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Home > How To > What is smart TV and how to choose it
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What is smart TV and how to choose it

What is smart TV and how to choose it

By  Steve Lowry 2018-06-01 6146 0

Today, the Smart TV has become widespread to all major manufacturers of flat screens. What is smart TV? How to choose a smart TV?
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What is smart TV

Smart TV means a flat screen that can be connected to the Internet and offers many audio and visual services and fun game. In other words, a smart TV is no longer just a passive device that can watch TV channels. It becomes a real computer with many ancillary applications such as can be found on a smartphone or tablet. Note that such a connection is not essential for the operation of the flat screen.


It is possible to connect the smart TV to a computer because it has an operating system, as well as many other devices. The possibility of accessing social networks, enjoying streaming digital transmissions, downloading games and making online purchases also link the smart TV with a computer.


Another of the most important features of Smart TV is that they allow watch all video on the internet. This makes it possible for viewers to choose a certain movie or TV program by a certain payment .


Original Xiaomi Mi TV 4A

Original Xiaomi Mi TV 4A



Beyond your Internet connection, smart TV stands out for the quality of your screen that allows you to view high definition (HD) content. In this way, another important added value of smart TV is added to this kind of product that because of its properties.


Other signs of identity that comes to identify any of the smart TV models that are in the market are these feature:

Smart TV connects, above all, to the Internet through what is the Wifi network that you have in the home.

It is prepared to be able to accommodate different applications that can be downloaded to incorporate our services and features.

In many of the existing versions on the market, the use of this smart television by the user is considerably facilitated, since they incorporate as much control by gestures as by voice.

Practically all brands of current Appliances have their catalogs with models of Smart TV, since they have realized that they are the main demand that is made today by the buyers.


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How to choose a smart TV

To choose a smart TV, there are many aspects and features that we must take into account because not only is it enough to look at the quality of the video but also the number of inches or the brand.



In addition, if we are already willing to buy a Smart TV, it is best that we find a way to get the smart tv tuning in to our favorite channels and enjoying a streaming service.

For these reasons we want to share some tips that you could consider so as not to make a hasty decision. Before deluding yourself with super deals, consider the following steps. It is important to take into account that the most important feature of a smart TV. It is the possibility of connecting to the Internet, which offers a multimedia experience.

IPS, OLED, flat, curved ... and what about 3D?

The first decision we have to make when buying a Smart TV is the technology of the panel.Are you interested in 3D cinema? 3D is trend technology and you may like it. There are spectacular films in Blu-ray 3D. Some 4K HDR TVs are also 3D.




Curved or flat panel? It's a matter of taste. The boom of the curved TVs happened last year. They are no longer a priority for manufacturers and there are fewer and fewer models in this format. If you like it you can buy it,  but they are not trend anymore. And the repairs will cost more.

Tips for buying a Smart TV

The panel's manufacturing technology is also important as it greatly influences the price. IPS panels are the most common. They guarantee the greatest viewing angles (ideal for large families) but the blacks are not very deep, they look more washed. VA panels offer better coloration, but with lower viewing angles. OLED panels are the ones that offer the highest image quality and are perfect for HDR, because each pixel can be switched off or on individually, but they are quite expensive. Samsung has just released a technology called QLED that, according to claims, offers the quality of OLED at a much lower price.


Operating System

Another detail that you must take into account is based on the operating system on your smart TV. There are many OS in the smart TV but only the Android is most popular. So choosing the Android smart TV you can obtain more convenience. For example, with Android TV, you have the opportunity to download multiple applications so you can give your TV a better use. However, there are other brands that have their own interfaces that could also be useful, but in that case it will depend on your needs and interests as a user. Therefore, we strongly recommend that Android as the operating system before buying a smart TV.




Measure before buying

It has happened to all of us that we find incredible offers and we fall into temptation. First of all, the best thing to do is to monitor virtual stores to compare prices, features, and opportunities. Do not get carried away with the first impression. Similarly, having a smart TV will mean you have the space to place it without any inconvenience, so you should measure the space you have available and compare it with the size of the screen you want to buy.



Measure before buying

If you want to embed the television so that it is fixed on a wall, do not lose sight of the ports because a false move could complicate things. Imagine you want to connect a console, but the HDMI input is in the back, it's likely that you cannot play. In turn, you should check the lighting of the room where you will place your smart TV, because if there is a window in front of you, all the time you will be seeing the reflection and you will not be able to enjoy the image on the screen.

