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Home > How To > Xiaomi m365 / m365 pro electric scooter flashing firmware basic information
Xiaomi m365 / m365 pro electric scooter flashing firmware basic information

Xiaomi m365 / m365 pro electric scooter flashing firmware basic information

By  Adan Flannigan 2019-08-07 44862 1

Xiaomi M365 / M365 pro electric scooter, a new stylish way to get around, has won the confidence of many commuters thanks to its simple design, lightweight and reliable performance. You may feel fresh in this new type of transport tool. This post will briefly introduce the firmware versions, downgrade dash boar flash firmware, custom firmware, DVR and other basic information.

Xiaomi m365 / m365 pro electric scooter f​ 



The steps to flash a CFW depend on which firmware is installed on your scooter. Under certain circumstances preparations must be made! These are explained below:

● Custom = homemade/modified

● Firmware = Operating software

● CFW = Custom FirmWare = modified operating software

● RPvX = Scooter fun CFW with version X

● BLE = Bluetooth/Dashboard unit or its firmware

● ESC / DRV = main/motor controller or its firmware

● BMS = Battery Management System or its Firmware

● All three components must work and communicate so that the scooter starts!

● KERS = Kinetic Energy Recovery System

Firmware versions

Xiaomi patches the scooter from time to time with new features and improvements. These can be read from the version history. Unfortunately, Xiaomi doesn't reveal which improvements they will make with the respective updates, so there is no official info available for all of them!

● DRV1.4.1:

1. No benefits / improvements known

2. Prevents custom firmware from being installed.

Up to 1.4.2 (with luck even higher): With luck it may be possible to flash back via an intermediate step above 1.4.0!

● DRV1.4.0

1. The gas partly easy jerkers.  

2.The basic version of the scooter v9 firmware!  

● DRV1.3.8

1. The scooter feels "rounder" than with 1.4  

2.The basic version of the scooter v8 firmware!  

● BLE0.9x+

1.  First real anti-hacking patch

2. No other benefits / improvements announced

3. For the Pro most used version to install CFWs

● BLE0.8x

1. Prevents unencrypted CFWs (which are all Classic CFWs) from installing

2. First firmware version, which is also available with the Pro

● BLE0.7x

For the Classic version used to install CFWs (also the minimum version) 

Attention with the BLE versions: When downloading, you must pay attention to the dashboard (Classic or Pro) for which the respective BLE version is intended!

How do I know which firmware versions are running on the scooter?

With the App M365Tools the versions of the individual modules (in total 3) can be easily displayed. Ideal condition would be

● ESC Firmware Version 0138 or 0140  

● BLE Firmware Verson 0072 

● BMS Firmware Version 0115

If M365Tools cannot establish a connection, it will try another app - e.g. the Ninebot app!

Update original firmware (briefly)

● Start Bluetooth & GPS

● Mi Home or Ninebot - Launch App

● In the app in the options Mainland choose China

● Restart App

● Wait for 100%

● Stay close and do nothing else with the equipment!


Dashboard - BLE - Flash / Downgrade 

If you have now unintentionally updated the scooter to firmware 1.4.1+ with the Mi-Home or Ninebot app (as described in the previous chapter ...), the Bluetooth (BLE) module has been updated from version 0.7.2 to version 0.8.x EVENTUELL. However, this update encrypts / blocks the flashing of CFWs, which are all unencrypted per se. Therefore you first have to downgrade

● the BLE module to the old version 0.7.2:

● Download old BLE version: BLE-0.7.2

● Start Bluetooth & GPS on your smartphone

● Download & launch the M365DownG app from Google PlayStore.

● Press the following buttons: Connect -> Check Ver -> Open bin -> Flash bin

● If necessary: Search for the folder (in most cases: /Downloads) in which the BLE file is stored.

● Stay close 

● Wait for 100%

CUSTOM Firmware - flash modified firmware

If the battery or scooter has been manufactured before 04/2017 - the scooter should not be flashed because only a fuse is installed. Firmware with motor power constants below 40,000 (~600-650W) can blow the fuse in your battery!

How can I tell whether I have installed one or two fuses?

● Start M365Tools and read out the production date of the battery.

● from April 2017, the scooter has two fuses.

● until March 2017, the scooter has only one fuse.

● a visual inspection is required in March 2017.

DRV - Flashing works as follows

● Start Bluetooth & GPS on your smartphone

● Download & launch the M365DownG app from Google PlayStore.

● Download firmware or create your own CFW or select and download the default settings for it

● Press the following buttons in the M365DownG: Connect -> Check Ver -> Open bin -> Flash bin

If necessary: Search for the folder (in most cases: /Downloads) in which the BLE file is stored.

● Wait for100%

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