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Home > New Gear > 20 details about Vivo NEX dual-screen edition
UMIDIGI A3 Pro Smartphone
20 details about Vivo NEX dual-screen edition

20 details about Vivo NEX dual-screen edition

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-17 3158 0

In the first half of the year, Vivo took the lead in releasing the first smartphone with pop-up cameras, which expands the phone’s screen space to more than 90%. Now it explores the future form of smartphone again. However, this exploration has changed direction, instead of using pop-up lens, it combines forward and backward camera into one, and adopts dual screen design to further improve the proportion of front screen.

 What kind of experience will the dual-screen bring? After reading these 20 things, you will have a clearer understanding of the Vivo NEX dual-screen edition.


Vivo NEX 4G Phablet Global Version - BLACK

Vivo NEX 4G Phablet Global Version - BLACK
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1. How about the hand feeling of the Vivo NEX dual-screen edition?

We have measured the thickness of the Vivo NEX dual screen. The phone’s overall thickness is about 8.26 mm. For comparison, the thickness of the Vivo NEX normal edition is 8.35 mm. It can be seen that the Vivo NEX dual screen edition is thinner than the Vivo NEX normal edition. Couple with the round frame, the Vivo NEX dual screen edition has a very good grip.

2.When does the lunar ring of the Vivo NEX dual screen light on? Can you customize it?

The lunar ring on the Vivo NEX dual screen edition will light up in the cases like calls, messages, playing music, Jovi voice assistant, photo countdown and portrait shooting light effect. Although you can't customize the color of the lunar ring, you can choose which mode to turn on it. What’s more, the lunar ring will change the color with different function.

The lunar ring on the Vivo NEX dual screen edition  

3. What is the effect of switching cameras during selfie?

When using the main screen to take pictures, the system will prompt you to turn over the phone to enable the secondary screen. And it will not turn on the secondary screen directly.

   the effect of switching cameras during selfie? 

4. How to switch between dual screen? Are there any gestures to do it?

At present, there are four ways to switch between dual screen on the Vivo NEX. The most important way is to slide three fingers and press two power keys at the same time to switch. Of course, the control center and the suspension ball can also be used to switch.

Presently, switching the screen can only be achieved manually. It is not feasible to automatically switch the dual screen. After all, considering that many people like to lie down and play with their mobile phones, automatic switching can be very troublesome.

switch between dual screen 

5. What are the opening holes on the back and their functions?

There are 7 holes around the lunar ring light, including a flash light, two supplementary lights, three cameras and the TOF infrared transmitter. Specifically speaking, the three cameras are: a 2MP night vision camera, a 12MP main camera with IMX363 and a TOF stereo camera.      

6. Can you make a phone call when using a secondary screen, will it affect the quality of the call?

When using the secondary screen, you can make a phone call, because there are speaker openings above the secondary screen, so it will not affect your phone. And when talking, the lunar ring lights flashing, the effect is very cool.

7. Does the Vivo NEX dual screen edition support TF memory card expansion?

No. the Vivo NEX dual screen edition adopts dual nano SIM card slot design, it doesn’t have expansion slot of TF card. So if you need large storage space, you’d better choose the large memory combo.

8. How does the unlock function work on the main screen and the secondary screen?

The main screen unloock can be achieved via in-display fingerprint sensor. While the the secondary screen can be achieved via the face recognition. You can also press the power key to unlock the phone. The unlock speed is very fast.

9. What is the effect of switching the secondary screen when playing the game?

When you are playing games, turning over the screen will make the social software automatically open, which is very convenient for you to reply messages and continue to play games.  

 the effect of switching the secondary screen when playing the game

10. What are the functions of the portrait selfie? How does the soft light supplement effect?

Because of TOF depth-of-field lens, Vivo NEX dual-screen version has a large number of shed photographic effect, which can be stereoscopic polished through the detection of human facial structure.
If there is not enough light, the complementary lights on both sides of the lunar ring will automatically turn on, ensuring that there is enough light when taking a selfie.

11. Does it have focus function when taking a selfie?

Thanks to the integrated design of front cameras and rear cameras on the Vivo NEX dual screen edition, it can focus when taking a selfie. And the selfie photos are clearer than that of other smartphones. Generally speaking, in terms of self-shooting, the Vivo NEX dual-screen version with triple rear cameras obviously have more advantages than other smartphones.

12. How about the unlock speed of the in-display fingerprint on the Vivo NEX? And how many fingerprints can it record?

The Vivo NEX dual screen edition adopts the fifth generation photoelectric screen fingerprint technology, the unlock speed is very fast. It can record up to 5 different fingerprints.

However, the face recognition on the back is different, it can only record one person's face information. And its unlock experience is also very excellent.

13. How was the night shooting of the Vivo NEX dual screen edition?

Its 12MP main camera have full-pixel dual-core focusing, enabling 24 million photosensitive units to take pictures. The single-pixel size of the sub-image reaches 2.9 um. Compared with the ordinary lens, it can ensure more light input, thus achieving a clearer picture at night.

 the night shooting of the Vivo NEX dual screen edition

14. How about the battery performance of the Vivo NEX dual screen edition?

The Vivo NEX dual screen edition is equipped with a 3500 mAh battery, so there is no problem for you to use it a whole day.

15. What are the special features of the TOF lenses?

At present, the TOF lens of the Vivo NEX dual-screen version is mainly used for facial unlock recognition. Through the TOF infrared depth of field lens, the mobile phone can scan the user's facial features more accurately, and the security is far more than the ordinary Android mobile phone's facial unlocking. Now it has supported Alipay's facial recognition payment.

In addition to facial recognition, the addition of infrared TOF camera also provides a new way for self-timer stereo beauty. The dual-screen version of Vivo NEX adds the function of "glowing camera" to the camera. This function can achieve 3D-level facial pinching effect through the way of 3D facial modeling, and can fine-tune the face shape. It can be called an unbelievable self-timer.

16. Can we adjust the brightness of the two screens separately?

After testing, the brightness of the two-screen is linked, so we can not adjust it separately.

17. What is the use of TOF lenses besides unlocking?

It also has a TOF 3D stereo camera and has been applied to the self-timer field, the glow camera. The Vivo NEX dual-screen version can model the face and allow users to pinch the facial details accurately.

18. Can we unlock the phone in the dark light?

Yes. Because TOF cameras for face recognition have separate infrared transmitters, and face 3D feature recognition is measured by infrared reflection, and so the face unlock is not affected by ambient light.

19. What other interesting features of the Jovi?

Jovi's smart scenario incorporates a real-time bus function that tells you how long it will take for the nearest bus to arrive, depending on your location. This function is very practical.

20. Are there any other interesting things abut the dual screens?

The Vivo NEX dual-screen version also has a unique way of playing, which is called "mood transfer", when the user draws a pattern on one side, it will be transferred to the other side into animation, this way of communication closes the distance of each other.

At this point, the Vivo NEX dual-screen edition is no longer just a communication product, but another tool for communicating with each other.

mood transfer on Vivo NEX dual-screen version 

Overall, the release of Vivo NEX dual-screen edition has achieved a good balance in design and function. Through the ingenious design of combination of front and rear cameras, it greatly improves the selfie shooting quality, coupled with more professional TOF depth-of-field lens, it makes portrait shooting and AI beauty reach a new level.

The design of front and back dual screens design also expands the interaction of mobile phones from another dimension, which improves the ease of use and operational efficiency of mobile phones. It is more in line with young people's pursuit of technology and fashion. This fashionable and exploratory product is the real favorite of young consumers. I believe that Vivo will further explore the future and bring us more innovative mobile phones.


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