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Home > How To > Why is the negative ion widely used in household appliance?
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Why is the negative ion widely used in household appliance?

Why is the negative ion widely used in household appliance?

By  Matthieu Andre 2018-11-15 6378 0

Many types of indoor pollution problems are found in homes. The most effective approach to solving these problems is usually to remove or reduce the sources of indoor pollution. But how negative ions are good for health by using home appliances? Let’s find out.

negative ion

What is negative ion?

Ions basics

In order to fully understand what ions are and what they do, according to the definition, ions are invisible particles, either molecules or atoms, which bear an electric charge. They are formed when protons or electrons are gained or lost by an atom. In other words, when an atom is in a neutral condition, the number of protons (+) and electrons (-) is equal and vice-versa. Mobile and moving around us in the air, a simple ion is made up of only one atom that has either a positive (cations) charge or as described below, a negative (anions) charge.




Discover outdoor sources of negative ions

In nature, a negative ion is an atom (or molecule) that has gained one or more extra negatively charged electrons. A negative ion is generated by evaporating molecules including hydrogen, carbon, dioxide, oxygen and water and will always outweigh positive ions outdoors. Tasteless, invisible and odorless, it plays an important role in the air and their presence allows identifying if there is a life on other planets or water or even ancestral bodies out in space. Among other things, some specifics places such as waterfalls, the sea, rivers, and electric storms are the most benefits producers of negative ions in the nature and they have natural effects for health, energy or mood.




Experience indoor sources of negative ions

In parallel, indoor levels of negative ions tend to be lower than outdoors. Negative ions can also be generated by air, known as negative ion generators. Indeed, these devices such as air purifier, negative ions hair dryer use a high-voltage current to electrically charge air molecules and are most commonly used in homes, industrial environments or hospital,  improving health benefits of negative ion as described below in this article.




What are the positive health benefits of negative ion?

Negative ions are vital every day and play an important role in our metabolism. Indeed, energizing the body and recreating a pure sensation, their key role is to purify the air and attract pollutants particles by removing them. The air we breathe can be divided to either clean or dirty.  Living in a city for example with smog, pollution, or electronics tends to expose a body to positive ions. Being exposed to positive ions has an unfavorable effect.


Therefore, when it comes to necessities of health, breathing fresh air is a top priority. By evaluating side effects of negative ions, you will strengthen your health and tackle the pollution problems. In order to improve the level of negative ions, please follow benefits cf-below.

Freshen and purify the air

Proven to clear and purify the air, a negative ion is designed to remove all air particles or VOCs hard to breathe by creating a negative charge on positive ions. Attached to them, the particles will fall out the air, preventing it from being inhaled into the respiratory tract where it can trigger breathing and health problems such as virus, allergic reactions, or bacteria’s.  An air ionizer for example can remove all air particles and refresh the indoor air.


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Improve breathing

Some particles in the air such as paint fumes, smoke create difficulties for our respiratory passage and make it harder to breath. Due to this fact, our bodies have a specific “air purifier” called cilia that cleanse pollutants before particles reach the lungs. That is because a negative ion is designed to improve your respiratory, protect your lungs and irritation. By restoring the normal activity of the cilia, it enhances and improves your breathing system.

Adjust the levels of serotonin

Adjusting the levels of serotonin is important in a brain. Indeed, low levels of serotonin cause depression, insomnia and nightmares. A negative ion can overcome these disorders, and therefore can make the body more energetic. Whether the level of serotonin is too high or too low, a negative ion will change the person outlook and mood by normalizing its production without side effect. That is because appliances give off positive charges and deplete negative ions in the surrounding area. Also, indoor atmospheres tend to have low levels of negative ions.

Increase mental concentration and performance

Negative ions are beneficial in specific circumstances. They help balance the serotonin levels in the blood stream, which may help lift mood and alleviate symptoms. Among other things, they play a major role and promote oxygen flow to the brain by performing better. Therefore, exposed to high levels of negative ions, they will generate a better health and performance than those breathing positive ions in air, with a feeling of relaxation. Eating healthy food or doing physical activities outdoor help improve concentration in some way.


Increase mental concentration and performance


Increase sleep quality

Creating oxygen flow, negative ions help to fall asleep easier and have a significant effect on sleep quality promoting deep sleep. However, an over production of serotonin can cause sleeplessness, nightmare’s. By using a small air purifier in your bedroom, it can create a positive effect by generating negative ions on positive ions, resulting in normalizing serotonin production and increasing your sleep quality.


increase sleep quality


Decrease fatigue, stress, headaches or sickness

The air contains too many positive oxygen ions and may lead to problems such as fatigue, stress, headache or sickness.  Nevertheless, negative ions are constantly in motion in the air and help to reduce all those disorders. That is because exposed to high levels of negative ions; it will stabilize your brain function, and recover you from physical exhaustion or fatigue by promoting abundant oxygen levels in the blood. Therefore, it will result to a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Largely used in hospital or company, negative ions improve the health to users.


Decrease fatigue, stress, headaches or sickness


Improve mood

Positive ions may increase anxiety and negatively impact mood. Indeed, they are usually abundant in indoor environments, especially those with air conditioners, laptops, TV sets and other electrical equipment. However, negative ions can improve the mood, relatively abundant in oxygen. Some typical ways such as taking a shower, using small appliances, ionic bracelet may benefit of negative ions and change the mood at home.

Now, i will introduce why the negative ion widely used in household appliances.

Why is the negative ion widely used in household appliance?

Easy to carry and more powerfuls

Devices can increase the presence of negative ions and make the home a healthy place. Ultra-lightweight, they improve air quality by a simple method. In addition, portable, well-designed and more powerful, they are becoming predominant in household to ensure a good health and feel comfortable.

Easy to use without any maintenance

Proven they have a significant impact on the air, they are equipped with high levels of negative ions without ozone, long lasting and don’t necessarily require maintenance and filters. Easy to use and convenient, they can be set anywhere at home for better life.

Improve health benefits

Household appliances are known to increase oxygen flow to the brain and increase health benefits such as purifying the blood, promoting better sleep, balancing the automatic nervous system, strengthening the body an immune system, improving energy level, etc. Negative ion air cleaners or negative ions hair dryers for example are designed to put more negative ions into the air by using high voltage needles or wires to add an extra electron to air molecules and then dispersing them back out into the room, that is because they allow to attract positive ions so that they drop from the air to the floor. Among other things, users will feel relax and comfortable.





The verdic

In conclusion, positive ions and negative ions have psychological effects on body. Keeping a good health can be challenging. In order to increase the level of negative ions in your home, there are different ways that can help dramatically improve air quality. Negative ions protect and improve your health, but also increase the oxygen flow in the blood. By using a small appliance such as air purifier in your home, you will create a better environment and feel relax each time you enter. Creating an optimal comfort and a better life, all particles will be removed from the air avoiding you being sick.



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