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Home > How To > Which is the best way to charge the DVR?
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Which is the best way to charge the DVR?

Which is the best way to charge the DVR?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-02 6469 0

DVR can not only be used to protect against racketeer, accident scraping and evidence collection, parking monitoring and anti-scratch car, etc. There are also extended track location, speed and ticket prevention. Traffic recorders come in a variety of styles, but there are four kinds of charging types.

diffrent kinds of charging types for the car  

Four DVR charging methods

One is to plug in a cigarette lighter to charge it. The second is to take electricity using an OBD line. The third is to take electricity using a reading lamp, and the other is to take electricity from a buck-line safety box battery.

Cigarette lighter (USB)

A cigarette lighter is the most common method of charging for many on-board devices. It is simple and convenient. When the DVR is plugged into t cigarette lighter, the device can run immediately. Usually, the cigarette lighter is used for portable navigation, DVR, electronic dog and other equipment, which is the easy for beginners as no professional knowledge and tutorials are required.

cigarette lighter to charge DVR 

But a lot of people don't like it, because it's possible that the lines can't be all hidden, so it can be a little messy, and it's not convenient to occupy the cigarette lighter in the car. If the car is out of power, the recorder can't keep monitoring it. Or a few car models, when they are stopped, the cigarette lighter is still charged, but the car is not equipped with the low-voltage protection, leading to a long battery loss. To sum up, the cigarette lighter is more common and convenient to take electricity, but is not the best way.

OBD charging

There may be some people who don't know the OBD method of power extraction, which has something in common with the cigarette lighter: plug and play. But the line can be hidden compared with the cigarette lighter, which makes the car look better. Most of the OBD slots are under the driver's dashboard. Many products do not deserve the OBD line because it is similar to a cigarette lighter. Moreover, the price of the OBD line with voltage stabilizing chip is much higher than that of a cigarette lighter.

OBD charging DVR 

Buck-line fuse box (and reading lamp)

Buck-line fuse and reading lamp can be taken into one class, because the principle is basically the same. Many people have heard of these two methods, but the principle may not be clear. Buck-line routing is basically the same as OBD routing, both of which are hidden. However, it is more complicated for the buck-line to get power. In addition, many people may not know exactly how much voltage and current their devices use and what lines. In addition, the buck-line can be connected in two ways. One is to connect the vehicle with starting power, and the place where the power is turned off is to run video while driving, and the other is to shut off the power when the power is turned off. The other is the interface with electricity in 24 hours, and the device can monitor operation in 24 hours.

Buck-line fuse box charging DVR 

The reading lamp is turned on by the reading lamp on the roof of the car and connected with the professional buck-line. However, this method is not recommended, because the top of the reading lamp needs to be turned on. Most vehicles do not have reserved openings here, and broken line connection is required. A few have reserved interfaces that can be connected directly.

reading lamp charging DVR 

Wrap up

The buck-line method is currently used more often, most of the people are to find someone to install the equipment after purchase, or buy the products that are provided with after-sales service. This method is safe enough. It can be protected by low buck-line. But this method is relatively difficult, perhaps professional master ability took. In addition, most voltage -reducing lines in the market may not be qualified, so equipped with voltage -reducing lines must be designated or matching products to be more secure.


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