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Home > New Gear > 360 S5 Robot vacuum cleaner released: Smart or smarter? These highlights you must know
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360 S5 Robot vacuum cleaner released: Smart or smarter? These highlights you must know

360 S5 Robot vacuum cleaner released: Smart or smarter? These highlights you must know

By  Kali Waller 2019-04-09 3198 0

Facing the increasingly fast-tempo society, we really need a truly smart and powerful housework assistant which saves our time and energy with simple operation. Now we have the 360 S5 Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with improved LDS technology, it is good at navigating through house, better sensors easy to bypass barriers, advanced noise reduction with upgraded auto-change suction to identify different ground conditions. The process of sweeping becomes more accurately and thoroughly, all benefited from 360 S5 first-class brain.

360 S5 Robot vacuum cleaner:specs

First, let’s take a quick look at the main specs of the 360 S5 Robot vacuum cleaner.


Product name
360 S5 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with LDS Laser Navigation
Product weight
3.6000 kg
Product size (L x W x H)
35.00 x 35.00 x 10.00 cm / 13.78 x 13.78 x 3.94 inches
Cleaning Area (sq.m.)
100-200 square meters
Remote control;Schedule function;Self recharging
Cleaning Modes
Slam planning
less than 65dB
Dust Box Capacity
Obstacle climbing ability
Charging Time
3 hours
Working Time
Floor: 110 minutes; Blanket: 75 minutes
Package contents
1 x Robot, 1 x Charging Station, 1 x Hepa, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Adaptor, 1 x Side Brushes, 1 x Dust Tank, 1 x English Manual


360 S5 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with LDS Laser Navigation - White

360 S5 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with LDS Laser Navigation - White
$391.75 $349.99    


2 steps to be smarter

"How it works more intelligently than other ordinary cleaning robot?"

Let me show you the steps.

360 S5 Robot vacuum cleaner design 

Step 1. 360°laser eye to scan the layouts

To observe the design of 360 S5, not much has changed from predecessor, white and round shape, and 360°laser eye inside a small tower atop the vacuum cleaner, but omnidirectional anti-collision system added to protect itself and furniture.

360°laser eye to scan the layouts  

Say in brief, the key point is the Laser Distance Sensor ( LDS ) laser navigation, and this is one of the most important features of any robot vacuum cleaner. It looks like smart eyes. Firstly, long-press 3s the button at once, after a voice reminder, vacuum cleaner starts to work. It scans its surroundings 360-degree, 2160 times per second, understand the layout of furniture then to map out the real-time interiors of your house.

the Laser Distance Sensor ( LDS ) laser navigation 

Step 2. Mapping before cleaning

Good results come from the brilliant brain.

After the scan orientation, the clever brain - Simultaneous Localization and Mapping ( SLAM ) algorithm with the help of lidar system, play a vital role in path planning, together calculates the most efficient route for cleaning. Simulated manual operation to clean up your room, edge cleaning then zigzag cleaning with no corners left, no repeat sweeping. Less than half an hour to clean up 40㎡, 1 hour to save 100㎡ space, or no more than 2 hours to deal with 140㎡ compound apartment.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping ( SLAM ) algorithm  

Moreover, due to the high precision of area location and excellent path planning performance than other normal vacuum cleaners, you do not worry about the 360 robotic cleaner will go the wrong way or clash in every direction in your home. In a relatively complex environment,the planning algorithm will have a positive effect on the final cleaning result. To establish the optimal path, S5 has done well in this part!   

the planning algorithm  

After two steps to exercise a smarter brain, the cleaning ability of 360 S5 will also remarkably.  

10+ high-sensitivity sensors, avoid drops and obstacles

Multiple sensors are installed on 360 S5 body to mimic the judgements of human beings. 360 s5 will go back to recharge itself when the battery is lower than 20%, remember the latest status of sweeping that will continue to work.

 automatic recharge 

Judging intelligently the layout of obstacles, and will be able to climb obstacles of 2.0cm and it can even climb slopes of 25 degrees when the high than other 1.0cm climbing product. Omni-directional anti-collision sensor owns larger cushion space to avoid furniture and itself gets broken, 4 anti-drop sensors are spaced evenly in the front of vacuum cleaner.

the layout of obstacles 

APP remote control, set virtual wall for free

Another attractive function grabbed my eyes is: Manage Forbidden Zone. No need to pay extra money for buying virtual wall, and just use APP to define each section. Also, 4 modes of cleaning, not-disturb function, all the updated and complete map system. See the location and clean-up area of robovac cleaner on your APP clearly and easily.

APP remote control 

Let us set up a schedule planning before we go to work in seconds, or quick start a customized or spot cleaning as driving RC car to pass through dead corners or under the bed fluently. All information of cleaning jobs on your phone, and realize your dreams about smart home system.

2000Pa high suction power with low-level noise

This compact vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a strong NIDEC brushless motor from Japan, that delivers 4 levels adjustment and treats you up to a 2000Pa suction. According to the ground conditions, 360 S5 adopts to change suction power automatically, clean from floor to carpet, suction from 1200Pa to max 2000Pa, seeds, beans, powder, rice grains are easy to be cleaned.

2000Pa high suction power 

Of course, I recommend the corner mix garbage(soybean, grains and paper scrape) should be swept twice in order to keep deeper clean. From the 550ML dustbin, the larger plastic rubbish, rubber band or toothpick also lie down in there obediently.

The robot has a floating roller brush to fit in different ground conditions, single-sided brush along the edge of wall to clean and no problem of hair entanglement situation. The margin of roller brush have a rubber strip to cope with residual dust and dirt, all of those are quick release design, simple to install and remove.

floating roller brush to fit in different ground conditions 

It is worth mentioning that 65dB special dual noise reduction with soundproof sponge, which will greatly reduce the cleaning noise. Through the test, three modes for selection ( Quiet, Standard and Max), 360 S5 quiet mode is less noise than other two modes, the average of standard and max between 50-65dB. Compare with other brands, 360 still continues the advantage of predecessor S6, no need to turn down the volume of computer, mobilephone or TV too much.

How smart it is? Two main smarter technologies helps to reduce your manual operation, and achieve the automatic clean for home. Other three advantages make for smarter sweeping robot, to give you a real relax time on the couch or bed.

smarter technologies 

Scan and identify at the same time, provide all you need. To be honest, 360 S5 is an all-round product for just the most cheapest price no more than $300 among similar products, truly suitable for lazy people and neat freak want to own a highly cost-effective robot vacuum cleaner in the market.    



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