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Home > New Gear > 10 highlights of EMUI 9.0: Huawei smartphone users must know
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10 highlights of EMUI 9.0: Huawei smartphone users must know

10 highlights of EMUI 9.0: Huawei smartphone users must know

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-27 7660 1

On November 10, Huawei EMUI officially announced that the EMUI 9.0 is available to nine models: Huawei P20, P20 Pro, Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro, Mate10 Porsche Design, Mate RS Porsche Design, Honor 10, Honor V10 and Honor Play. As a result, Huawei has been a smartphone brand with the most smartphones adopted the latest Android P(9.0) system.

 the EMUI 9.0

What's the good features of the EMUI 9.0 based on Android P? Many Huawei smartphone users may be not very clear about it. A few days ago, Huawei Mobile phone officials summarized the 10 highlights of EMUI 9.0. Now, let’s have a look at it.    

1. Full screen gesture

The smartphone screens are bigger and bigger, but the navigation always affects the using experience. The EMUI 9.0 sets up a brand-new comprehensive screen gesture action to replace the previous buttons, and completely removes the navigation bar at the bottom. Now, With simple gesture operation, you just need to swipe the screen lightly, you can finish the operation. However, this operation must be achieved by three-key navigation in this before. The EMUI 9.0, by virtue of its easy and comfortable operation, provides you with truly full screen using experience.

Operating guide

Receive files sent by others through Huawei Share: slide down the status bar, open the notification panel, and click on Huawei Share. After receiving the prompt of file transfer, click "Accept". The received files will be stored in the Huawei Share folder of the file management by default.

2. The voice assistant "Xiao Yi"

When you are not very convenient to answer the phone while driving, or don’t know how to ask questions abroad. Now, the voice assistant "Xiao Yi" can help you. Whether you want to check the weather, exchange rate, or plan the navigation route, the voice assistant "Xiao Yi"can help free your hands and intelligently solves the problem for you.   

Operating guide

The first method: Long press Home key to enter the voice assistant: Open the settings, click System > System Navigation Mode > three-key navigation on the screen, return to the desktop, long press Home key, slide up once the voice assistant icon appeared - open voice assistant.  

The second method: Enter voice assistant through gesture navigation: Open settings, click system > system navigation mode > gesture navigation, return to the home page, and slide up the screen to open voice assistant.  

3. Mail translation

The EMUI 9.0 comes with the translation function which can translate up to 14 kinds of languages including English, Japanese, and so on. So your communication will not be bothered by languages.

Operating guide

Open e-mail, select - [Settings] - [Universal Settings] - Open [One-key Translation].

Translate Received Mail: Open E-mail, and click [Translation] button.

Translate the email: Open the email, write the email content, click the [Translation] button, select the target language, and then click Insert the text.

4. Miracast

Last year, the EMUI 9.0 has achieved the computer mirror function. With no need to download APP, connecting the USB cable, you can wirelessly mirror the display of your smartphone to computers, and in the meanwhile, you can normally operate your phone while using the miracast function, which will be very convenient for both of your work and entertainment.  

Operating guide

Swipe down the screen to enter the notification bar - open the Wireless Screen - select the available devices.

5. HUAWEI Share 3.0

HUAWEI Share 3.0 combines the 2 functions in one: fast share the file function and one-key print files function. So the pictures and videos can be quickly transferred between Huawei smartphones/PC/MAC/printer. What’s more, such transmission is totally free: no data charge, wireless and intelligent.

Operating guide

Send files to others via Huawei Share: Select the files to share and click Share. After discovering the nearby device and connect with it. Then send the file you want to share.

Receive files sent by others via Huawei Share: slide down the screen to enter the notification panel, and click on Huawei Share. After receiving the file transfer prompt, click Accept. The received files are stored in the Huawei Share folder of file management by default.

6. Voice memo

Almost all of the common diseases of modern people: amnesia. Now, with the EMUI 9.0 voice memo, your thoughts and things can be recorded by three easy ways: voice, pictures and texts. And the voice can be converted to text, you can easily and quickly take notes anytime anywhere.

Operating guide

Open the memo - click the [+] - select [voice]- and start recording.

7. Password safe box

There are many passwords in our life, such as Facebook account password, bank account password, smartphone password, etc. That’s impossible for us to remember all of them. Thank to the password safe box function on EMUI 9.0, you will not need to remember all kinds of your passwords. What’s more, it’s very safe as you can access it via passwords, fingerprint, or Face ID.  

Operating guide

● The setting interface of the password safe box requires the user to enter the lock screen password. Open [Settings]-[Security and Privacy]-[Password Safety Boxes]

● Enter the lock screen password and enter the password safe interface

● Open the password safe switch, choose to save the password when the first login application, you can automatically save the username and password of the login application

● Select automatic filling application management to open, and then use face or fingerprint to fill password automatically when login application.

8. Smart screen recognition

When you see a beautiful bag, and want to buy it, but don't know its brand. Or cannot understand the foreign websites and pages. The smart screen recognition function on EMUI 9.0 can help you. You just need to long press the words or pictures with your two fingers, the multiple functions can be quickly achieved.   

Operating guide

Click [Settings]- [Smart assist]- [Smart screen], and turn on Intelligent screen recognition. Users can use two fingers to long press pictures or web pages. After identifying pictures/web pages, the system can provide translation, shopping, encyclopedia and other information.

9. Calorie recognition

Burn my calories can't be just a slogan. The EMUI 9.0 provides the intelligent visual function, if the camera is aimed at food, the calorie value of food can be displayed on the screen, so that you can eat healthily.

Operating guide

Turn on the camera - the Smart Vision button - scan the food

10. Simple and natural design

The whole design of the EMUI 9.0 system is permeated with natural atmosphere. Whether it is the melodious ringing song of birds, or the integrated landscape background, it all shows the design concept of combining science and nature. All of these designs make the operating interface simpler and more practical.


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