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Home > New Gear > 10 things about mobile phone you don’t know
10 things about mobile phone you don’t know

10 things about mobile phone you don’t know

By  Evelyn Garcia 2019-05-31 2597 0

Whether as an alarm clock, organizer or entertainment tool, our smartphone is no longer just a phone, but our constant companion in all situations. However, you really know your mobile phone? Of course, the information about your mobile self depends on which device you have and which apps you have installed. You can view and manage which programs have certain information about you, or which other apps they access, in the app settings of your mobile phone. But there are some features and sources about cellphones. We would like to introduce them to you here.


1. What is a mobile phone?

2. The history of the mobile phone

3. The types of mobile phone

4. How to select a mobile phone?

5. How to test a mobile phone?

6. How does a mobile phone work?

7. How to maintain a mobile phone?

8. How to repair a mobile phone?

9. How to deal with an old mobile phone?

10.The purpose of using a mobile phone

1. What is a mobile phone?

Mobile phone, also known as "smart phones", refers to as personal computers with an independent operating system, and you can install the software, games and other APP. A general term for mobile phones is that continuously expand the functions of mobile phones through above programs to realize wireless network access. In essence, mobile phones should have both mobile and PDA, especially personal information management and browser and email capabilities based on wireless data communications. Cell phones provide users enough storage space and small size for mobile computing, which is convenient to carry around and provides a broad platform for software operation and content services. Many value-added services can be launched, such as stocks, news, Weather, transportation, merchandise, app downloads, and music photo downloads. Combined with the support of 4G communication network, the smartphone will become a powerful, comprehensive personal handheld terminal device integrating calls, SMS, network access, and entertainment.

2. The history of the mobile phone

For many, the iPhone considered as the first smartphone. Steve Jobs is honored everywhere for this invention and all competitors are gladly dismissed as mere imitators. It's not that easy. The basic idea of the cell phone is much older than the iPhone. Already in the early 1990s, there were considerations in this direction.

Probably the first cellphone ever was the Simon Personal Communicator,  which came in 1994 in the American market. It was a cell phone with resistive touch screen, which had only a few functions. It mainly linked functions of a mobile phone  and an organizer in one device.

At that time, because the components were not powerful enough for complex calculations. However, the market leader Nokia reacted quickly and presented  a small revolution in 1996 with the Nokia Communicator. Even though, it was not so much the hardware, but much more the software.

The Nokia Communicator series introduced an operating system Symbian, which was clearly ahead of the competition in terms of functionality and operation at that time.

Therefore, Symbian was able to quickly prevail against Palm OS and Windows Mobile, and received serious competition by Blackberry OS. By 2006, Nokia could not affect anyone in this area.

The iPhone appeared in 2007 and it was not a new invention. Capacitive touchscreens with multi-touch have been around before, internet browsers were nothing new for cell phones, and MP3 players in a phone have been around since the 1990s.

However, Apple understood, to present all these functions in a completely new way, making iPhone was also interesting in the mass market. Symbian devices, on the other hand, have been favored by business people and experts.

With its own iOS system, Apple brought an operating system that was so easy to use and laymen were never overwhelmed with it. The result was extremely high sales figures, which catapulted Apple after only a few years to the top.

At the following time, all competitors based on the mobile phone of Apple. Both Google's Android and Windows Phone emulated in many ways, the competition also brought new features that were not to be found in the iPhone.

Even Nokia released Symbian thoroughly to fit for use with a finger. This was not enough to consolidate one's own position. Nokia had to struggle with declining sales and finally had to completely withdraw when the mobile phone  business was taken over by Microsoft.

The enormous hype surrounding mobile phones caused a veritable boom in the industry. Almost every technology company in the world has been involved in any way with developing smartphones in the form of hardware components, cameras or software.

Today, users can enjoy extremely fast devices, some of which have 8 or more CPU cores. In addition, there were more apps available.

The future development is particularly exciting, because at present there is a certain amount of innovation poverty. Although new devices are still appear every year, they are no longer bringing the big changes, as was the case in the past. A renewed revolution in the style of the iPhone could once again completely remix the cards.

3. The types of mobile phone

At first glance, most cellphones look very similar and they all have the same purpose in essence. In fact, there are some significant differences.

