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Home > How To > You should know these things before flashing the firmware of smart TV!
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You should know these things before flashing the firmware of smart TV!

You should know these things before flashing the firmware of smart TV!

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-11 12817 0

Maybe many people have flashed smart TVs, but how many people know what kind of flash bag to look for? How to flash a smart TV? How to identify the type of a flash package? Today, I will tell you something about flashing a smart TV.

flashing a smart TV

When do I need to flash a smart TV?

Smart TV is mostly installed with the Android system now. Because of the third-party software compatibility problems, system bugs and other problems, it cannot be used smoothly, or it can be jammed, and cannot be used normally. These require a flash.

Which flash method to choose?

Flashes are generally divided into local upgrade flashes, online upgrade flashes and forced flashes. Online upgrades generally require engineers to push upgrade packages in the background before they can be used. The local upgrade package is used for self-cleaning. It is generally required that the version after the flash is higher than the current version number of the system, otherwise the system will not recognize. Forced flash is used when you cannot enter the home page of the TV, cannot enter the system, or when the flash package is a forced one.

When choosing the flash package, we should pay attention to the file name. Generally, the flash package depends on the system type. For example, IQIY4K TV, V8-RT95012-LF1V035 is the system version number, the system type code is RT95012, and RT95 represents the machine core. If the machine core is different, it must not be flashed, but the same machine core may not be flashed each other, because it is not. The main chip used in the same TV model may be a model, but because the screen used is not necessarily the same brand, the driver may be different, and so it may not be able to flash each other.

Choose the official website when choosing the flash package, otherwise there may be risks in the source of the flash package. It is suggested that users choose the official website.


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What are the risks of flashing a smart TV?

Whether it's a mobile phone or a TV set, the authorities don't recommend users to flash their own devices (local upgrades or forced flashes), and they don't provide free maintenance and repair if the TV is flashed. Why? Because flashing May sometimes cause the TV to be unable to enter the system. Usually in this case, flash again, but the most serious consequence of flashing may be that the hardware of the TV is cracked down. Mobile phone is generally called font library.


In fact, the chip of storage system may be damaged. If firmware flashes are broken, the consequences will be more serious. Maintenance or replacement of the motherboard is generally required (not within the scope of after-sales warranty). Hardware flashing does not generally occur, but it is also risky. Users need to be cautious.

Flash pack types

Local upgrade packages are usually decompressed into multiple files.

Compulsory upgrade package files are usually single files after decompression, and the file formats are mostly CD-ROM image files in Bin format and img format.

Flash a smart TV method:

Online upgrade: The simplest of all flashing methods is to follow the prompts of the system. When the upgrade package is launched in the background, there will be a prompt on TV. Click to confirm the upgrade. Follow-up operation should follow the prompt of the system. Do not operate it in disorder.

Local upgrade firmware:

1) Copy the obtained version compression package (decompression) to the U disk in FAT32 format;

2) Insert the U disk into the USB port of TV (see if any other U disk exists, and if so, unplug it temporarily).

3) Focus location and system settings, click System Settings - > System Software Upgrade - > Local Upgrade, and pop up the upgrade file validation process.

4) In the process of upgrade file validation, there is no need to do anything, and the upgrade file validation is successful after 100% validation.

5) Click to confirm, enter the local upgrade process, the system "system automatically restart"

6) After the system starts, enter the local version upgrade process. Please do not do anything during the upgrade process.

7) After the system upgrade is successful, the system restarts automatically.

8) After the system restart, you can enter the system settings - "System information, and version information provided by the information is consistent.

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Force firmware upgrade:

Use the U disk; put it in the U disk root directory, use FAT32 format U disk (not hard disk, SD card and NTFS format U disk)

1. Insert the U-disk into the USB port of TV (it is recommended to use the U-disk with indicator lights)

2. Press the panel switch of TV and unplug the plug to turn off the power.

3. Press the panel switch button of TV, plug in the power plug, and observe the display of the indicator. After flash of the indicator lamp with U disk or TV indicator lamp, release the switch key and enter the forced upgrade page.

4. After the forced upgrade is completed, the system will restart automatically (do not do anything during the upgrade process, keep the power supply connected)

5. After reboot, enter the system settings to check whether the upgrade information is consistent with the version information.


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