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Home > New Gear > AMD Zen 2: CPU specs and release date
AMD Zen 2: CPU specs and release date

AMD Zen 2: CPU specs and release date

By  Felicity Rosa 2019-05-21 1511 0

AMD Zen 2 has the whole technological world revolutionized. A lot of users and companies have their eyes set on a little more than six days from now, where much of the mystery is going to be revealed, but not everything. As of the 27th of this month, we have just added two more related to the final details and to the launch date, where CPUs could be missing.

Before starting with the article, we have to say that as it happens in some occasions the information offered may not be accurate. We have been listening for days to certain information regarding dates and other considerations, but it is really difficult to validate it, since firstly AMD is not going to let go of the garment and secondly it is all speculation. Therefore, take these data as what they are: unconfirmed or validated leaks, but to which we give enough credibility by the crossing of different sources.

Having said this, after rumors and rumors it seems that at last there is light at the end of the tunnel, especially with a view to the official launch date of Zen 2 and in particular of the Ryzen 3000. As we already know, Lisa Su will open the Computex on May 27th at 10 AM CST (GMT + 8 hours) in the International Convention Center of Taipei, something that we all already knew and is confirmed in AMD's own website.

What can we expect from such an event? Well, as it seems, we will have several presentations, first, Navi will be present and will give some relevant data on features and very possibly the doctor His touch some of the architecture in passing. Zen 2 is the highlight, where we will apparently have several live demonstrations in front of the i9-9900K and where much more information about the architecture, availability or prices will be given, but without going into depth.

The key date to end the speculations and above all, to know that I/O Die, will be June 10. Such a day AMD will release the White Paper of the Zen 2 architecture for all its processors, which logically include Ryzen, Threadripper (can be discarded) and EPYC.


AMD Zen 2

The launch date will also be symbolic

As they say, AMD doesn't stitch without thread, and it seems that the official launch of Zen 2 and Ryzen 3000 will arrive on July 7, that is, on July 7, 2019. We have already seen AMD make similar movements in this sense, we only have to remember the 7th of February for Radeon VII, for example, so the date in this sense seems more than right and above all symbolic.

In addition, and as final colophon, it seems that Lisa Su's CPUs will not have their 12 and 16 cores for sale at the time of launch. This fits with previous rumors about postponing her fastest CPU before Christmas, but the novelty is to include now her 12-core CPU to this movement.

This may mean nothing, as it could simply diversify its strategy vis-à-vis Intel by being aware that Intel would have nothing to show for a few months, or it may mean that TSMC does not have enough functional chips ready and AMD aims to secure the supply of CPUs to its users. Let's remember that each chiplet contains 8 cores, so integrating 12 means adding another chiplet to the PCB and disabling two for each of them.

Speculation at this point? yes, both can be true? probably, but as they say: when the river sounds, water carries. If the AMD octacore manages to surpass or at least equal the i9-9900K with a lower price, the foot user will little mind waiting 3-4 months for the high end processors, especially if Intel finally presents Comet Lake and Ice Lake for the fixed dates with up to 10 cores.


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