In terms of Operating System, mainly includes Android, iOS, Firefox OS, BlackBerry, Windows phone, Symbian, Palm, BADA, Windows Mobile, Ubuntu, Sailfish OS, Samsung Tizen.

In terms of the function of mobile phone , it can be divided into phablet, dumb phone, smartphone and watch phone. They differ from each other in phone size and affordable price, etc.

9 types of phone operating systems

4 types of phones (phablet, dumb phone, smartphone,watch phone)

4. How to select a mobile phone?

A cellphone is a durable product - usually it takes 1 to 3 years before it is exchanged for a new one. Therefore, it is important to know how to buy the ideal mobile phone for your needs and get the best value for money, especially considering the life of the device until you buy another one. To learn how to buy a cell phone efficiently. The 10 tips we've selected for you!

Mobile phone buying guide

● Preference for new smartphones

The first decision you should make is whether you will look for a new phone or if you want to buy a used one. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. A new phone will possibly be more expensive than a used one of the same model, but it will have more durability, besides not having any use mark.

On the other hand, buying a used cell phone, for the most part, will outweigh that of a new model. So it can be an option if your budget is low. But stay alert throughout the deal, as there are malicious vendors who can sell fake products or with more damage than the one reported on the ad. Our personal statement is: opt for the new one whenever possible.

Best Huawei Smartphones 2019: which to get?

Top 11- best Xiaomi smartphones in 2019

● Consider smartphones release year

Although buying a cell phone 1 or 2 years ago might look attractive, it means that its useful life will be shorter than a mobile phone released this year. Other issues are also impacting when considering their longevity, since not every smartphone released is the same or has settings that keep them relevant for years to come. However, the release year may be the first piece of information you can use as a guide.

● Ask yourself "what else do I use on a smartphone"?

This question is crucial when researching which mobile phone to buy. We say that, since it has been a long time because the main function of a cell phone was to make or receive calls. Currently, there are three main functions that jump in the eyes of users: camera quality and functionality, screen size to watch series and movies or hardware configuration to run games.

That is, before choosing the phone, you need to think about which function you use most, looking for the cellphones that offer the best solution, whether you are a photographer, YouTuber, an irremediable Netflix series marathon runner or avid mobile game player.

● Android or iOS?

An important question to consider when buying a new smartphone: which operating system is your favorite? While most mobile phones come with the Android system installed, the iPhones come with their own system, developed by Apple. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Android systems have more customization possibilities and are easier to handle with the hardware of your cell phone, and the cost of mobile phones with this system is lower. Already, iOS is a more secure and easy to use system, being ideal to give to those who do not have much knowledge. In addition, iOS phones receive the latest updates concurrently, and are usually the first to receive applications and games that the audience wants.

● Consider the category of mobile phone in the market

There are three categories of smartphones on the market: budget-based phones, mid-range phones, and top-line phones, usually represented by the top lines of their manufacturers. Each of them follows a price range, but it's worth considering that even budget-class phones can bring good hardware and camera configurations.

Budget cell phones are usually secondary or tertiary lines from manufacturers. Some famous Motorola models fall into this category, such as the Moto G line, which is in its sixth generation. On the other hand, cellphones considered "middle ground" have more robust configurations, often similar to premium phones, falling behind in details such as the absence of functionality or a reduced screen size. In this category, lines like Galaxy A8 and OnePlus 5T are some of the options.

Finally, premium cell phones are the flagship of their producers, getting the latest technology, the best hardware and more attention in the media - and the highest price! Phones like the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 8 and the recent iPhones are examples of premium smartphones.

● Be aware of storage capacity

Regardless if you like to use your cell phone to take photos and record videos or if you really want to download the main game releases in Google Play or App Store, it is ideal to check what storage capacity models are of interest to you. Most smartphones offer the same mobile phone with different capabilities, so it's interesting to see the price of the mobile phone with the capacity that will suit you best.

Another important aspect when considering storage capacity is to see if the mobile phone supports the use of memory cards. iPhone, for example, do not accept the use of this type of card. Already a good part of the Android models allowed its use, but nevertheless one must check before making the purchase.

● Battery life

Before proceeding with the purchase of a cell phone, see what they say about battery life. Most smartphone users work outside, so it's ideal to find a battery mobile phone that can last all day, especially if you use your cell phone to work. In addition to seeing the battery capacity, also consider the quality of the charger that comes with the device and if it has the ability to charge the battery quickly.

