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Home > How To > Xiaomi Mijia multifunction gateway connection troubleshooting and using guide
Xiaomi Mijia multifunction gateway connection troubleshooting and using guide

Xiaomi Mijia multifunction gateway connection troubleshooting and using guide

By  Evelyn Garcia 2019-06-18 15185 0

We all know that gateways are an important part of a smart home system. I think a lot of people have started using Xiaomi's smart home system. You bought a gateway, but you have some connection problems. The use of the Xiaomi multifunction gateway has been clarified via the Xiaomi multifunction gateway connection. Let's take a look.

Xiaomi Mijia multifunction gateway

Xiaomi Multifunction Gateway Cannot Establish Connection

1.The router cannot connect to the Internet

Check the router status to make sure the router can connect to the Internet (for example, a laptop or mobile phone connected to the router can access the Internet via wireless LAN).

2.A black white list or network function to prevent flooding is enabled on the router

Please check the router settings to enable the black and white list feature or the anti-theft network feature. Please cancel this function first.

3.The WLAN signal received by the gateway is too weak

Install the gateway at an optimal distance of 2 to 6 m from the router.

4.The mobile phone is too far away from the gateway

Before the gateway connection and the Xiaomi Smart Home Suite connection process, the mobile phone should be as close to the gateway as possible. When a compound is made, the effect near the gateway may be better (this can avoid many interference factors).

5.Select the WiFi access point connected to the 5 GHz band

The Xiaomi multifunction gateway can currently only access 2.4 GHz WLAN, and some routers on the market are dual-band routers, namely 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If the interface for selecting a wireless access point is displayed during the connection process, please select a 2.4 GHz network (5 GHz network displays the words XXXX_5G in the name of the access point, avoid selecting such a network).

6.WiFi password input error

If the password is entered incorrectly, the interface prompts the connection to fail and the gateway continues to flash with the blue indicator. In this case, press and hold the Gateway button for more than 5 seconds until the yellow light flashes. After a successful reset, try again to connect to the gateway.

7.The wrong option was selected when prompted to determine the status of the display during connection

During the iOS user connection process, you may be prompted to determine the status of the indicator, and if you accidentally select the wrong indicator status during this step, the connection may fail. Please be patient when establishing a connection and follow the correct selection of instructions to establish the connection without any problems.

8.If the connection fails, try connecting again without resetting the gateway

Press and hold the Gateway button for more than 5 seconds until the yellow light flashes. After a successful reset, try again to connect to the gateway. (If the Android user is trying to connect, you can press the Gateway for more than 5 seconds until the yellow light changes when the yellow light flashes. In 3 Flash 1 Out status, and then try to establish a connection).

Xiaomi Mijia multifunction gateway

Use of the Xiaomi Multifunctional Gateway

First the next home app. Follow the APP connection. Follow the instructions step by step and you can quickly establish a connection.

Once the connection is established, there is a gateway logo on the home page. When you see the word "NEW" for the first time, click to go to the update prompt. It needs to be updated. The latest version is becoming more and more useful.

After the input there are three tabs: Home, Automation and Equipment. The following is a separate introduction, the homepage can be used for shortcuts for alerts, broadcasts and lanterns. Now I don't have any other devices connected, so I don't have any sub-devices.

In automation there are more functions, the initial settings before use are here. The alarm function and the night light function of the sensor shall be coupled with a radio switch or a sensor for the human body or a door and window sensor.

The timed lantern function does not require other devices to be triggered, and you can directly set the time when the time is on and the color that is on. This function can sometimes create a pleasant atmosphere, a good function!

The following function is also very useful: Lazy alarm clock, is the lazy alarm clock? Since the alarm tone must be turned off by pressing the Gateway button after setting, the general gateway is installed away from the bed. You need to get up to turn off the alarm, and at that time you need to be awake. Press the abort function is a must, can not abort, haha, specializing in lazy people!

A further function is the doorbell function, which must also be coupled with a wireless switch or a door and window sensor. The sound is also very loud when switched on.

The last device function is the setting of the gateway itself and can set various connection devices as well as volume and enable functions.

The more useful features of the gateway are the Internet radio function. Built-in Himalayan online live radio, the content is quite rich, covering most radio stations to meet a variety of listening needs! In the gateway, you can also adjust the Internet radio playing time to wake up the song in the morning music with your late-night sleep function.

The Gateway is equipped with a very cool, colorful night light, whose color and brightness are freely adjustable and which can be tuned to the sensor of the human body to realize the cool function of a human being who turns on the light automatically.

There are very detailed beginner's guides for smart families in Mijia APP. You can take a close look for the first time. The manuals are very funny and easy to understand.

Xiaomi Mijia multifunction gateway

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