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Home > New Gear > AirSelfie E03: the smallest selfie drone
AirSelfie E03: the smallest selfie drone

AirSelfie E03: the smallest selfie drone

By  GB Blog Official 2017-09-04 6930 58

If you’ve ever wished you had someone by your side who would take photos of you without complaining about your selfie habit - you'd be happy to get acquainted with the AirSelfie E03 - a mini selfie quadcopter that takes portability to a whole new level.

Measuring just 2.65 x 3.72 x 0.42 inches, this AirSelfie E03 is the size of your smartphone - and yet, it can fly in the sky and take 5MP photos of you and 1080P videos from truly unique angles. Let's get into the details.

AirSelfie E03 - the smallest drone


One of the most notable features of the AirSelfie drone is definitely its compact design. No bigger than a smartphone or power bank, the mini quadcopter can easily fit into your pocket. You can take it practically anywhere - and the miniature size is even more of an advantage when it comes to travelling. Despite the quadcopter's small size, the build is solid and durable. The anodized aluminum frame is lightweight (only 61 grams) and designed for a better flight experience.

AirSelfie E03

Robust and sleek, the aeronautical grade aluminum case makes sure the drone is efficient in the air and resistant to wear and tear on the ground.


The AirSelfie comes with a 5MP selfie camera and an anti-vibration shock absorber - perfect for shooting quick social media optimized pictures. You also be able to record 1080p video at 30 frames per second, all of which can be saved in the 4GB SD card. The camera comes with a timer option letting you delay the shot by up to 10 seconds - plenty of time to put your phone away and "act natural".

Do not expect the same pro-quality shots and footage like DJI's Mavic (12MP, 4K video) or Spark (12MP, 1080p video) - the mini drone was never designed for top-notch aerial photography. What it excels at is being a small, super portable flying selfie camera. And selfies are its specialty. If you are no longer satisfied with selfie stick photos, then you will truly appreciate the versatility the AirSelfie brings to the game: discover new angles, get more people and scenery into the picture and more.

In the air

In the air, the AirSelfie is simplicity itself. So, if you generally tend to feel intimidated by piloting a quadcopter, the AirSelfie will rid you of all the unnecessary worrying. First, it takes the stress out of the two most feared quadcopter maneuvers: take-off and landing thanks to the two special features: TossFly and TouchLand.

AirSelfie E03 package contents

TossFly: simply toss the AirSelfie in the air and it will hover waiting for your command. It's a really fun and convenient feature - especially for beginner pilots who may suffer from take-off anxiety - getting the quad in the air is simple than ever.

TouchLand: just pass your hand under the AirSelfie in the air and it will smoothly land onto your open palm. Feeling impatient? Another option is to just grab the drone in mid-air and place it its case.

Another convenient feature is that all that you need to control the mini drone is your phone and the dedicated app: not special controller needed. To pilot the drone, simply open up the app and press the Lift Button - your mini selfie quadcopter will rise and hover at the height of about 20 meters.

AirSelfie comes equipped with the direct drive EFS propulsion system: the 4 tailor-made brushless EFC motors put in motion the aero labs approved duct propeller offering up to 26,000 RPM in power.

The AirSelfie app

The AirSelfie app is available for both iOS and Android phones. The app's interface is very straightforward and you won't have any trouble finding the needed commands or switching between flight modes. You will see 3 different flight functions in the main menu:

AirSelfie app

Selfie mode: the easiest of the three and the place to start. In Selfie mode, you will see two directional buttons on your phone controller letting you make the mini drone move further from you or closer to you to achieve the desired selfie effect.

Selfie Motion Control mode: you will see a virtual joystick appear on the app - guide the quadcopter in real time to get the best angle for your shot.

Flying mode: your phone becomes a classic controller. Move the quadcopter around to find the perfect picture-taking spot - it will then hover in that place awaiting your command.


To make your experience with the AirSelfie even more convenient, consider getting it with the original power case - a handy combination of a power bank and parking apron for your mini quadcopter. The case makes it incredibly easy to charge the quadcopter on the go and will also keep it safe and protected in your backpack or pocket. The best part? It attaches onto the back of your smartphone (available for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Huawei P9 and Google Pixel). You can thus have your mini quadcopter with you at all times and have it take to the air once you are ready for that selfie!

AirSelfie E03 as power bank

Wrap up

The AirSelfie is in the niche of its own beating the selfie drone competition on several counts: portability, convenience, features and ease-of-use. If what you are looking for is a simple easy-to-fly photo taking drone, the AirSelfie may just be the top of its league.


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