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Home > New Gear > A cost-effective choice for home audio and video upgrading: innovative Stage echo wall sound evaluation
A cost-effective choice for home audio and video upgrading: innovative Stage echo wall sound evaluation

A cost-effective choice for home audio and video upgrading: innovative Stage echo wall sound evaluation

By  Michel Turek 2020-02-04 2782 12

With the gradual improvement of the quality of life, people's emphasis on TV and computer is not only on picture quality, size and performance, but also on the immersive audio-visual experience with high sound quality. The complex wiring and extremely space-occupying 5.1 and 7.1 speaker channel systems have always been the threshold for amateur audiovisual enthusiasts to improve their audio-visual experience. However, with the popularity of echo wall system and the popularity of entry-level echo wall audio product line, the cost of improving sound quality is reduced year by year. Today's review will be the Echo Wall Speaker recently released by Innovation-Innovation Stage (reference price: 699 yuan).

Small in stature and widely used  

The innovative Stage speaker consists of a main speaker and a subwoofer. The BWH of the echo wall of the main speaker is 70x550x78mm. Compared with the mainstream echo wall speakers, the figure of the innovative Stage is relatively petite, and there are few restrictions on the display space. Can be placed in front of the monitor on the computer desk, can be placed in the DVD position of the traditional TV cabinet, even if it is placed on the TV cabinet, you do not have to worry about blocking the TV screen.

Of course, if you have a wall-mounted TV, you can also choose to hang the innovative Stage on the bottom of the TV. Innovative Stage box comes with wall-hanging accessories, fixed operation compared to wall-mounted TV is much more convenient, however, the use of electric drill brick wall is still necessary.

The shell of the main speaker is made of plastic, so the weight of the whole machine is very light, only 1.2 kilograms, which is equivalent to the lightest netbook, and the girl can lift it easily. So if your living environment is relatively small, you can also consider dual-use. When playing computer games, put the stereo on the computer table and the speaker on the TV cabinet when watching movies. The innovative Stage Echo Wall speaker itself is also a USB disk music player and Bluetooth speaker player that can be used independently of computers and televisions.

Subwoofer design and modeling has also broken the traditional thinking of people, and not designed into the traditional chubby type, but a very innovative use of a thin and tall shape. People who have lived in a snail home know that in order to prevent the waste of room space, vertical space will be effectively used. Therefore, the thin and tall shape of the innovative Stage subwoofer can greatly save space, and the visual height is close to the height of a small computer main chassis.

The low-key appearance is very good-looking

The main speaker and subwoofer use a black integrated design, the appearance is relatively low-key but very versatile, and can be integrated with all kinds of televisions, computers, TV cabinets and homes. Although the dominant color is black, the innovative Stage does not make people feel dull. The upper and lower sides of the reticular part of the loudspeaker are treated with a circular arc, so that the edge of the product is very round, the innovative Logo is on the left side of the main speaker, and the white character on the black background is very atmospheric.

The left and right sides of the main speaker have been frosted, the feel and appearance are very good. The top and back gives people a bright black texture of the piano, although it is silent black, but it appears to be very atmospheric.

In addition to the innovative Logo on the speaker surface, a digital display light is hidden in the middle of the speaker. When operating the speaker, such as adjusting the volume and EQ, there will be a white LED display, giving the existence of a technological simplicity and artistic beauty.

Function analysis  

The innovative Stage subwoofer uses a wooden material with a subwoofer on the front and bottom. There is a large passive subwoofer on the right side of the subwoofer. The shell of the subwoofer adopts matte technology, which can effectively prevent accidental scratches in use.

On the side of the innovative Stage, there are three buttons-the power button and the volume plus or minus button. At the top of the three physical buttons, there is a USB port, which can be connected to a flash drive for music playback, but it should be noted that the U disk needs to be in FAT32 format, and the maximum supporting capacity of the U disk is 32GB.

There are three interfaces on the back of the main speaker, namely, AUX audio signal input, OPTICAL optical fiber signal input and TV [Arc] audio and video signal input, which is actually HDMI input. So if you are wired, you can connect the TV or computer's 3.5mm audio port through the AUX port, and the sound can be transmitted to the innovative Stage echo wall.

How do I connect the cable? Here we recommend two ways for your reference. One is for some TV boxes, which connects the HDMI output of the TV box with the innovative Stage, and divides the video and audio streams through the HDMI ARC audio return channel technology. This connection may seem a bit complicated, but for those smart TV boxes that support ARC, you can turn on the TV without turning on the TV. Use innovative Stage as the speaker of a smart TV box to play music directly.

The other is relatively conventional, directly connects the speaker and the TV's optical drive input and output interface through the optical fiber cable, and sets the sound source output to optical fiber in the TV (most TVs are automatically switched) to improve the TV sound quality by several grades immediately. The advantage of using optical fiber connection is that the connection is very convenient and fast, and most televisions are equipped with audio optical drive output, which will be more practical than the HDMI ARC interface above.

In terms of wireless connection, the innovative Stage supports Bluetooth transmission, and portable players such as phablets can play music directly on the innovative Stage through Bluetooth transmission, but slightly unfortunately, the innovative Stage only supports A2DP Bluetooth transmission and does not support lossless wireless transmission protocols of other protocols.

Unexpectedly, for a starter echo wall is also equipped with a remote control, some small surprises. In fact, in addition to adjusting the volume, this remote control also supports frequency division adjustment of treble and bass. There are also four EQ modes preset-music, movies, live and games. Although each button has an icon, you can basically guess the function of some keys, but purely because of the abbreviation of the key name, for some friends who are not very good at English, it is still a bit difficult.

Audition & experience  

I have to say that it is the sound quality that determines the "performance" of a speaker. We will review from the speaker parameters and the actual audio-visual two parts. First of all, there are two 20W intermediate frequency units built in the main speaker and a 40W subwoofer in the subwoofer. The maximum output power of the whole system is as high as 160W, which is enough to fill the living room space of 15mur25 square meters. Although parameters do not represent everything, generally speaking, high-power speakers have more innate advantages in overall sound thrust and sound quality, which is incomparable to other low-power TV speakers in the market.

In terms of audio-visual sound quality performance, we first disconnect the subwoofer and separate the sound quality performance of the two intermediate frequency units in the audio-visual main speaker. The voice of the main speaker of the intermediate frequency is full and three-dimensional, whether it is the human voice in the song or the dialogue of the characters mixed with complex sound effects in the film. The treble part is relatively regular, the brightness of the high frequency is moderate, and the burr of the high frequency is well suppressed, but considering the size and unit configuration, the extension of the high frequency will be limited to some extent.

It has to be said that after being equipped with a subwoofer, the bass performance of the innovative Stage has improved by leaps and bounds, not only the bass "boxing to the flesh", but also the sound effect of the environment is also very good. Especially when watching a movie, you can feel the sense of encirclement brought by the low frequency, as well as a stronger sense of atmosphere.


Innovate Stage Echo Wall Acoustics as. An entry-level echo wall system, Have.A variety of interfaces, can be well adapted to different scenarios or different needs of the family, plus.The compact fuselage has very low requirements for placement, and users no longer need tedious operation to experience good sound quality. At present, the price of this speaker has reached about 600 yuan, and many competitors in the same class even have a single echo wall / 2.0 configuration. At the same time, From the brand and quality assurance caused by the innovation of established companies, there is no need to say how high the performance-to-price ratio is.

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