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Home > New Gear > Apex legends: a guide to legends, all the heroes in detail
Apex legends: a guide to legends, all the heroes in detail

Apex legends: a guide to legends, all the heroes in detail

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-22 514 0

Apex legends offers a very unusual choice for a Battle Royale at the beginning of the game: which character do you want to play? Because the game was inspired by MOBA, with characters called here legends with varying abilities. Classes of complementary legends that will allow you to form detonating trios, a real innovation in the small world of Battle Royale free to play. At the moment, only eight characters are present at the launch, and others are already coming for the next seasons of the game. Here is a guide for each of them and the description of their special abilities.


Bloodhound in apex legends is an expert in stalking and technology. She is one of the greatest Huntress that the frontier has ever known. And it's for her qualities that we find her at apex games. But still an intriguing character, because we only know very little about her. His identity remains a mystery, only a few rumors can guide us on the character. She would be a wealthy heiress who fled her family, a bloodthirsty murderer or even a freed slave.


One thing is for sure is that Bloodhound has real Huntress skills that make her a real asset to your team! You will be able to flush out your enemies and track them. Power given by former Nordic gods who guide her in her mission. She will be truly formidable in the Kings Canyon arena!


Tactics: briefly displays enemies, traps and clues across all buildings in front of you.


Passive: perceive the traces left by your enemies.


Ultimate: see the enemy more easily and move faster.


An interdimensional Warrior, Wraith is a high-mobility legend. She can take back opponents and inflict heavy damage, manipulating space-time and opening portals. Unfortunately she does not know where her donations come from. She woke up in a detention centre for mentally ill without any recollection of her previous life. This is where she began to hear a distant voice in her head that helps her exploit her power.


The reason for his presence of Wraith in apex games is simple, she wants to know where she draws her powers. And know the experiences she has undergone. Because below Kings Canyon this cache of old search sites. She'll do anything to get closer to the truth.


Tactical: quickly reposition yourself in a vacuum to avoid damage.


Passive: you will hear a voice when the danger is approaching


Ultimate: connect two zones via open portals for 60 seconds and your entire team can also enjoy it.


Bangalore of her first names Anita is the daughter of a military family. In turn, she joined the army and became an exceptional soldier. But during an operation, she took with her squad in an ambush in the wild lands, where she lost herself.


She finds herself alone and away from her family. Anita decides to put these skills into arms and her formidable warrior spirit in practice for the apex games. And so raise enough money to return to his own.


Tactics: launch smoke fumes to generate a wall and conceal yourself.


Passive: you move temporarily faster if an enemy shoots at you.


Ultimate: fire an artillery strike on the battlefield.


Lifeline in apex legends is a combat rescuer, who can attack while caring for your teammates. It is very useful in all your team configurations. His story is very singular, daughter of a wealthy gun-walking. Ajay Che leaves the home on the day she understands where the family wealth and the misfortunes she engended. She then decided to engage in the humanitarian organization Frontier Corps, which is helping the frontier communities in need.


It was at that time that she decided to participate in the apex games to be able to fund this organization thanks to the winnings represented by her games. Lifeline will have no qualms about defeating his opponent for victory. His will is to make the world better even if it involves making use of violence!


Tactical: call your drone to automatically and progressively heal your teammates to wear.


Passive: you reanimate allies to the ground faster and benefit from the protection of a shield wall. The use of care resources is 25% faster.


Ultimate: call a drop-off module and receive high-end defensive equipment.


Gibraltar in apex legends is a very useful armored fortress for an offensive game. As a tank, it will take place perfectly in your strategies. Makoa has always been good at saving others from perilous situations. He holds this will of his father, who saved him in his youth left an arm. Gibraltar has never forgotten this sacrifice and decided to devote his life to helping others.


Having lost too many friends at the apex games he decides to sign up for his turn to ensure the safety of his last friends still alive, not hesing to move to the front line to protect them.


Tactical: a shield dome that blocks the shots for 15 seconds.


Passive: shoot the viewfinder to deploy an arming shield that blocks incoming shots.


Ultimate: ask for a concentrated mortar strike by first designating your target.


Pathfinder is an advanced Scout, which will be very useful to your team; Especially thanks to its high mobility and the possibility of offering loopholes for your team. Real specialist in recognition and surveillance. It was built in a decommissioned laboratory, but it knows by whom and even less why.


This was a real quest to find its creator. And after many travels in search of its origins in vain. He still retains hope by participating in the apex games to attract the attention he hopes of his creator.


Tactics: deploy a grapple to quickly reach areas out of reach.


Passive: scan the topographical tags to locate the next game area.


Ultimate: create ziplines.


Caustic in apex legends is a toxic scavisseur, it will affect most of your opponents from its toxic cloud. This is one of the legends that must be unlocked using the different coins of Apex legends. Alexander NOx, a former researcher, worked for the largest laboratories on the border. Always looking for new toxic gaseous substances. It was peculiarity to try the effectiveness of his creations on living beings.


His experiments making scandal he was thanked and decided to avenge him by firing his lab and eliminating the Director. Today, he only responds to the names of caustic and participates in the apex games to observe and test the effects of NOx.


Tactics: deploy NOx gas cylinders shoot on or let the enemies pass for the triggered ones.


Passive: you see enemies crossing the clouds of NOx gas.


Ultimate: cover a large area of NOx gas.


Mirage is a true holographic illusionist, it can mislead the enemy and disorient it with the help of its powers, take advantage of it to gain the advantage. This is one of the legends that must be unlocked using the different coins of Apex legends. Mirage likes to be noticed and it is probably due to these origins, from a sibling of four boys he always wanted to stand out. And it is in the technology of the holo-pilot that he finds his salvation.


With the apex games he is looking for the glory and fortune he has always dreamed of. Mirage is now the center of attraction because it is relentless for its opponents that diverting for the public.


Tactical: deploy a holographic decoy to confuse enemy ranks.


Passive: automatically deploy a decoy to camouflage you for 5 seconds when you are a KNOCKOUT.


Ultimate: deploy a team of decoys to distract the enemy when you're camouflez.


Octane in apex legends is an adrenaline freak. Son of the CEO of pharmaceuticals, Octavio Silva of his real name, he is a real cheat-death. Wanting to beat a record he decided to propel himself to the finish line thanks to a grenade, it is from this event that he holds his Bionic legs.


And from his dependence on the adrenal dumps, he takes advantage of it to realize real prowess. Present in the apex games, he is there to perform more perilous actions than ever to become the new Apex champion.


Tactics: your travels are accelerated by 30% for 6 seconds, but you will lose 10% of your life points. You will also be immunized against slowdowns.


Passive: octane regenates its life points over time if you do not suffer damage


Ultimate: deploy a springboard for catapuling you into the air.

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