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Home > How To > WiFi VS Bluetooth VS ZigBee:How to choose the appropriate connection protocol?
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WiFi VS Bluetooth VS ZigBee:How to choose the appropriate connection protocol?

WiFi VS Bluetooth VS ZigBee:How to choose the appropriate connection protocol?

By  Joe Horner 2019-07-18 4490 0

At present, the connection protocols such as ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (BLE) are widely used in smart home products, but most users do not know what the difference between them. Which kind of agreement is better to choose? In fact, these three agreements have their own advantages, we can choose to use the most suitable for their own home situation.

appropriate connection protocol 


The ZigBee protocol, also known as the Zifeng protocol, is named after bees transmit information through "eight-character dance" after discovering flowers. In the colony, we can think of this eight-character dance (Zig) as their main communication network. Because this communication mode plays a vital role in the colony, ZigBee has become the final name of this short-distance, low-power wireless communication protocol.


The biggest advantage of ZigBee protocol

Among them, the biggest advantage of ZigBee protocol is that it can automatically form a device network, and then link the direct data of each device through the central node. This central node not only acts as a bridge to transport data, but also manages the entire ZigBee network.

ZigBee protocol 

Generally speaking, the task of this central node is undertaken by the gateway we are familiar with. With its help, in theory, the network node of ZigBee can reach 65000, which can fully meet the needs of our daily life.

However, most of the smart home products sold using ZigBee protocol do not bring their own gateways. If we only buy the products and lack the gateways, we will not be able to control the products with mobile phones, and we will not be able to realize the intelligent functions of the products.

ZigBee protocol 


Nowadays, Wi-Fi has basically become a necessary device for every household. It has fast data transmission speed and high efficiency, and users have a very good experience. Moreover, the built-in network protocols in mobile phones are adapted to Wi-Fi, so products that choose to use Wi-Fi protocol can easily connect with mobile phones without the need for gateways as intermediate bridges.


Although it is easy to use, Wi-Fi still has some shortcomings.

Shortcomings about WiFi

The first is its large power consumption, which is about 1W when standby, while the power consumption of B ZigBee and Bluetooth is only 0.1W. In terms of the number of devices accessed, the Wi-Fi is also very limited. If dozens of devices need to be connected with Wi-Fi, exceeding the processor load of the router, it is very likely that the entire Wi-Fi network will be paralyzed. It can even affect our normal use of Wi-Fi.



Bluetooth technology is a compromise compared with the former two, because it not only has low power consumption and fast speed, but also, like Wi-Fi, comes with Bluetooth protocol in mobile phones, so it is very convenient to use. But Bluetooth has a weak ability to get through the wall, and it's likely that you won't be able to control the smart product in the living room.


See here, many friends may be curious why smart home products will have a variety of connections.

Why smart home products will have a variety of connections

This is due to the development of these connection technologies are more mature, in the use of few problems, suitable for most families.

 variety of connections

However, each connection mode has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If the products on the market are designed as a connection mode, it is difficult for users to choose according to local conditions, which will also have a certain impact on the popularity of products.

If it is specific to the product, different products may use different experiences when using different connection methods, and the merchant will naturally choose to install the connection technology that is most suitable for the product to bring the best experience to the user.

smart home connection methods 

Although a variety of smart home connection methods give us a more diverse choice, in fact, only because of the equipment and the specific use of space environment to choose different smart home protocols to play their greatest advantages.

Tips for choose the appropriate connection protocol:

●If the device is plugged in, it is more appropriate to choose the Wi-Fi protocol;

●If you need to interact with the mobile phone, then use the Bluetooth protocol;

●As for sensor products, it is best to choose the B ZigBee protocol.

 ZigBee protocol products

In addition, we should also note that when purchasing a single product that supports the ZigBee protocol, we must make sure that we have a gateway at home, otherwise the product will not be directly controlled by the mobile phone.


The Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth connection products do not need to consider the gateway problem because they can be directly connected to the mobile phone. It should be noted that home routers can access a limited number of smart home products, so do not choose too many products that use the Wi-Fi protocol, so as to avoid the situation that the product is unable to access the Wi-Fi.

WiFi connection 

If the product using Bluetooth technology can interact well with the mobile phone at close range, if you need to go through the wall, the signal will be greatly reduced. So if the device needs remote control, don't choose an intelligent product that only supports the Bluetooth protocol.

Bluetooth technology 


All in all, the mainstream smart home products on the market mainly use ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, so people should choose and buy appropriate products according to their own actual application scenarios. Or choose a product that supports multiple protocols so that you can use it more freely.

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