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Home > New Gear > Android 10 Q: here is the list of confirmed and expected new features for the major update
Android 10 Q: here is the list of confirmed and expected new features for the major update

Android 10 Q: here is the list of confirmed and expected new features for the major update

By  Adeline Belluz 2019-05-09 1791 0

After Android 9.0 Pie, Google is working on a new update for its mobile operating system. Here are all the new features expected with Android Q, the version 10 of the system to the famous green robot.

Beta Android 10 Q

2019 marks a particular year. This is indeed the year when the version should come out   10 of Android, known for the moment under the Android code name Q, more than 10   years after the launch of the mobile operating system. What does this update mean for us? This is what we will see with this file.

Beta Android 10 Q

Here is all the information confirmed by the release of the first beta of Android 10 Q .

Following the Google I / O 2019, we are now in the Andrid 10 Q beta 3 which confirmed the majority of new features.

Dark theme

With Android Q, Google finally offers the famous dark mode for the system interface. This mode is one of the mobile trends for several months and allows a simplified reading of the screen, especially when it is dark. The manufacturers were already offering a dark mode with their interfaces, like Samsung with One UI, and this is good news if this management becomes widespread with Android Q. This should also motivate application developers to support this mode. Here is a preview below. To activate it, follow our tutorial .

The beta 3 confirms that the complete dark theme will be easily accessible on the final Android 10 Q update . Note that this theme will also influence some basic applications like calculator or calendar.

Live Caption and Relay, automatic captioning

Google's voice recognition technology has made a giant leap forward, we were told in Google I / O 2019. As a result, new accessibility technologies are possible on Android.

Thanks to Live Caption, the system is now able to display in text any video, any podcast, any sound message. A feature as convenient for the deaf and hard of hearing as for those looking to watch videos discreetly in a meeting.

If it has audio, now it can have captions. Live Caption automatically captions media playing on your phone. Videos, podcasts and audio messages, any app-even stuff you record yourself. 

That's not all. The same technology supports Live Relay, a kind of assistant answering the phone instead of the deaf and hard of hearing. The speaker's voice is automatically translated into text, while you can answer by typing on the keyboard before the wizard reads your answer aloud on the phone.

These are two technologies whose potential is immense and which as a bonus ensure a greater accessibility of Android.

Security patches will go through the Play Store

One of the big problems with Android is the availability of updates. Google has worked on several updates to make this easier, and Android 10 Q is the update that makes a big first step in this direction.

The security patches will now be distributed by the Google Play Store directly, without the need for manufacturers' endorsement before that. What's more, their installation will no longer require a complete reboot of the device .

Permissions are more thorough

The application permissions system has been revised to give users finer control. From now on, you can choose to have the location disabled, enabled only when the requesting application is used, or constantly enabled.

Access to local files is also thinner. A user may choose to give access only to certain types of files: photo, video and / or audio. For downloads, developers will necessarily have to use the download system application, ensuring greater security and protection of your privacy.

In general, access to data that can identify a device (such as IMEI) is also more restricted on this major release.

Optimization for foldable smartphones

Google announced it: foldable smartphones will be supported natively by Android . With this first beta of Android 10 Q, we have a first glimpse of the form that will take.

Multi-tasking has been revised to allow multiple applications to be easily activated at the same time, and developers to more closely control how they are displayed on a large mobile screen once unfolded. The Android emulator included in Android Studio will allow developers to test their applications by simulating the opening of several types of foldable smartphones.

New bubbles for email apps

You may be familiar with chat bubbles on Facebook Messenger. For a long time, the application uses a system of superimposing conversations over the interface of other applications. A good way to quickly find the various discussions in court.

So far only available on Messenger, this functionality is extended to all messaging applications on Android Q . This is indeed what discovered the site XDA Developers by displaying similar bubbles on Telegram. The feature can already be enabled using the following ADB commands on Android Q Beta

However, it is currently only an experiment and there is no indication that it will be available in the final version of Android Q.

Sharing has been accelerated on Android

The sharing feature of Android has always been one of its strengths, but this one is considered too slow to start since some versions.

