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Home > New Gear > 5G era is open: Where is stronger than 4G?
5G era is open: Where is stronger than 4G?

5G era is open: Where is stronger than 4G?

By  Mia Carla 2019-06-10 543 0

On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 5G commercial licenses to China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Radio and Television. This means that the 5G era is really coming. But 5G can do it in addition to the faster network speed? Why is the advent of 5G bringing us into a new era?

This is not the case. CCTV reported on the topic “Where is the difference between 5G and 4G?”, which explains the characteristics of 5G and some application scenarios. Not much nonsense, let's talk about the 5G in the end.

What is 5G? What is the difference compared to the current 4G?

5G, the fifth generation communication network, the most prominent feature is that the network speed is faster. If 5G doubles the Internet speed on the basis of 4G, or doubles or triples, then its role is really small. The key point is that compared to 4G, 5G has a speed of tens or even hundreds of times. It is reported that the peak speed can reach 20Gbps. Of course, the previous 5G network should not reach the peak speed. We will see that the change brought by 5G will also be a process of gradually changing with the increase of network speed.

How fast is 5G mentioned in CCTV's report: a 10G video, 4G download takes 15 minutes, and 5G only takes 9 seconds. According to this calculation, the speed of the 5G network is 100 times that of the 4G network.

The use of CCTV's words to describe 5G is: "If you compare 2G, 3G, 4G generations of mobile communication technology to constantly widening the road, so that more cars can run, 5G is used while continuing to widen the highway, the opposite Plan the diversion, improve the utilization efficiency, and realize the closest distance and the shortest time to push the resources on the network to the users."

Of course, the speed is not the full feature of the 5G network. It also has the characteristics of low latency and high capacity. It is also such a feature that distinguishes 5G from 4G and has a broader application scenario.

What is the 5G network based on?

CCTV reports have such a sentence: "If you compare 2G, 3G, 4G generations of mobile communication technology to constantly widening the road, so that more cars can run, 5G is used while continuing to widen the highway, The road is planned to be diverted, the utilization efficiency is improved, and the resources in the network are pushed to the user in the shortest distance and the shortest time."

In fact, this sentence contains the communication principle of 5G network implementation -

Wireless communication is the transmission of information through electromagnetic waves. With the development of mobile wireless networks, we can find that they are all developing towards high frequency. This is because the higher the frequency, the wider the frequency band, the more information is carried, and the faster the network speed.

But 5G is not as simple as simply raising the frequency. We know that the frequency is inversely proportional to the wavelength, and the wavelength of the 28 GHz band has reached the level of millimeter waves. The shorter the wavelength, the worse the propagation ability. Therefore, the previous macro base station is no longer applicable, because 5G may be out of signal. Therefore, in order to promote 5G on a large scale, it is necessary to lay a large number of micro base stations.

In addition, the high network speed of 5G is also compatible with Massive MIMO (multiple antenna transmission, multiple antenna reception), beamforming (through the control of the phase of the RF signal to achieve precise directionality of the signal), carrier aggregation, high-order modulation Related to technology. In addition, two 5G devices under the same base station can implement device-to-device data transmission without passing through the base station. This is what CCTV calls “planning and diverting the road” and “achieving the closest distance”.

The "shortest time" obviously means low latency. So how is low latency achieved? The principle is to optimize the frame structure by shortening each sub-frame in the time domain to optimize the delay on the physical layer. The full-duplex technology supported by 5G allows the two ends of the communication to use the same frequency at the same time in the uplink and downlink, breaking through the existing frequency division duplex (FDD) and time division duplex (TDD) modes. Two-way communication gives 5G high throughput and low latency. At the same time, the core network adopts user sinking and cloud deployment to ensure the low latency of 5G.

What are the technical requirements for 5G mobile phones?

In the report, CCTV mentioned a situation about terminal equipment: "5G mobile phones can accept 4G signals, but 4G mobile phones cannot receive 5G signals" because the requirements for battery capacity are further deepened.

In fact, 5G mobile phones should consider not only the power consumption problem, but also the equipment can be realized by changing the 5G modem. It also includes hardware layout, electromagnetic compatibility, antenna design, heat dissipation and other considerations. If these designs are not enough. Reasonable, then it is difficult for a 5G mobile phone to have a stable experience, and its performance can only stay at the level of Shantou.

What are the application scenarios for 5G networks?

The CCTV report mentioned the application of 5G network in driverless driving: the intelligent control response distance of driverless brake is 1.4m under 4G, and only 2.8cm under 5G network. Today's self-driving cars are well developed in terms of cameras and sensors, and the emergence of 5G networks has solved the problem of information interoperability.

In fact, the application of 5G network can not only stop here, let's simply enumerate a few items -

1, cloud games and cloud computers. Transfer complex computing processes to cloud servers, and end devices do not need to have powerful computing power to run large software ;

2, HD live broadcast. 4K, even the next 8K, can use 5G technology to display the spread, and the high-rate and low-latency features have also spawned the second spring of VR/AR equipment.

3. Smart agriculture. Remote operation of equipment such as drones can be carried out through 5G networks, which can bring very efficient performance in agricultural spraying operations.

4. Telemedicine. 5G brings great convenience to clinical applications such as real-time transmission of surgical operation signals and remote control robot surgery.

5, loT Internet of Things. The so-called Internet of Everything, without strong network communication technology, is just a fantasy. The highly reliable and low-latency scenarios brought by 5G technology will be the engine for the development of the Internet of Things.

What is the 5G network tariff?

The issue of tariffs is definitely one of the issues that everyone is most concerned about. In CCTV's report, it was mentioned that the tariffs in the early 5G era were similar to those in the 4G era, but the decline in the unit price of traffic tariffs was a trend.

In addition, China Unicom also responded to the tariff issue: preliminary plan, in the face of the consumer market, 5G charging model and 4G products have both inherited and innovated, traffic is one of the important factors to be considered, and will also be based on 5G services. The technical characteristics of the research are new billing models.

All in all, the arrival of the 5G era will bring obvious changes to our lives, and relying on the foundation of 5G networks, more industries will enter a period of rapid exploding. Therefore, 5G is not only an update of the communication era, but also a lifestyle change. How about, look forward to it?

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