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Home > New Gear > 3D printers guide for beginners: Personal experience and knowledge about 3D printers
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3D printers guide for beginners: Personal experience and knowledge about 3D printers

3D printers guide for beginners: Personal experience and knowledge about 3D printers

By  Town Kassis 2019-07-18 1173 0

I personally have a little shallow research on 3D printers. My friends usually come to my house to visit my 3D printer. Today I share some common questions about 3D printers at Gearbest.

 3D printer

1. Can you recommend some websites or community about 3D printer?

The websites I usually browse are:

Thingiverse: There are a large number of 3D printing enthusiasts, and they are very happy to release their own models at the T stage. So there are also a variety of beautiful, exquisite or wonderful models. This website is regarded as the starter of the model website. You can see lots of brilliant designs on the website (of course, there are also many designs that make it difficult to print).

3D printer 

Instructables: This website focuses on some projects that combine 3D printing with smart hardware and which will teach you how to print step by step. So the models on it are related to smart hardware. If you are a maker or a smart hardware enthusiast, you can find a lot of ideas on it.

3D printer 

Pinshape: In fact, it is similar to Thingiverse. According to my experience, the model on Pinshape is practical and cute, and that on Thingiverse is a higher level (that is, you feel them are high level but you can not say specifically ). In addition, the Pinshape will recommend some designers and allow the model designer to sell the model.

2. Can you recommend some good 3D printers?

The printer I use is not a very expensive printer like many enthusiasts,  which is a very ordinary desktop printer. It is purchased at Gearbest for about $330. To be honest, Gearbest is really a very affordable and practical website. I didn't dare to think about buying a 3D printer within $500.

3D printer 

However, I just went to see my printer at Gearbest, and it was even cheaper for 40 dollars. This is also a point that I hate Gearbest. It is often inexplicable to cut prices, which makes me buy it again and again.

3D printing technology still has bottlenecks. The most diameter of 3D printers’ sprayers on the market is 0.4mm. The printing accuracy is 0.1mm. There is shading on the printed ones, and occasionally there will be wire drawing or other problems. In fact, printing 3D models really takes time and effort.

I decided to buy my printer because of its good appearance and easy operation in the beginning. After using it, I feel the printing effect is not bad. Of course, printing is not perfect. I didn’t expect to print super perfect works. I have bought it for a year. It still works well and nothing has happened.

The quality of the printed matter is actually related to the person who prints because it really has to pay some artificial effort:

To print a good finished product, first of all, you have to find the most suitable parameters of your 3D printer and printing materials, including printing temperature, layer thickness, speed and others. These parameters can be referred to that given by the manufacturer and then you have to adjust them slowly according to your own printing conditions. You can browse the post of simplify3D, which summarizes the various printing failures, the causes, and the solutions. You can refer to them when you have the printing problems.

3D printer 

Secondly, people, who know a little about 3D printing, know that you want to print a complicated model, it will take a lot of time. And in fact, the slower the printing speed, the higher the printing accuracy (of course, the printing speed is too slow which will cause some other questions), the longer it takes to print. 3D printing does take a lot of time, and it often takes a long time to print a particularly complex model. Once I printed a lampshade, it took almost 43 hours to print. After printing, I had to remove the support, polish the bottom surface, etc. So, you need to be very patient to print a complete finished product. Of course, although it takes a long time, you can do other things while the 3D printer is working, and don't have to see it all the time.

3D printer 

In addition, the end of printing is not the end of the work. As mentioned earlier, printed matter has shadings. Sometimes there is a small bump in the printed matter, but it is too troublesome to reprint it. So if I want the model especially "perfect", the model needs to be post-processed such as grinding, polishing and coloring.

When you read here, maybe the people who want to buy a 3D printer don’t want to buy it.

However, the finished product can still make you have a great sense of accomplishment, and some models are very suitable for 3D printing because of design reasons. And there are not many materials used and it takes a short time to print this kind of model, so the printing effect is super good.

3. What 3D printer filaments do you use?

I usually use PLA (white PLA is my favorite filament), because I think it is non-toxic, fluid, and good texture. Although ABS is harder, it is too brittle and ductility that is not as good as PLA. Sometimes you can use the flexible material TUP to print some pinchable things.

 3D printer

4. How about 3D printing industry

I graduated from college and went into a 3D printing company (because I felt this industry was "high-tech and very good"), and then I learned a variety of things about 3D printing. Although I am very optimistic about this industry, it is indeed a technical bottleneck for now. At that time, the company did not have any benefit and then I left this company. But I continued to pay attention to 3D printing and bought a printer.

5. How to learn 3D modeling

In fact, I don't know how to make 3D modeling. I can't build models of high level. I use the models to print, which are downloaded or designed by the familiar designers. But if you really want to learn, I can recommend some basic modeling software. There are a variety of software tutorials on the Internet. 123D and SketchUp are more suitable for beginners to use. You can find a tutorial to practice. After that, you can use advanced software slowly, and the technology will be improved slowly (the learning process of a lot of people I know is like this).

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