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Home > New Gear > AirPods i10 TWS, i12, i14, i20, i30, i60, i100 Air MX review
i12 TWS wireless Bluetooth earbuds post banner
AirPods i10 TWS, i12, i14, i20, i30, i60, i100 Air MX review

AirPods i10 TWS, i12, i14, i20, i30, i60, i100 Air MX review

By  Fields Corrielus 2019-07-07 29082 1

There's a lot of fake AirPods. Often with poor sound quality, or a bad battery. But what are the best cheap AirPods? I found not only bad but also good ones like the i10 TWS, Air MX TWS and i30 TWS, for 20-30 euro. Here is a list of the best Replica 1:1 AirPods. There are also better alternatives, like the earbuds QCY QS1 T1C (20,-)There are many counterfeit AirPods. Often with poor sound quality, or a bad battery. But what are the best cheap AirPods? I found not only bad but also good ones like the i10 TWS, Air MX TWS and i30 TWS, for 20-30 euro. Here is a list of the best Replica 1:1 AirPods. There are also better alternatives, such as the earbuds QCY QS1 T1C (20,-).

Replica 1:1 AirPods

There are bizarre lots of fakes, but I found the i10 TWS and the Air MX TWS and later also the i30 TWS +W1 as one of the few good ones. The name i10 TWS doesn't say much, there are also other i10 TWS. The shops where I buy them at AliExpress are usually gone... The best chance is with this i10TWS or this i10 TWS or the Air MX TWS or now the i30 HERE or else the i30 HERE. Around 20-30 euro. Shops are disappearing all the time, almost every day (it's fake, of course). A bit further on a list with all kinds of other models, there are also some top models.

TWS is not a brand, it just means "True Wireless Stereo".

I don't even like the REAL Apple AirPods for that absurd price of 220,-. Not better than this i10 TWS / i30 / Air MX.

I don't need counterfeit either, there are better alternatives: like the Aukey EPB40 (that's in ear, the sound quality is better). With a neck wire. Much better battery (8 hours) and better microphone, for 25 euros on Amazon Germany, quickly delivered. Or the QCY QS1 T1C earbuds (20,-), also recommended, with 5 hours battery. Sometimes I do a large headphone, or I take my favorite audiophile earbuds with wire, possibly with a Bluetooth cable (15,-) or with the Shanling M0 (95,-). Each headphone can be made wirelessly with a Bluetooth clip (5,-) or with this top quality Bluetooth clip (45,-).

But it can also be done with fake AirPods. There are quite a few people who want that, because then you hear the sound around you supposedly better (NOT!!), and it calls supposedly finer (also not really, because the microphone is usually not good). The Headroom MS16 with wire is much better: with super good sound and topmicrophone for only 7 euros. These are open caps that are loose in your ear, just like the Apple ears:

i10 TWS review hands on

Similar to the original Apple AirPods: the i10 TWS. With USB-C, Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless Qi charging. For sale here (35,-). Or here. Shops come and go... it's fake, so shops often disappear immediately...

i10 TWS

Pairing is simple: you can see them on your Bluetooth phone. The sound quality is excellent for this system. With plenty of bass, clean, beautiful and loud, like the Apple AirPods.

You can put on silicone cases (fins) for a better sound and a better fit. It really works, very well. You can buy the finnish here at AliExpress (30 cents) and sometimes you get it. With the fins they don't fit in the charging case, so that's the reason Apple doesn't provide it.

Pick up / hang up the phone / Play / Pause is a tap against the earplug. Double tap is Next. The previous song is 3x. And long-tap is Siri (or similar on Android). You can charge the box via USB-C (here tips for cables and chargers), or wirelessly via a Qi charger. There is a cable from USB to USB-C. (Such a cable costs 29€ at Apple).

The earphone battery lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours, with continuous music. You can recharge them in the box, and that can be done about 3 times, then you have to recharge the box yourself. Sometimes you have to charge them longer than the lights indicate. And not every charging cable works well, sometimes you have to grab another cable, or turn the plug around. You can see the battery level on the i10 on your iPhone, in the upper right corner of Bluetooth. But one i10 is not the other, there are also those with a bad battery. You never know.

The microphone is reasonable, as with all Bluetooth not nearly as good as wired. It comes with an English manual.

Did you find the right TWS? Let us know in the comments! The shop where I bought it is no longer there, I have now put the links to other large shops: Here (35,-). Or else here.

i12 TWS review

I also bought this popular Swyzor i12 TWS (28,-) and it works on its own, and they are 100% identical to Apple Airpods, but the sound quality was poor. And so was the microphone. A world of difference with the i10. Battery and connection work reasonably well. Pairing was simple, touch controls work, everything works. Delivery took 5 weeks. It may be that other i12 TWS are good. But not this one.

I would rather try this i12 TWS now, or else this i12. 