● Read reviews from other buyers

Reading the reviews that other shoppers have commented on the phone is a useful way discovering battery life and smartphones quality. However, avoiding generic comments like "I loved the smartphone!" or "junk cell phone. " These comments may have been made by fake users. Therefore, look for more elaborate analyzes, citing arguments to confirm or give up the purchase of the device.

● Consider the size of the screen

With so many settings and details about the camera, it can be easy to forget another important element: the display settings of your smartphone. If you use the device a lot with one hand and do not play so much, maybe a small screen phone is ideal. But if you use your cell phone to play or watch series and movies, consider a larger screen phone.

Also evaluate features such as screen size - whether you prefer large or small screens -, brightness and quality of the displayed colors, as well as resolution. It may seem like an unimportant element, but the screen settings will be decisive for its adaptation to the device.

● Look for discounts!

Now that you know which mobile phone it will take, do not click the buy button in the first store that finds it. Search a little more discounts, also taking into account the reliability of the store. One way to search for your ideal mobile phone is through GearBest.

5. How to test a mobile phone ?

Mobile phone testing is a big problem, involving hardware testing and software testing , as well as structural testing, such as compression, anti-fall, anti-fatigue, low temperature and high temperature resistance, structural design is not reasonable, will cause pressure concentration, The outer casing is deformed, and the cover fails due to the flip phone, and other serious problems. Hardware tests generally have strict physical and electrical specifications, as well as specialized instruments.

The following which features we are particularly interested in.

● Display

The display is one of the heart of any mobile phone. It is always in the focus of the user and is responsible for the presentation of all content.

For this reason, the highest possible quality is of course desirable.

In the test, we take into account things such as the resolution, the reaction speed and color gradients.

First: the screen is black, blocking the light and seeing the light

Second: see brightness in the sun

Third: see the transition by 256 grayscale colors

Fourth: solid color screen to see the dead pixels and uniformity

How to test a mobile phone display screen

● Sound

The smartphone is usually as a replacement for an MP3 player. Therefore, the sound is not to be underestimated factor.

Music and other content should sound as high quality as possible as the speakers, although there are some physical limitations due to its small size.

We also attach great importance to smartphones providing their headphones with a clean and strong signal and using the latest technology for the wireless transmission of music. With the best cell phones can be synonymous easily  provide high-quality systems with good sound.

● Battery

If the battery does not provide enough power, even the best mobile phone is of little use to its owner if the battery does not provide enough power. Even with moderate use, some cellphones will run out of steam after just a few hours, so using it all day long is out of the question. So you can rely on your smartphone from day to night, we also take the battery of smartphones under the microscope.

Learn here how long the run time in idle turns and under full load and various other usage scenarios. For a good result, we expect that a cell phone with average use of Wi-Fi and mobile last at least a full day. The best models can even do 2-3 days.

How to diagnose your smartphone’s battery health?

● Smartphone performance

Looking past the manufacturer's claims and marketing hype, how much do you really know about your smartphone's performance? Our guide gives you the lowdown on how to accurately assess device performance.

How to test your smartphone performance?

6. How does a mobile phone work?

Smartphones today work much like a normal computer.

In the interior of the device, there are classic components such as CPU, memory, storage and graphics chip.

The only difference to a normal PC is that the components are extremely economical with energy, so that operation with a battery for several hours is possible.

This does not mean that smartphones by not would be powerful. The development in this area has progressed rapidly in recent years due to the high demand.

Users can therefore look forward to devices that have multiple processor cores with clock rates of more than 2 GHz. With such hardware even complex games in 3D are no problem.

The main input device of a cell phone is not a keyboard or a mouse, but the screen itself. Thanks to numerous technical innovations, touchscreens are now better than ever.

For the input is no longer a special pencil required more, instead, your own finger is sufficient. In this way, users can directly interact with content on the smartphone, which in practice works very intuitively and requires no prior knowledge. For this reason, experts and lay people can easily handle a mobile phone.

The most important substructure of a smartphone is the operating system. At this point, there are several different solutions of the manufacturers, which we look at in another article. At the core, however, the operating systems all work the same way.

They represent the main interface between hardware and software. All input from the user is thus translated, for example, by the operating system so that the hardware can do something with it.

7. How to maintain a mobile phone?

Cellphones are expensive items, which is why it is so important to look after them properly. The longer you use your smartphone, the higher its resale value will be.

