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Home > New Gear > 6 common used computer testing software
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6 common used computer testing software

6 common used computer testing software

By  Adan Flannigan 2019-07-27 1961 0

Whether it is ultrabook , commercial or gaming book, its performance is quantified by various testing software. There are many testing software, like Datacolor Spyder, CPU-Z, Cinebench, 3Dmark and PCmark. But what are focus on and which PCs running software is best? Let's take a look at it below.

6 common used computer testing software 

Datacolor Spyder: discriminating screen quality and adjusting color accuracy

Notebook screen as the most important visual output rendering carrier in human-computer interaction, whether it is office or entertainment, it should be done on the screen. If the screen quality is not good, the visual experience will be poor. If you look at the time, your eyes will be uncomfortable. The screen type and resolution determine the pros and cons of the display.

6 common used computer testing software 

The Datacolor Spyder is a serious photographer for finding easy-to-use color accuracy solutions. It can be tested with a simple interactive four-step process to test RGB, NTSC, AdobeRGB, and maximum brightness. Parameters such as contrast tones can easily distinguish the screen quality.

6 common used computer testing software 

Nowadays, there are so many display manufacturers on the market, and the models are also full of appearances. Each manufacturer has different understanding and setting of the color of the display. The color cast is a common phenomenon, and the appearance of the Datacolor Spyder red spider color meter can be It allows you to easily understand the parameters, and can also be adjusted to avoid the trouble of different screen colors.

3Dmark: designed to measure graphics performance

The central processing unit (CPU) plays the important role in the game book, which explains computer instructions and processing. The data in the computer software, the CPU is excellent, the processing speed of the computer is fast, the CPU is poor, and the processing speed of the computer is slow. The CPU determines the value of a computer to a certain extent.

 AMD vs Intel

CPU-Z is a software that detects the highest CPU usage. It can be used to view CPU information, including manufacturer and processor name, core structure and packaging technology, internal and external frequencies, and maximum overclocking speed detection. You can also find out the processor-related instruction set that you can use to make it easy to understand.

 Intel CPU

At present, the mainstream Intel mobile CPUs are roughly divided into two categories: 1. Standard voltage processors, ie high-performance products with product suffixes of H, HQ, HK, such as i7-8700H; 2. Low-voltage processors , that is, low-power products with a product suffix of U, such as i5-8200U.

From the perspective of CPU performance, AMD Ruilong mobile processor is fully qualified to challenge the Core U series processor. In terms of model selection, there are not many currently. The newly released Ruilong 3000 series mobile processor belongs to the first The second-generation Ruilong mobile processor is based on the 12nm manufacturing process and is divided into standard voltage and low voltage versions.

3Dmark: designed to measure graphics performance

In addition to the CPU, the graphics card (also known as the graphics processor) is also very important, it undertakes the task of outputting the display graphics. At present, the game graphics card mainly has two specifications of independent graphics card and integrated graphics card, in order to ensure the game experience, professional gamebook Generally, independent mobile graphics cards are used.

3D mark 

3Dmark is a futuremark company's software for measuring the performance of graphics cards (gradually growing into a software to measure the performance of the whole machine), it will not be optimized for any chip, and will not be customized according to the technical development trend of graphics card manufacturers. The test project will only customize the test software according to the direction of Microsoft's DirectX development and the technology that may be used in the future game, and eventually become the benchmark software for graphics card testing.

 3D mark

For the moment, graphics cards are divided into four camps, Intel integrated graphics, AMD built-in graphics / Radeon series graphics cards, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX graphics cards and other graphics cards, among which the first three types of products are mainly used in PC products, while others More graphics cards are used in mobile phones, tablets and other products.

Cinebench: CPU and graphics test system

CineBench is a very convincing set of CPU and graphics test systems that include performance metrics for processors and graphics cards. The first test uses a CPU to render a high-precision 3D scene image. It runs only once in a single-processor single-thread. If the system has multiple processor cores or supports multiple threads, the first time only one thread is used. The second run uses all processor cores and threads. The second test is for the OpenGL performance of the graphics card .


In addition, it can support 256 logical cores, and the new version also enhances the inspection of shaders, anti-aliasing, shadows, lights, and reflection blur, and more accurate detection of CPU performance.

PCmark: testing overall performance

PCmark is a test software that considers the overall performance of the whole machine. It can measure the comprehensive performance of various types of PCs. PCMark contains a comprehensive set of test items covering various tasks in modern office space. It is customized through a series of performance tests. Running options and new battery life data charts, PCMark 10 is a complete PC benchmark for modern office.

 PC mark

From multimedia home entertainment systems to notebooks, from professional workstations to high-end gaming platforms, whether in the hands of professionals or ordinary users, you can get the most out of PCMark.


In summary, these software can help us understand the performance of a certain aspect of the computer, but also help us to detect computer problems and make judgments on the performance of the computer, but it should be noted that the running points need to be compared with other computers. See the difference, so general computer testing does not require so many items to compare.

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