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Home > New Gear > 8 tips to save money on vping products
8 tips to save money on vping products

8 tips to save money on vping products

By  Adan Flannigan 2019-07-06 1249 0

Although vape is cheaper than tobacco consumption, the fact is that the cost can be high if you are a regular vaper with little information on good practices. We gives you today 8 tips to vaporize cheaply and save your money.


How to pay less for your e-cigarette?

What would be the vape without e-cigarette? Both the engine and the body of your vape, it produces steam and offers real moments of pleasure.

There are many different e-cigarettes on the market: small, large, powerful steam-oriented and more reasonable more flavor-oriented.

Whether you are a fan of big steam or a fan of discreet ecigarettes to slip into your pocket, we have the right model for you!

Pod, a simple and cheap ecigarette for beginner steamers!


The pod is an all-in-one ecig, usually small in size, that has a pod cartridge to fill in liquid and a minimum of configurations. The pods offer an ideal compromise for neo-vapoteurs who want to vaporize cheaply without worrying about it!

To save as much money as possible, we recommend pods with refillable cartridges. These allow you to associate your favorite fluid with your pod and do not require you to buy pre-filled pod cartridges, easier to use but often more expensive.

Namely: pods adapt very well to nicotine salts eliquids. Nicotine salt provides a quick supply of nicotine and a softer throat sensation than traditional e liquids.

Here are some models of cheap pods perfect for a good start:


Electronic mods with batteries: better lifetime = more savings!

Electronic mods with batteries 

Electronic mods (for "modified" electronic cigarette) have the particularity of working with rechargeable and interchangeable batteries, external rechargeable batteries.


"Accumulator" is simply the name given to a rechargeable battery to include in your mods to make them work. There are several sizes (18650, 20700, 21700 etc.) of various storage capacities (capacity indicated in mAh).


The advantage of batteries over integrated batteries is that they can be replaced in the event of a malfunction. So, no need to throw away your mod as soon as the battery is out of order, all you have to do is provide yourself with a new battery on the market. This for a price ranging from 4.90€ to about 8€. The price of the battery varies according to its size and capacity. In the long term, this is a good way to vaporize cheaply.


It should be noted that there are different types of mods:


● The tubular mod (tube shaped) or the box mod (rectangular or square shaped).

● The mod can be electronic (protection programs, available settings and display) or mechanical (without any electronics). If you are not very familiar with the electronic mod, we strongly recommend it, as it is much more accessible and secure.


The capacities of the mods also differ according to their capacity (1, 2 or even 3 accumulators in a mod). The power (indicated in W) can also vary from one accumulator to another.


Note: you must associate your mod with an atomizer or clearomizer, the latter are either sold separately or included in a complete kit mod + atomizer/clearomizer.


Here is a small selection of cheap and proven electronic mods:

Rebuildable atomizer, a quality spray at a low price!

Rebuildable atomizer 

The rebuildable requires a learning time, which could discourage some steamers at first sight. But above all, it's a good way to vaporize cheaply, so here are the basics of what you need to know to get started。

The rebuildablee allows you to manufacture your own resistors yourself. The homemade resistors offer an excellent taste and a better steam production than on clearomizers. All this for a very attractive price in the long term!

To practice rebuildable, you must use rebuildable sprayers. These are atomizers on which you manufacture your own resistors. There are several types of them:

● RDA or dripper: A rebuildable tank-less sprayer on which your cotton must be regularly moistened (or "dripped") in liquid before vining.

● RTAs: A rebuildable sprayer with a reservoir in which cotton is constantly irrigated.

● RTDS: A reconstructable sprayer has a mounting plate located high above the tank from which the cotton is drawn.

To make your resistances, you need resistive wire and cotton. Some tools are also needed: screwdriver, cutting pliers, scissors etc...

For more details, see our guide for rebuildable and the different types of rebuildable atomizers.

To start rebuilding on simple to install and cheap sprayers, we recommend two rebuildable sprayers that are easy to handle:

Some reimburse for your ecigarette!

In France, some mutuals now reimburse all or part of your ecigarette-related expenses. Proof that they have understood the importance of the e-cigarette for your health.

Generally, these mutuals offer a flat-rate reimbursement of €50 per year. Ask your health insurance company and keep your electronic cigarette purchase invoices!

The great conditioning, the good trick for beginners!

An easy and intuitive introduction to DIY ( or do it yourself, for "do it yourself"). This consists in dosing nicotine liquid yourself. This makes it possible to vaporize cheaply while benefiting from a large quantity of liquid for a better quantity/price ratio.

The sale of liquid in large packaging appeared following the TPD law prohibiting since January 1, 2017 the sale of liquid dosed in nicotine of more than 10 ml.

However, to avoid this constraint, liquid manufacturers now sell non-nicotinated eliquids in large packages (30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml vials, etc.). These large packages are to be completed with a separate nicotine booster to add to your flavoured liquid base.

A booster costs on average 1€60. A 50 ml large packaging liquid costs on average between 16€ and 26€ depending on the quality of the product.

The "do it yourself", create your own e-liquids!

DIY e-liquid

All the necessary equipment to start the diy well. From right to left: nicotine booster, concentrated flavour, graduated empty bottle, base bottle and graduated syringe.

Do It Yourself requires a little more practice than the large packaging liquid. Indeed, you will have to make your own liquid by managing your own dosages. Maybe it's worth it to get started on a cheap spray, right?

Let's start with the base: A liquid consists of 3 main elements:

● A PG/VG base (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin) to generate steam.

● Concentrated flavours or additives for the taste.

● A nicotine booster if desired (or CBD for amateurs...).

Purchased separately, these three elements are very inexpensive. It takes 1€60 on average for a nicotine booster, 11€90 per litre of base and 3.90€ for 10 ml of concentrated flavour. For the record, 15% flavour in the finished product is enough. A concentrated flavouring in 10 ml can therefore flavour up to about 90 ml of base.

In practice, you can therefore create 100 ml of 3 mg nicotine liquid for about 20 euros instead of 59 euros if you buy 100 ml of liquid in a small 10 ml package.

Be careful the liquids DLUO whether exceeded

I can see you coming already: "No question of consuming moldy liquids just to vaporize cheaply!". Don't panic, it should be noted that the DLUO is to be distinguished from the DLC:

● DLUO : Deadline for Optimal Use

● DLC: Deadline for Consumption

Indeed, unlike a foodstuff, liquids cannot strictly speaking expire. The consumption of liquid beyond the DLUO is therefore possible and totally without risk to health.

Why put a DLUO in this case?

Because after a certain period of time, liquids can lose their flavor. This can make them less tasty. The DLUO is therefore only there to inform the consumer of the taste quality of the product.

Many e-cigarette stores therefore sell liquid products with an exceeded DLUO for a discount price of €1 or €2 compared to €590 for a new 10 ml vial. This is a significant way for the consumer to vaporize cheaply.

Tips: if the DLUO is only exceeded by two or three months, the difference in taste with a new liquid will not be felt. However, we do not recommend a liquid whose DLUO is more than four or five months overdue because the taste will unfortunately not be there!

Focus on promotions

One of the many promotions offered by the GearBest 

At the small smoker's, we regularly offer you promotions on liquids and vape materials to allow you to vaporize cheaply.


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