Because the minority keeps their device for several years. Many sell their smartphone as soon as a new model of their favorite brand is released, which often corresponds to a period of 1 year.

There are many tips and tricks for proper mobile phone maintenance that should be followed.

Here you will find the most important care tips as well as short instructions on how to implement them. With the help of these suggestions, you can enjoy your smartphone for a long time to come and keep it in good condition for a long time, as long as you take good care of your device.

● How to protect the external components?

Avoid direct sunlight

Heat are poison for most cell phones. That's why you shouldn't put your phone in the blazing sun. In summer, you shouldn't leave your smartphone in your car when the sun is shining directly on it.

Use protective cover

A protective cover not only protects against scratches caused by keys or other sharp objects, but also against major damage caused by falling onto the floor. Of course, even protective covers cannot avoid everything. This means that ugly quirks can still occur if you fall from a height - but in any case it's more protected.

How to DIY a phone case all by yourself

5 must have phone cases for your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 6 / 6s

Screen Protector

In addition to a reasonable protective cover, the use of a display protection film is also important. It quickly happens that you scratch the display with jewelry or keys. Therefore, it is best to protect the front and possibly the back with a protective film so that they are protected from scratches.

Dust protection for the openings

Especially in the openings for the headset or charger cable connection dust and dirt can quickly get into. This doesn't look so nice after a while and is quite difficult to remove. A remedy can be either a brush or special plugs that can be inserted into the openings and removed again at any time.

● How to proper cleaning of the display

Smartphone displays are often quite sensitive. Fingerprints can be seen particularly quickly. It's best not to clean it with water. Make sure that the cloth is properly wrung out. But much better still: cleaning with microfiber cloths, possibly slightly moistened. These are very soft, gentle on the display and leave no lint behind.

6 tips for cleaning and maintaining your smartphone

Tips to clean your smartphone and tablet

● How to look after the Battery?

So that you do not always have the problem of a dead battery with your mobile phone, there are some tips that you should heed. Only charge your phone when it really needs to be. Prolonging the battery can damage it and reduce its life. So to enjoy the device for a long time, the phone should only be loaded cyclically. This always means only when it is empty and then it must be fully charged. It is enough if you carry out such a load at least once a month. In addition, the phone should not be exposed to strong heat or sunlight, which can damage the battery.

How to maintain cell phone battery?

How to charge phone's battery in the right way?

● How to avoid freezing cold

Not only does the battery discharge quickly in cold weather, display breakage can also be the result of a severe cold. That's why you should carry your smartphone in a thick, warm bag when it's cold. Under no circumstances should you leave it in your car at extreme minus temperatures. There have already been cases where an iPhone display cracked due to cold. (We have also given you a detailed list of what you should keep in mind when using your mobile phone in the cold).

● Correct handling of a defect

Care also includes the correct handling of the smartphone in the event of a defect of any kind. Of course, there are numerous tips and tricks on the Internet on how to repair your cell phone yourself. Even video instructions can usually be found on the Internet. This quickly leads to self-repair.

How to prevent phone from being eavesdropped?

● Updates

And this is also part of sensible cell phone maintenance: regular updates. This may sound out of place at first, but it is just as important as the external care of the cellphone. Because only those who regularly download the offered manufacturer updates to their mobile phones can protect them permanently against viruses. That's why you should regularly check for new updates.

7 sure-fire ways to speed up your Android smartphone

9 easy tips to make your smartphones run faster

10 seconds to make your Android phone run quickly

8. How to repair a mobile phone?

It happens again and again that damage occurs to a cellphone. The devices sometimes fall out of your hand and get to know the floor or are forgotten in your back pocket or other things.

In any case, this is no reason to panic. Modern mobile phones are extremely resistant and go along with a lot before it comes to a defect. Damage can often be repaired in an emergency.

The worst case is probably water damage. If your mobile phone has fallen into your sink or toilet, it does not have to be irreparably defective. It is only important to switch off the device immediately and remove the battery if possible.

However, if the mobile phone can no longer be activated after a water damage, it can only serve as a doorstop in the future.

Cosmetic damage to the housing or the display front can also be ignored as long as the function is not restricted. If you don't want to accept the unattractive appearance of damaged parts, you can simply replace them.

