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Home > How To > Zeblaze ZeBand smart wristband troubleshooting
Zeblaze ZeBand smart wristband troubleshooting

Zeblaze ZeBand smart wristband troubleshooting

By  Ingrid Wilhelmina 2017-05-04 6657 3

Your Zeblaze ZeBand smart wristband auto resets frequently? Something wrong with the Bluetooth connectivity? Heart rate measurement fails? The wristband cannot be charged? Or you have some other issues regarding the Zeblaze ZeBand, we are here to fix them for you.

So here we have prepared this handy troubleshooting guide packed to the brim with practical solutions. Follow the step-by-step walkthroughs and you'll be enjoying the Zeblaze ZeBand the way it was designed to be.

● The data in this wristband is reset every day. The data will return to zero after 24 o’clock - this is the normal phenomenon.

● If the wristband auto resets frequently, it may due to the frequent connection between the smart wristband and the phone APK. Just reset your wristband manually. Long press the setting button, short press to switch the option, and choose Reset, then long press it to appear "×", "√", short tap the touch key to choose "√" and the wristband will reset successfully.

● Check your phone's OS and Bluetooth versions, check to see whether they meet the minimum requirements of the wristband. Zeblaze ZeBand smart wristband is compatible with Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 and above systems, and the Bluetooth version should not be lower than V4.0.

● If the devices are compatible, but they cannot pair via Bluetooth, check whether you have activated the Bluetooth feature on both your phone and the wristband.

● Maybe there are simply too many Bluetooth connections / pairing records. If so, remove and forget the connection. Then search for the wristband again and connect with it.

● Check whether the smart wristband battery is fully charged, low power can cause Bluetooth connection failure.

● Make sure you do not interrupt the Bluetooth connection by using too many Bluetooth devices at the same time, e.g. headsets, keyboards, or speakers. Similarly, if there are too many operations, e.g. transferring files, these can also increase the chances of disconnecting the Bluetooth connection.

● The maximum Bluetooth transmission range is approximately 33 feet (10 meters) with obstacles also able to affect and disrupt the signal strength. Ensure your phone and smart wristband are close to each other with few obstacles as possible.

● Turn off the phone's Bluetooth and then reactivate it to retry. Alternatively, reboot your phone.

● Try to connect the wristband with another phone to check whether the Bluetooth connection is working. If it still cannot connect, it indicates either a wristband component fault, or an individual quality issue. Contact our aftersales service for further technical assistance; but if it can connect, it will be your phone issue.

If you still have trouble in connecting your phone with the smart wristband, refer to Zeblaze ZeBand smartband Bluetooth connection guide.

Heart rate measurement failure can be caused by improper wearing manner or heart rate sensor issue.

● When you have not worn your wristband properly, it will prevent the wristband from measuring your heart rate. Please make sure the wristband is making full, consistent contact with your wrist.

● Check if the heart rate sensor light is on. If it is not, the heart rate sensor is not working correctly. Either go to a local repair store to fix the sensor or contact our aftersales service to arrange a product return and factory repair.

If you want to have a further knowledge about heart rate measurement issue, you can head to Fix the heart rate measurement failure issue to consult the specific instructions.


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● Please plug and pull the charger from the wristband for several times, or slightly shake the wristband. Ensure there is a solid contact between the charging connectors and the charger.

● Check the charging contacts for any visible signs of oxidation. Carefully remove any residue and try to charge the smartwatch phone again.

● Always try to charge the phone using the original USB charger that came in the box to ensure the correct power input and output.

● If this is the first time you have charged the Zeblaze ZeBand, please use a high-power mains wall socket for at least 3 hours, then try to boot the smart wristband.

● If none of the above solutions are successful, the most likely reason is the charging connector(s) or battery is damaged. Go to a local repair store to fix the device, or contact our aftersales center to arrange a product return and repair.

The data on the wristband will be displayed in the app once it turns on.

No, it does not support music playing.

The wristband only supports English and Chinese itself.

Final words

All GearBest customers can easily access our convenient Aftersales Support Center at any time. If you have further questions regarding the bestselling Zeblaze ZeBand smart wristband, simply navigate to the link and complete your ticket query information before submitting it. Our team will deal with your issue(s) as soon as we receive them. Thanks for reading!

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