worry about geo-restrictions.

However, just because Pokemon Go is active everywhere it doesn't mean that you can play it anywhere. Pokemon Go is banned in some countries and regions.

Pokemon Go

But, If you are lucky enough, let's start.

Before start, at least 6 things you must know:

● Pokemon Go is a free iOS and Android game

● Comes from developer niantic labs

● Does not require knowledge of Pokemon lore

● Leverages GPS and cameras to serve up AR experience

● You physically walk around and catch Pokemons

Pokemon has officially left the 90s behind. Nintendo teamed up with niantic labs to revitalise the title for 2016, and that includes creating an app that is very much mobile and equipped with fancy tech like GPS and augmented reality, to actually catch Pokemons in your real world.

The new app is Pokemon Go. It's an iPhone and Android game that you've probably heard about, or seen on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit... heck, your colleagues are probably even playing it and talking about it in between meetings. So, here's everything you need to know to catch them all!

What in the world is Pokemon Go?

Everyone has heard of Pokemon. It's a franchise that involves fictional creatures called Pokemon, which humans - known as Pokemon trainers - try to catch and battle each other for sport. The franchise started as a -published video game for the original game boy and eventually spawned into trading card games, animated TV shows, movies, comic books, and toys. Now, via Pokemon Go, it's an augmented-reality game.

Pokemon trainers

You don't need to know Pokemon lore or anything about the franchise to get started with Pokemon Go.

That said, it is a lot like old Pokemon games: you catch Pokemon, battle in Poke gyms, evolve your creatures, etc - only now you're doing it all in the real world. You're no longer using a D-pad to navigate an avatar around. You physically walk about now, and your virtual avatar follows your moves.

Pokemon Go is exciting because you're not only catching and battling Pokemon, you're exploring the real world, discovering cool places and monuments in your town (which are dubbed Poke stops or Poke gyms in Pokemon Go), playing with friends on occasion, and getting a taste of augmented reality without having to don a massive or pricey headset, such as Mircrosoft's Hololens.

All you need is a smartphone, the Pokemon Go app, and a good pair of trainers.


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