AIR MX TWS review

The Air MX TWS for 32 euros (or else this Air MX TWS) was also good. With a great sound, especially if you order the Finnish that comes with it, and slide it over the caps. Then it seals your ear better, and you have an even better sound. Then you don't even need an EQ anymore. They also stay better in your ear. There was also a silicone wire, so you can not lose them. The battery was okay, around 1.5 hours. It is similar to that good i10 TWS. Also rechargeable wirelessly with Qi. Continue with Lightning. With me, the right cap occasionally fell out for a while. Annoying, but maybe just doable. The packaging showed a value of 9 or 10 USD and it was there in 11 days.


Reviews 1:1 Replica AirPods i18 TWS, i20 TWS, Air MX, i30 TWS, i14 TWS

Refresh this page to see the latest updates. Below more 1:1 replica AirPods with a short review. Let's see if these are really good:

i20 TWS Air + W1 (45,-) review

bad sound, FLOOR! W1 function works.

Air MX TWS + W1 (27,-) review

This is good, sounds excellent, no EQ required, and the W1 function works. So when you take them out of the box (once paired), you'll see a pop up on your iPhone. Excellent stable connection without dropouts. 2 hour battery. Double tap is volume, very convenient. With Finnish on it-it sounds even better. Battery level you can see on your iPhone. Microphone is not good, but it is also not the worst. Furthermore, fine thing and SCREAMER! Fast delivery in 11 days.

i18 TWS + W1 (15,-) review

this one is pretty good. With much more bass, and less treble than others. Connection is good. Battery too. Bluetooth 5.0. With W1 function (once paired you get a popup). Battery level can be seen on your iPhone. Microphone is as bad as any other. Fast delivery in about 12 days.

i18 TWS + W1 (15,-)

i30 TWS + W1 pop up (25,-) review

the best so far. With excellent sound and good thick bass (depending on how you place them). With W1 pop up, so when you take them out of the box, you get the animation on your iPhone. Bluetooth 5.0. With all accessories, so Finnish, silicone wire, case for the box and a baby carrier. See photo below. Stable connection. Double tap is Play / Pause. This is useful because then you can just touch them, just-tap does nothing. With by far the best microphone, so far. With USB Lightning cable. Battery is also good, 2 hours with continuous music on. RECOMMENDER! The shop was immediately gone, the biggest chance you have now with the i30 HERE or else the i30 HERE

i14 TWS + W1 (12,-) review

Surprisingly good for that price. Sound is reasonable, and the W1 chip works as it should. First click on the box, and then take it out. There will be a pop-up on your iPhone, and pairing will be automatic. With Finnish it sounds even better. 12 days delivery. Double-tap is Next. Good stable connection. Battery level is shown at the top of your iPhone. RECOMMENDER!

i100 TWS LK TE9 LK-TE9 +W1 (35,-) This is the only one with Smart Sense ear function: music stops when you remove it from your ear. At least that's what they say.

- review will follow soon -

LK-TE9 i60 1:1 Air + W1 (27,-) review

Excellent sound, with good bass. 1x tap is Play/Phone, 2x tap is Volume, 3x tap is Next. Handy and good! Bluetooth 5. Good stable connection. Battery 1.5 hours with continuous music on. With Finnish it sounds even better. With Lightning USB cable. Wireless charging via Qi. It's also called i60 or i100. Battery level is available on your iPhone. No W1 function! Microphone very moderate, just like most others. Delivered in 3 weeks. Also for sale here as i60.

LK-TE9 i60 1:1 Air + W1 (27,-)

Connection: right, left, separate from each other

The manual is different for each type. If the right earpiece is not working properly, you usually have to put it back in the box, and then remove the RIGHT first, then the left one. And with most Aipods you can use them separately from each other, so with one ear in the box. But I never do that, so I don't know anything about that. Read the manual, because with each type it works completely different! And sometimes the whole manual doesn't even fit... haha

Aukey EP-B40 review

For a guaranteed better quality there is the IN EAR Aukey EP-B40 (25,-) on Amazon. It has a cable in your neck. On NUMMER ONE in the list Best AirPods alternatives. Delivered quickly. It sounds very good for a Bluetooth earpiece, and it's all of high quality. With 8 hours of battery life, good bass, a smart EQ in 3 positions and a good fit. See the extensive review.

Earbuds: QCY QS1 T1C review

Two little loose caps in your ear: Earbuds. They are in-ear. So with better sound quality, even better than the good i10 TWS, if they fit well and if you use EQ. A popular one is the QCY QS1 T1C. Only costs 20,- . With 5 hours of music on one charge, that's really good. Microphone is also better than most fake AirPods.

Comparable are the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots. Xiaomi goes like a rocket: it is almost all top quality, for a low price. These Airdots I'll have in soon and the review will follow. At least they are promising and cheap: these Airdots only cost 23,-:

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