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Home > New Gear > A detailed review of Xiaomi 9’s 3 wireless charging devices: price, specs and features
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A detailed review of Xiaomi 9’s 3 wireless charging devices: price, specs and features

A detailed review of Xiaomi 9’s 3 wireless charging devices: price, specs and features

By  Linky Johnson 2019-03-04 2863 0

In addition to the first released Snapdragon 855, Xiaomi 9's progress in charging speed was also highlighted by Lei Jun at Xiaomi 9 launch event. As the world's first mobile phone to support 20W wireless fast charging, of course, it is also very necessary for Xiaomi to release its own wireless charging devices. Therefore, despite the Xiaomi 9, Xiaomi also release Xiaomi 20W wireless charging pad, Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger and Xiaomi wireless power bank. All of these 3 wireless charging devices greatly promote the fast experience of users.

Xiaomi 20W wireless charging pad

Despite the unsatisfactory charging speed and contact sensitivity of Xiaomi's previous generic wireless charger, the price of $10.29 still attracts many users who want to try wireless chargers. The 20W wireless charger has been improved in charging speed and design.


Xiaomi 20W High-speed Wireless Charger - White

Xiaomi 20W High-speed Wireless Charger - White


In terms of appearance, Xiaomi 20W wireless charger adopts pure white body design, which is slightly larger than the previous generation in size. Silicone gel increases friction, prevents cell phone from slipping, and ensures stable charging. A new heat sink hole is added at the bottom, with an independent silent fan and heat sink built in. The dual heat sink system can effectively reduce the temperature rise in the process of wireless charging and improve the charging efficiency.

Xiaomi 20W wireless charging pad 

Of course, Xiaomi 20W wireless charger also has a considerable upgrade in charging speed. Official data show that the peak charging power of 20W wireless chargers has increased by 100% compared with previous products, up to 20W. It takes only 90 minutes to charge the Xiaomi 9, which is faster than the wired charging of many mobile phones. Of course, the whole charging scheme of Xiaomi 20W wireless charger has passed the certification of safe fast charging 2.0 of German Rhine TV, which is an authoritative organization. It is safe and reliable.

Xiaomi 20W wireless charging pad charging speed 

As very few users charge the battery until it is 0% in daily use, so I started this test with 18% cell phone power, up to 80% in 55 minutes, up to 85% in an hour, and full an hour and 2 minutes.

In addition, this 20W wireless charger supports Qi 10W EPP charging protocol, which can also achieve 10W fast charging for other mobile phones on the market. In the measurements, the mobile phones supporting wireless charging, such as the iPhone 8 Plus and Huawei Mate20 Pro, can be identified accurately and charged wirelessly, although the charging speed needs to be certified.

It is worth mentioning that the vertical induction distance of the Xiaomi 20W wireless charger is 5 mm, and it can be charged smoothly separated from the cardboard (of course, the recognition speed will be slightly affected). The mobile phone case (non-metallic material) can also use the wireless charging function, which greatly improves the convenience and practicability.

the vertical induction distance of the Xiaomi 20W wireless charger 

In terms of selling price, the price of 20W wireless charging board is $14.7, while the price of charging board + data line + charger set is $22.2.

Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger

Xiaomi wireless car charger also supports 20W high-speed wireless flash charging. The car charging uses integrated 2.5D glass material as the charging panel. After power-on, the blue ring greeting lamp will automatically light up, and driving at night is obvious enough. The car is filled with an independent fan, which can adjust the air volume intelligently with the temperature and reduce the heat actively. At the same time, it has built-in metal bracket, which has fast heat conduction and enhanced passive heat dissipation protection.

Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger 

In addition, the Xiaomi wireless car is equipped with infrared sensor and electric clamp arm, which is convenient for users to operate by one hand. After putting the mobile phone on, the car will automatically clamp the mobile phone through the motor drive. When you want to take it off, the clamp arm will automatically open. The effective induction distance of charging for wireless vehicles is up to 4mm, and the mobile phone shell (non-metallic material) can also be charged. The maximum power of on-board wireless charging is 20W, which meets the needs of short-distance driving, but only Xiaomi 9 supports it. Official data show that 20W high-power output can make the Xiaomi 9 power quickly return from 0 to 45% in half an hour, filling it in only 90 minutes at a time.

Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger charging speed 

In the actual measurement, the wireless vehicle is stable enough after adjustment, but occasionally the sensor fails to identify. In addition, the sensor is located on the left side, so it is relatively difficult for the co-driver to use the position. Of course, the Xiaomi car charge also reserved a base interface, and non-wireless charging mobile phones can also be used.

It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi 20W wireless vehicle can be directly attached to the car's interior plane by filling and sticking the base, thus adapting to the use of a variety of models and locations. In terms of price, the 20W Xiaomi wireless car charger sells for $25.2.

Xiaomi wireless power bank 10000mAh

In addition to conventional wired charging, Xiaomi wireless power bank 10000mAh is also a new Xiaomi mobile power bank supporting wireless charging, which can be charged wirelessly by pressing a button.


Xiaomi Wireless Power Bank 10000mAh for Daily Use - Black

Xiaomi Wireless Power Bank 10000mAh for Daily Use - Black
$62.69 $47.54    


In the wireless charging mode, the maximum power can reach 10W when the wireless fast charging is output alone. Official data show that the power can be charged for Xiaomi 9 in 1 hour and 25 minutes, and for the iPhone XS in 1 hour and 55 minutes. The vertical induction distance of the wireless charging board is 5 mm, and the mobile phone shell (non-metallic material) can also use the wireless charging function. Xiaomi wireless power bank is certified by Qi standard, and intelligently compatible with different mobile phones. Of course, Lei Jun said at the launch that the 20W wireless charging board is being tested and will soon meet you.

Xiaomi wireless power bank 

In addition to 10W wireless fast charging, it is equipped with two single port 18W high-speed wired interfaces (USB-A, USB-C, which supports bidirectional input and output). At the same time, the total power of the two output interfaces can reach 15W, which supports the maximum power of 18W for fast charging. It can also support Qi protocol wireless charging mobile devices and wired charging power such as cameras, game consoles and MacBook. The sub-equipment can be charged at the same time, which can support up to three devices charging at the same time.

Xiaomi wireless power bank wired interfaces  

In terms of price, the price of Xiaomi wireless power bank 10000mAh is $22.2.


Overall, the performance of Xiaomi 9's 20W wireless charging function is amazing. The three wireless charging devices released at the same time can satisfy the needs of users in various scenarios. Whether they are carried at home, in the car or outside, they can get rid of the bondage of wires and can be said to be the perfect "companion" of Xiaomi 9. However, the mobile phone supporting 20W wireless fast charging is still only Xiaomi 9, which is not very attractive for users of other brands of mobile phones. But if you are a Xiaomi 9 user, you can buy one.


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