Last, but not least, at the time of planning you will have to consider the distance between the television and the viewer. For example, if it is a 26-inch television, the person would have to be at least one meter away. For a 52-inch, the viewer should be two meters away. A simple formula that you could follow is the division of the number of inches of your screen between 26, which will result in the ideal distance in which you should place your sofa or your bed, or wherever you want to sit and enjoy your television.

Smart TV as entertainment

If you have a smart TV, which would be means that you not only use it to watch the video but also other leisure activities. Try to enjoy it to the fullest by viewing it as a means of entertainment, whether with platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amznon Prime Video to watch movies and Pandora as a music player.


Smart TV as entertainment

When it comes to making the decision to buy a "normal" television or a smart one as it does, most people opt for the second option by taking into account the advantages it offers:


Browsing the Internet in a comfortable way, both by any general space, for example, by social networks.

Listen to favorite music, watch the favorite series and even enjoy the latest film releases thanks to streaming services.

To be able to duplicate the screen of the mobile.

View videos that are uploaded directly on the YouTube platform.

Make video calls.

Hang out with different games and no need for the console.

Keep up to date with the news and even the weather forecast.


It is also important to check if the Smart TV allows you to download and install new Apps. There are a number of essential apps that all Smart TV should have:

Social networks: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Television platforms: Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Wuaki TV, etc.

Services: Gmail, Google Maps, Skype, browser, etc.

Extras: Functions like favorite apps on the cover, last used, etc.


At least 3 or 4 HDMI ports and USB input as source

You may find an 80-inch screen smart TV at an incredible price with the operating system you want, but with a single HDMI input. This point is essential so that you can enjoy many external devices connected at the same time. Suppose you want to enjoy your Blu-ray, but you also want to connect your Xbox or any other device if the TV only a single entry, you would have to sacrifice other peripherals.




In addition to being able to charge your mobile device with a USB input, you have the possibility to play content in video or image format, expanding the possibility of leaving DVD players aside and thus store movies or whatever you want.

Resolution 4K or 1080P

It may not be of vital importance and you could enjoy any content with Full HD (1080p), but it is a fact that the technological trend has been developed to 4K resolution. This time more content is generated in 4K. Both in video games, movies and other categories, even smartphones are already starting to record in 4K. If you are not very demanding and you consider that said option is not necessary, it will be your own criterion, but it could be a good investment.


There are still some 1080p TVs in stores. The new contents are being rolled in 4K. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and other platforms already offer content with 4K / Ultra HD resolution. The new PS4 Pro and Xbox One console have games and movies at this resolution, and the new Blu-ray 4k Ultra HD format has been on sale for a few months.


In addition, the 4K telescopes are the only ones that offer HDR technology, which will be discussed below. The future is the binomial 4K HDR, so it is convenient to buy a television of this type, if you do not want to regret in a few months.

4K TVs have been with us since 2012. They did not raise expectations, so the manufacturers concluded that nowadays the resolution is not so important, what matters is the image quality. That's why in 2016 they released the 4K HDR technology. The 4K resolution, also called Ultra HD, offers four times more definitions than 1080p, up to 3840x2160 pixels. The HDR tag refers to new information that is encoded in the video, which activates light zones on the TV independently. In this way white whites, blacks blacker, and colors more similar to the reality are obtained. Here you can see the difference between a simulated image without and with HDR:

There are three types of HDR: HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG. HDR10 is the most popular and possibly the one that ends up being imposed because all manufacturers can implement it for free. Dolby Vision is used in the cinema and is the one that offers the highest quality, because it regulates the HDR independently for each scene, while HDR10 uses the same level of light throughout the film. But you have to pay a fee to use it by manufacturers and producers. HLG is used by some television channels like the BBC and is a minority. 4K TVs are compatible with one or more of these formats. Only LG TVs are compatible with all.

Platforms like Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video already offers 4K HDR content, mainly HDR10. The Xbox One S and PS4 Pro consoles only support HDR10. The new Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD format uses HDR10 and / or Dolby Vision, depending on the movie.

Our advice is to buy a 4K HDR with HDR10, because it is the most compatible. However, if you want to buy the budget smart TV, 1080P is also the best choice.


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