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Home > New Gear > A perfect kitchen helper for Thanksgiving dinner prep - Vacuum Food Sealer
A perfect kitchen helper for Thanksgiving dinner prep - Vacuum Food Sealer

A perfect kitchen helper for Thanksgiving dinner prep - Vacuum Food Sealer

By  Sophia Windsor 2017-11-17 2518 1

Are you busy preparing for the Thanksgiving feast? Then, we have something for you - the perfect little kitchen helper,Automatic Vacuum Fresh Food Sealer.

Thanksgiving Day is getting closer and closer — and so are the pre-holiday price increases. Many prefer to buy their supplies in advance — but how to keep all those delicious ingredients fresh? This is where the Automatic Vacuum Fresh Food Sealer comes in and locks out all your troubles.

Automatic Vacuum Fresh Food Sealer

Vacuum Food Sealer unboxing & design

As you unbox the Vacuum Food Sealer, you will see 1pc Vacuum Sealer with a charger and a 135cm charging cable, 1pc bag roll and 1pc English user manual.

Automatic Vacuum Fresh Food Sealer unboxing

The Vacuum Food Sealer is made of plastic and comes in black and white. The whole design aims to be compact and unobtrusive, with the device measuring just 37.50 x 15.50 x 6.50 cm and weighing 1.157kg. The sealer's miniature size is a great space saver and you won't have any trouble finding a spot in your kitchen for the new gadget.

compact and unobtrusive design of Automatic Vacuum Fresh Food Sealer

There are three buttons on the top of the Vacuum Food Sealer: Seal Only button, Cancel button and the Vacuum & Seal button. Each button serves its own purpose: press Seal Only button to initiate an automatic sealing the bag, press Vacuum & Seal button for automatic full vacuum seal that keeps your food fresh or Cancel to abort all operations.

the top button on the Automatic Vacuum Fresh Food Sealer

GearBest shipping memo

Vacuum Food Sealer functions

You may be well familiar with traditional food storage devices, such as plastic wrap, vacuum bowl, aluminum foils and so on, but all these devices will keep the food fresh for no more than a few days. However, this Vacuum Food Sealer will help preserve your food safely and freshly for a long time.

vacuum preservation VS the troditional food storage

The Vacuum Food Sealer can automatically suck all the air out of the food and packages, and seal the opening shut, so the food is well kept away from the oxygen which prevents the development of bacteria. The Vacuum Food Sealer basically pays for itself: you will avoid wasting food and save quite a bit of grocery money.

the multiple applications of Automatic Vacuum Fresh Food Sealer

On top of that, the food sealer has multiple applications, it can not only seal all kinds of food, such as fruits, vegetables, meat and so forth, but can also be used to wrap letters, magazines, linens, etc. for easy storage. Thus, it is really a practical and necessary appliance in your home.

Vacuum Food Sealer operations

A good kitchen helper is usually easy to operate and time-saving, just like this Vacuum Food Sealer. You just need to go through four steps to perfectly seal your food:

Step 1: Cut a piece from the roll of bag.

Step 2: Press the Seal Only button to seal one end of the bag.

Step 3: Put the food inside the bag.

Step 4: Press the Vacuum & Seal button to remove all the air from the bag and completely seal it.

There it is! Your food is now conveniently stored for later use.

four steps to seal food with Automatic Vacuum Fresh Food Sealer

Vacuum Food Sealer and Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family members and friends and being thankful for the big and small happy happenings in your life. But it's also about that big Thanksgiving feast, which all of your guests are looking very forward to. This big feast is a joy for all the invitees — but loads of work for the host.

Thanksgiving feast

Once you have a Vacuum Food Sealer, you can buy one or two turkeys two or three weeks in advance, and package them with the Vacuum Food Sealer before placing in the freezer. Additionally, you can make a grocery list to buy all the necessary ingredients one or two weeks in advance, such as bread, butter, potatoes, ham, cranberries, beans, etc. Simply seal them with the Vacuum Food Sealer and have all your feast components safely stored for cooking.

thanksgiving food and ingredients

Wrap up

The Automatic Vacuum Fresh Food Sealer will revolutionize the way you get ready for Thanksgiving Day. Simply get all your feast makers early, seal them with the Vacuum Sealer and have them fresh and ready for when the cooking begins! And then on Thanksgiving Day, you and your family will get to enjoy a sumptuous meal cooked with the freshest ingredients!


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