With Android 10 Q, Google launches the "Sharing Shortcuts". It's just a new way for developers to tell the system how shares should run on their application and on which menu. Thanks to this, the sharing menu now starts instantly.

Quick settings within an application

iOS has its settings pane, Android has its quick settings on the notification pane. Android 10 Q will add an extra feature to speed things up.

Developers will indeed be able to use a new parameter pane directly within their application, so that the user does not have to leave it to edit their settings. Such a pane, which appears over the active application, may contain any system settings such as Wi-Fi, airplane mode, or volume control.

Note also a nice detail: the remaining battery time is now displayed in the notification pane, when it is half open.

Managing the bokeh effect on photos

With Android 10 Q, Google wants to popularize its free format "Dynamic Depth" that allows an image to integrate its depth information . Above all, any developer can then access it.

As a result, any application can retouch the blur effect and use the depth information to create new features. Google is also highlighting the format for creating 3D images and augmented reality.

PC mode available natively

Although it is not easily accessible, a native PC mode exists on the first available beta of Android 10 Q. As for DeX or EMUI Desktop type solutions, it takes advantage of the DisplayPort to reshape the interface and make it look like to a traditional PC.

From what we know for the moment, applications are freely resizable, and shortcuts can be created freely on the desktop. For the rest, the functionality is still a little too young to be judged.

Advanced customization of the interface

The beta of Android 10 Q hides in its developer options new customization options . You can edit the system's accent color, the shape of the icons, and the font of the title and body of the default text.

The functionality is pretty close to what the OxygenOS interface offers.

Recording video on screen

Many interfaces and applications allow to record live what is happening on its screen. With Android 10 Q, this possibility will be integrated natively .

What remains to be confirmed for Android Q

The return of the SIM lock

The SIM lock of the phones is only a bad memory on the French market. This does not seem to be the case internationally and Google seems to provide better support for this lock. According to some additions to the source code , it would soon be possible to allow the use of a smartphone with the network of a particular operator.

Locking would even be able to distinguish between an operator and an MVNO operating his network. This better support would also apply to dual SIM smartphones. A function that should applaud some operators, but that should not concern the French market, fortunately.

The end of Android Beam

With Ice Cream Sandwich, Google launched Android Beam, a feature that allows you to easily share items from one smartphone to another thanks to the NFC. Aware that this feature is probably very little used, and while the NFC is increasingly used for contactless payment , the company would have decided to start Android Beam retirement .

On new devices, the feature should be considered obsolete and disabled by default unless the manufacturer explicitly requests it.

The RCS open to applications

Google believes strongly in the RCS, the new protocol that must replace the SMS and allow to compete with services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. With Android Q, the RCS should become available to application developers.

This means that third-party applications, such as Pulse or Chomp SMS , could support the RCS and thus improve the adoption of this new standard.

New technologies

System upgrades are also important for supporting new technologies imagined or used by manufacturers. Android Q should bring a lot of novelty to this side.

The 5G

The next-generation mobile network, 5G, is due to debut in 2019. Android Q should natively support this new standard and we can already preview the logos that will be nestled in the status bar.

Facial Recognition

Face recognition exists in Android since version   4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but its support was until then most basic. For several months now, manufacturers have been incorporating new technologies, including 3D face plans. Android Q should incorporate these new techniques for manufacturers no longer have to work software implementation.

This addition should have several benefits   it allows Google to be the guarantor of security control and applications can easily use these new techniques to identify the user.

Wireless 6 and WPA 3q

The Wi-Fi   6 is expected to become the next generation Wi-Fi network in 2019. It promises lower power consumption, higher throughput and better mobile device management. We imagine that the support of Wi-Fi   6 will be native with Android Q. This should be the case for WPA   3, the new security standard of Wi-Fi .

The beta 3 of Android 10 Q is available

The Google I / O 2019 was the opportunity to discover the new beta 3 of Android 10 Q, which is gradually approaching a final version. It is available on all smartphones Pixel, but also a dozen smartphones of other brands .

To sign up for the beta and / or enjoy Android 10 Q now, follow our guide .

Note that 6 betas are already planned by Google , following this rhythm:

The final version of Android 10 Q will be released in the third quarter of 2019.


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