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Home > How To > Xiaomi Fengmi Vogue Smart Home Projector Troubleshooting
Xiaomi Fengmi Vogue Smart Home Projector Troubleshooting

Xiaomi Fengmi Vogue Smart Home Projector Troubleshooting

By  Sigismondo Eisenhower 2019-11-25 1131 0

Xiaomi Fengmi Vogue has a small size with 1080 P resolution and 1500 ANSI lumens. In the using process, users may have some problems. The indicator is always flashing. The projector screen is blurring. We have made small induction for the common issues of Xiaomi Fengmi Vogue projector.

Xiaomi Fengmi Vogue Smart Home Projector

Indicator light Problem

1.The LAMP red light is always flashing

LAMP on the machine control panel is the lamp indicator. If the LAMP flashes to prove that there is a problem with the lamp, replace it with a new one; if there is any reaction after the power is turned on, the fan starts to rotate, if the other is normal, It is the problem with the light bulb, to replace it with a new one.

2.The POWER red light s always flashing

The POWER power indicator on the machine control panel flashes to prove that there is a problem with the power supply; if the power is turned on, only the red light flashes. The fan of the machine does not have any movement. It is estimated that the power supply board is broken, and it can be repaired. It’s really hard to change.

3.The TEMP red light is always flashing

The TEMP on the machine control panel is the temperature control indicator. If it flashes, there are two problems:

● The motherboard has a problem, repair or change;

● It may be the temperature inside the machine is too high, that is, the inside of the machine Dirty, the air filter is covered by dust and the heat is not scattered. The machine needs to be dusted and cleaned.

Image problem

1.Xiaomi Fengmi Vogue projector can’t project the the entire image

The reason for not being able to cast the entire image is that there is a problem with the resolution of the projector, and the resolution can be re-adjusted to resolve the failure.

2.There is a regular circle on the Xiaomi Fengmi Vogue projector screen

The reason is that LCD panel /display panel has problem. It and needs to be replaced.

3.The text overlap the image

Fengmi Vogue projector's LCD panel is loose and does not need to be aligned in a fixed position.

4.There is vertical bar on the projector screen

If there is a monochrome vertical bar on the screen, the main reason is LCD panel the driver board accounts. If the three-color vertical bar is generally the main reason for the motherboard.

5.There is color distortion on the projector's screen

You can enter the projector's menu, and set the color to the best state by color. If it can't be solved, check the pin of the signal line for damage.

6.The projector screen is blur.

● The inside of the Fengmi Vogue projector is dirty.

● The light is dirty.

● The optical beam splitter and the partial positive burnt.

● The lens is not well focused.

● The projected picture is either too large or too small, beyond the projection range of the projector. According to the actual equipment, refer to the instruction manual to install the projector correctly.

7.The projector is white screen when booting

●The cable between the adapter plate and the screen is detached, and the cable can be reinstalled;

● The decoder board and the adapter board are faulty (the adapter board is more likely to be bad).

Projector problem

1.The Xiaomi Fengmi Vogue projector can’t be powered.

● Checked whether the power supply board is installed correctly.

● Is the power cord connected in place (tightness) and whether the power switch is on

● Disassemble and check whether the fuse of the projector is damaged. (not recommended)

● The above three points are sure that the power board inside the device is faulty and the power board needs to be replaced.

2.Xiaomi Fengmi Vogue projector can’t turn on

● Check if the remote control is equipped with a battery or if the battery polarity is correctly installed, and press the power button repeatedly. If it still cannot be turned on, replace the decoder board or the infrared receiver.

● The remote control can't be turned on by the power button. After the power is turned on, the remote control operation is invalid. It may be that the remote control itself is damaged or the device receiving head is faulty. It is necessary to replace the receiver or the remote control.

3.The projector is no image and no sound

● Make sure the source of the projector is consistent with the source you are accessing;

● Is the projector and signal equipment connected correctly?

● Whether the connection line is damaged or not.

4.The projector shutdown automatically

● Overheat protection.

If the fan is running well, the automatic shutdown is a problem with the thermostat. Replace the thermostat.

● When installing the projector, especially in an air-conditioned room, please check whether the air outlet of the air conditioner is directly blown to the air inlet of the projector;

● Whether there is dust accumulation in the air inlet and air outlet of the camera, if you have, please clean the air inlet filter regularly to ensure the heat dissipation of the projector.

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