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Home > New Gear > 6 Best VPN Services in 2019 (really free)
6 Best VPN Services in 2019 (really free)

6 Best VPN Services in 2019 (really free)

By  Adeline Belluz 2019-05-09 1344 1

There's a reason why free VPNs cost nothing - you pay the price differently in general, whether it's data or limited speeds, annoying ads, or even malware. We have tested more than 100 free VPNs just to offer you this most reliable list. And as a bonus, we will show you how to get the most expensive VPN for free! 

The best free VPNs

Are you going on vacation? In business trip? Or in exchange abroad? And you already know that your access to your favorite sites will be limited or blocked? Be aware that VPNs are one of the best ways to protect your privacy, encrypt your data, and change your geolocation.

Note that sites such as TF1 are blocked abroad. But other accesses may also be limited if you try for example to make purchases online: the site will work but the payment will be blocked; if you try to access your TV online or your VOD (including Netflix ...).

Premium services are much more effective in providing secure, private, and geo-secure Internet access. And, unfortunately for users, these services are often paying.


Fortunately, there are FREE VPN providers, whose limitations are not too important.

The best free VPNs

1.Hotspot Shield: VPN stable, fast and famous if you do not use streaming

2.TunnelBear: An excellent choice if security is important to you and your data needs are limited Great option if you do not need a VPN for torrenting

4.Betternet : Excellent free VPN, but that only works in the browser

5.Windscribe :   Ideal if you love streaming and waiting during the buffering does not bother you

6.Proton: secure VPN with unlimited data , but not suitable for torrenting

Where is the trap ?

As with any free service, you have to pay it one way or another . In general, this means a data limitation or slow connection (so you can not watch Netflix). However, in the most severe cases, this may involve poor encryption, targeted advertising, and a breach of confidentiality.

The good thing is that by looking good, you can find reliable VPNs that are not only free, but also safe.

If you need, for example, a VPN for a few days trip to China and want to access censored content, many free VPNs can help you without having to worry   of   your privacy or malware.

Free VPNs are also a great option if you want to encrypt your data on an ad hoc basis , such as when you're on an unsecured network (hotel, airport, coffee, Starbucks ...). While they will not have servers in all countries, it is unlikely that you will need a server in Nicaragua .

So there is not only the negative! We did all the work for you and reviewed the free VPN options on the market to offer you a list of the best free VPN services to suit your needs .

The list we have concocted below includes the most interesting features of our favorite free VPN services. It goes without saying that each free service must compromise on one or more aspect (s), be it speed or data allocation. But in terms of free services, it's hard to beat the following VPNs:

* Editor's choice: NordVPN

While not completely free, the 30-day Nordic Money Back Guarantee is an excellent offer for beginners in VPN technology who want to make it easy with great service!

· The fastest VPN, compatible with all devices

· Quick access to Netflix

· Extremely user friendly and easy to use

· Excellent option for travelers

· Connects to +5100 locations in more than 60 countries

· Fully refundable if you are not satisfied!

· 191 servers in France

· No completely free service option

1. Hotspot Shield

A very popular VPN, HotSpot Shield, offers a very good free version that provides 500MB per day. Although you can only connect to one device, it works very well if you need to unblock a site or protect your data.

You can only connect to one server in America, and this server will not work for Netflix, Hulu, or other popular streaming sites, but you can still   access YouTube, Facebook, and all your favorite social networks.

· 500MB free per day

· Customer service by Email

· Strong encryption of your data

· Walk with all major devices

· Only an authorized device with the free version

· Watch ads offering to buy the premium version

· Can only access Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming sites with the premium version

2. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is the best VPN service for beginners and arguably the most user friendly on the list, although its free subscribers are limited to just 500 MB of traffic per month.

· No IP storage or data registry

· Works on all devices

· Offer 1GB extra per month if you post a tweet about the company

· Easy to use

· Suitable for streaming videos and light downloads

· The monthly data limit is not exactly ideal

· Very few advanced settings


This very popular VPN provider based in Malaysia has more than 30 locations available worldwide.

· Guaranteed security with OpenVPN encryption

· Correct connection speed

· Limit of 2GB of data usage per month

· Ideal for privacy in public hotspots, or to unlock certain websites

· Limitation of data

· Free version limited to 3 locations

4. Betternet

Its simplicity makes BetterNet one of the most popular free VPN services for beginners. The promise "free forever" means that you can use the VPN for as long as you want without limit of data.

· No record retention policy

· "Free-forever" promise: you can use the VPN as long as you want

· No data limit

· Available for Mac, Windows, Android, Chrome and Firefox

· One of the 10 worst services in terms of malware interception, a significant problem

· It is not possible to choose the server to which you are connecting

5. Windscribe

Windscribe is one of the best free VPNs available. While the ad blocker and firewall can be mildly aggressive, Windscribe's generous data allocation and privacy commitment effortlessly places it at the top of the list.

· 10 GB of data per month

· Excellent speeds and a variety of free server rentals

· Does not store login, IP or history logs of visited sites

· Offer 5GB extra if you share a tweet about their service

· 1GB extra offered for each recommendation to a friend

· Blocker of advertisements and built-in firewalls

· Access to Netflix

· Free users do not have access to all servers

6. ProtonVPN

Proton is one of the newest free VPN services on the market. It is managed by experts dedicated to cybersecurity, which positions its privacy features among the best in the market.

· No bandwidth limit on data

· Access to servers in the Netherlands, Japan, the United States and Switzerland

· No data records

· Speed ​​is deliberately slow for free users to encourage them to take out a paid plan

· Because this is a new service, the number of servers and locations is limited, and customer support is not as reliable as other VPNs.

· No native iOS application. If you're looking for a VPN for your iPhone or iPad, you'll need to choose another.


Now that you've had a taste of the positive features of a VPN service and have tried one or more of the free options mentioned above, you're probably ready for uncompromising Internet protection.

In order to achieve optimal encryption and fast connection speeds, we recommend using a paid VPN service. As paid VPN services become more prevalent, they also become more affordable.


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