On the Internet there are plenty of offers for suitable spare parts, for example complete displays with touchscreen, housings and much more. Depending on the model, installation is sometimes very simple, sometimes somewhat more complicated.

Basically, we recommend such measures only for experienced users. If you are not so familiar with your smartphone, it is better to have it repaired by an expert.

In the case of serious damage, repairs are not always advisable. Especially with defective batteries or logic boards, the costs for a repair are often higher than for the purchase of a new device.

Therefore, before repairing a smartphone, check the approximate cost and do not service it if you get a new cell phone for the same price.

How to do what if the phone is flooded?

iPhone or smartphone wet? Here's what you NEED to do FAST

How to fix your water damaged phone?

How to solve the problem that the mobile phone SIM card cannot be read?

iPhone repair: How to repair iPhone display, battery, camera and even a water damaged iPhone by yourself

9. How to deal with an old mobile phone ?

Cell phones are becoming ever more powerful, yet many users are already exchanging their devices for a new model after just a few years. But what to do with the old mobile phones? Selling or giving them away is one solution. But there is another way: Smartphones contain the technology of small computers, which are still able to provide helpful services even years later. Apps help to make mobile phones fit for various purposes - even if, for example, the display cracks or the battery is no longer so long-lasting. We show ten applications for a discarded Android smartphone.

● Smartphone as a music player

No matter Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music Unlimited - even older smartphones can still be a wonderful device for streaming music. They don't even need much memory. If the old phone is still sufficiently WLAN-capable and has a Bluetooth connector for connecting an external loudspeaker, the mobile phone, which has been thought obsolete, is also sufficient for music playback from the Internet.

● Smartphone as a landline phone

Even if the smartphone is written off as a mobile phone, it can still be used as a landline phone at home. For example, if users have a FRITZ box, the mobile phone can be set up as an IP phone using the free FRITZ! APP Fon. The device can be used to make calls at home via the landline and the Internet. Even the telephone book contacts and call lists of the FRITZ!Box can be used with the cell phone and answering machine messages can also be listened to via the FRITZ!App Fon. AVM also offers the app for iPhones.

● Smartphone as alarm system

If you want to monitor your home, garden shed or objects, you can convert your cell phone into an alarm system. There are apps that sound an alarm as soon as the mobile phone is moved, the camera of the device registers a movement or the mobile phone a loud noise in the room. The smartphone camera can be converted into a surveillance camera by monitoring a specific area via video. For this purpose, the mobile phone can either be permanently positioned in a place with a power connection, or users can also access external power batteries to increase the device's runtime and still remain mobile.

● Smartphone as a server

For the exchange of data or for other applications, an old smartphone can be integrated into the home network as a server. In contrast to PCs, these small devices consume far less power. No matter whether users want to set up their own web server or operate an FTP server - there are countless apps in the Play Store. The App Servers Ultimate Pro can be described as an egg-laying wool-dairy among the programs. The app contains over 60 servers like FTP, SSH, WebDAV, MySQL, PHP and Git, 16 network tools and 70 protocols.

● Smartphone as a remote control

Mobile phones do not necessarily need an infrared sensor to be used as a universal remote control. Bluetooth and WLAN are usually sufficient to establish communication with smart TV and the like. The Play Store contains numerous apps for this purpose. When making their selection, users should consider the type of device and its manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer, different remote control apps are suitable, whereby the specific device to be operated can usually be selected from a list of models. However, there are also universal apps that support several devices. However, a frequent prerequisite for the use of such remote control apps is that the TV, Blu-ray player etc. is connected to the home network.

How to make your smartphone been a remote controller?

● Smartphone as a digital picture frame

If the display of the discarded smartphone is still in order, the device can be used as a digital picture frame. This is all the better if the mobile phone has a rather large display diagonal. Old tablets also work as an alternative. In full screen mode, selected pictures can be displayed on the screen. Slideshows can also be created. If you want, you can download apps from the Play Store that enhance the feeling of a digital picture frame and add music to photos, for example. Simply enter Digital Photo Frame in PlayStore and you'll see a variety of programs to choose from.

● Smartphone as media server

If the smartphone becomes a media server, it can be used to stream media such as music, videos and pictures wirelessly to other devices such as a TV, Windows Media Player or game console. Both the old mobile phone and the "receiving device" should support the UPnP and DLNA protocols and be on the same network. Apps help with data transfer.

Such as BubbleUPnP, which can access different sources such as UPnP/DLNA, Android devices and cloud storage. With BubbleUPnP you can create playlists or set up a snooze function.

● Smartphone as a baby monitor

A mobile phone that is no longer in use can be used by Babyphone apps to monitor the offspring. The baby monitor notifies another mobile phone or the landline phone as soon as a certain noise level is exceeded in the monitored room. The mobile phone camera can also be used for video surveillance, but in this case the mobile phone should be connected to a fixed power source. In the Play Store there are various baby monitor apps: Annie's Babyphone 4G/WiFi offers an integrated goodnight song player and makes it possible to monitor several children.

Seeing is believing: turn your old smartphone into a IP camera

● Smartphone as a hotspot

Old cellphones can also serve as a replacement for a mobile hotspot (MIFI). The hotspot function (tethering) enables them to connect devices that do not have a UMTS or LTE module to the Internet while on the move. A SIM card with a data contract must be inserted in the smartphone. Abroad, the old mobile phone can be operated with a foreign SIM card - if the user is travelling online without having to change his German SIM card. In cases where the battery of the discarded mobile phone is no longer durable enough, a replacement battery can be purchased or a power battery can be used. This solution is cheaper than buying a mobile hotspot.

● Smartphone as a car tracking device

With a little talent for handicrafts, an old mobile phone can also be used to locate a car - for example in the event of theft. The smartphone is hidden in the car and powered by the car battery. Alternatively, a power battery can be used, but only for a limited period of time. Users also need special software to locate the cell phone in the event of theft. One example is the Cerberus app, which can be used to locate and track the mobile phone. As an alternative to the app, mobile phones can also be tracked using Google. To do this, the location access and the options "Perform remote location for this device" and "Allow remote locking and resetting to factory settings" in the Android device manager must be activated. The best way to register your phone with Google is to have your own account - for example under the auto-identifier.

10. The purpose of using a mobile phone

We used to use a cell phone primarily for making phone calls. Nowadays, there are smartphones that are putting this function more and more into the background. The number of mobile phone users is growing year by year, but what do we use our cell phones for most? Here are the top 10:

● Games

According to a recent survey by Bitkom, for which 642 smartphone users were surveyed, 64 percent use their smartphones as a mobile game console.

● Reading News

67 percent of smartphone users keep up to date by reading messages on their mobile phones.

● Listening to music

Who doesn't know this from the past: the iPod was in one pocket and the mobile phone in the other. An annoying affair in the long run. The mobile phone combines both. In addition, many users choose music streaming services, which meanwhile have lucrative offers to offer to listen to their favorite songs.

● Social networks

Social networks have found their way onto mobile phones. 70 percent use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and CO. on their smartphones to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances.

● SMS / short message services

These days, everything has to go fast. This also applies to our communication. The smartphone is just right here. 71 percent use their mobile device for short messages. However, the so-called "short message service" (SMS) is increasingly being replaced by messaging services such as WhatsApp.

● Apps

Apps - a great invention. There are now millions of them, each for an individual purpose. In my opinion, it's the apps that have made the cellphone revolutionary. The device offers a hardware (platform), but with the software (apps) it is only possible to adapt the hardware to numerous applications and use it effectively. After all, almost three quarters of smartphone users (74 percent) install additional applications via app stores such as Google Play or Apple iTunes.

● Calendar / organizer

Since our smartphones are always with us, they are of course also suitable for organizational purposes. So the calendar is always a handle in the trouser or handbag removed. 83 percent use the calendar or appointment planner.

● Surfing the internet

What makes the smartphone "smart"? Sure, the apps. But what are the apps in the vast majority of cases? Right, on the internet. Furthermore, one can get oneself by the meanwhile favorable offers the Internet simpler in the bag and with it thereby. A whopping 93 percent use their cell phone for surfing the Internet.

● Photos and videos

As mentioned before, the smart phone connects the MP3 player to the mobile phone. But that's not all, the integrated cameras are getting better and better and are nowadays the perfect "always with you camera". Almost everyone (98 percent) also uses their mobile companion as a camera.

DIY home cinema: create your own smartphone projector in 8 easy steps

Top 5 selfie apps for your Android phone

Get home movie magic: turn your phone into a photo projector

How to take pictures on smartphone at night?

● Telephony

Surprise - each of the respondents also uses their mobile phone for telephony. 100 percent!


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