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Home > New Gear > Apex legends guide – legends
Apex legends guide – legends

Apex legends guide – legends

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-22 757 0

Apex legends is a Battle Royale that enters some mechanics of hero shooter. Here is a summary and some tips on the different playable characters.

For the release of Apex legends, respawn has made available to players 8 playable characters called "legends", each with their own characteristics.


Unlike other hero shooters like overwatch or Paladins, apart from their special abilities, the different characters do not actually play differently from each other and their grip is pretty fast. Ditto for the doctrine to be adopted in front of a particular character, although it is still necessary to keep in mind the abilities of each.


Here is the list of the various legends available and some tips to better play them, and thus know how to better counter them.

Scout legends


Bloodhound is a very useful legend to spot the activities of the teams in the vicinity and to develop tactics to fall on them by surprise. Using the communication tools of the game is essential for a good synergy with your team.


Its passive ability allows to spot clues to the ground, left by your enemies as various traces of combat or even the origin of the jump of an enemy and especially, for how long date this trace. If you like to play aggressively, it's an ideal tool to track down an opposing team or even fight to guess where an opponent would hide in the corner.


Its active ability allows to reveal all the clues around you within a radius of a good twenty meters and to report the enemies through the walls. Attention, the ping marks the place at the time of its activation, the opponents having time to move meanwhile.


It is especially the ultimate that is very handy in many situations with Bloodhound, since this allows you to run faster, to better discern the enemies of the scenery and to see very old clues. To be used without moderation.

Defensive legends


While Gibraltar is often considered a tank, it is no more resistant than another legend, but its defensive capabilities allow it, with a little bit of savvy, to avoid unnecessary damage.


Its passive power is in fact an active power, since a small shield that absorbs up to 100 points of damage protects the front of Gibraltar when it targets with its weapon. Beware, an enemy who has the advantage of height can touch the head without problems, while the lower part of the body is totally defenseless. Prefer its use behind a rock and most often Crouching to expose as little as possible your vulnerable parts. Do not wait for the shield to be destroyed to withdraw, at the risk of taking a beating for nothing. Batteries can always be used.


The protective dome is surely one of the most powerful active abilities in the game. Gibraltar deploys a large indestructible Dome, ideal for healing, raising an ally or defining an action plan. Beware, however, the enemy can always go inside to solve his problem of not being able to reach you.


If the dome is your only hiding place in the vicinity, good opponents will surround you during your moment of respite, attacking all at the same time when the countdown is over. Think about it before deploying it any way and find yourself stuck waiting for death.


Its ultimate ability is more a means of crowd control than a real offensive power. After launching a smoke, mortar fires fall from the sky to inflict a lot of damage. Easy to Dodge, it's especially an ideal trick to dislodge an entire team hidden behind a rock or to take it where you want it to be (entrenched in a building, for example). The looting does not touch the allies, which can also spawn a path. Usable only outdoors.


One of the two characters premium of the game.


Caustic is a perfect legend for camping and ambushes. As soon as you settle into an area with your team, consider putting some gas cylinders here and there. The gas deals correct damage, but it is mainly its disorientation ability that is potentially fatal to your enemies.


If the NOx gas grenade is perfect to dislodge an opponent from a blanket, you can use it as a defense such as a smoke... or as an attack tool. Caustic having the opportunity to see through his own gas, a screen of smoke between you and the opponent blocks his vision while having the possibility to align it without problems. Be creative.


Support legends


A true war doctor, Lifeline is the support that will make a good figure in all teams.


For starters, if a teammate needs to be revived, let her do it — right, Elrizzt? When she raises a comrade, her drone deploys an indestructible shield in the direction of her camera. Think about your positioning before you revive someone.


Its drone recharges and cures slowly, but can revitalize the whole group at the same time and until the life bars are full. You should not hesitate to use it during the quiet phases when your care stock is low or behind a blanket if you get deleted.


Its ultimate capacity is double-edged, as it allows to dump a supply crate with high quality equipment, usually a care, a weapon accessory or a defensive equipment. If the crate is quicker to descend than a classic crate, which says drop, says spotted by the enemy at all times... and by far. Be careful when you use it, but use it often, the is the difficulty of its use. Lifeline greatly benefits from ultimate accelerators.


Your favorite robotic comrade.


If his passive capacity is very situational, his other skills allow him to move very quickly in the environment.


Very similar to that of Titanfall 2, the grapple requires a certain mastery since it allows to create an anchor point while keeping your velocity. Test it so when you glide on very steep slope and you can move very quickly. Also ideal for waiting for heights and getting covered urgently.


The worse, if you touch an enemy with it, you draw it towards you, while having the opportunity to shoot him in parallel. Very surprising for the opponent if you get to chopper one.


Its ultimate power is an ideal tool for team play. It simply creates a Tyrolean from where you are to the desired location, which is perfect to avoid having to make a detour to reach a distant point or a height. Attention, the Tyrolienne can also be used by the opponent.

Offensive legends


Wraith is not easy to master, but worth the effort.


Very similar to a Titanfall 2 gadget, its active ability allows Wraith to move from entering another dimension, making it immaterial, ideal for escaping or taking the opponent by surprise. Beware, the enemy can always see your movements (a blue visual effect) and you will not be able to see yourself, neither your allies nor the map. Make a mental diagram of everyone's position and try to anticipate their movements, in order to have an ideal placement when you reappear — while reminding you that you are still visible.


Above all, do not underestimate his passive power. Very particular, this latter manifests by a small voice that warns you of immediate dangers, such as a spider sense. For example, it warns you when a grenade is thrown in your direction, if a trap is located in the corner, if a nearby enemy has taken you on the hunt or if a sniper scrutinises you in the distance. Not only does it raise the adrenaline and it makes the pressure, but it avoids unpleasant surprises when you play conservatively. ALWAYS communicate with your team when the voice of the void warns you of imminent danger. Coupled with in the void, Wraith can become unseizable in ambush.


The dimensional flaw is a pretty strange ultimate ability, but very useful for your team in many situations. When activating, you put a portal a and you can no longer pull the time to set up the flaw with the point B. walk in and you will go in the blink of an eye on the other side.


If you are ahead of your peers as you track an enemy team or run away from the shrinking ring, use the ability to help them reach you while still running. The best is the way to unlock your team from a tricky situation by coupling it with in the void: activate your ultimate, go to a safe place and place the exit of the rift. With a little luck, the opponent will understand too late that you are no longer there.


Very simple to take in hand, Bangalore still remains quite effective.


His passive allows him to get covered quickly and bullets that pass nearby are enough to activate it.


Its smoke is perfect to cover a retreat or create chaos in very short-range battles. A threat identification viewfinder becomes a must for it, as it can distinguish enemies through smoke.


Its ultimate power is terrifying: many beacons are planted in the ground and explode after a while. Their radius of action is great, but they do not inflict much damage, rather disoriented the affected opponents. As the opponent redeploys to avoid the shower, this is the best time to rush into the heap. Coordinate your attacks accordingly. Usable only outdoors.


One of the two characters premium of the game.


Mirage is very hard to use, because its abilities are based on deception and bluffing, easily identifiable when you have a few hours on the counter.


Its active ability allows it to run a holographic clone in one direction in order to create a diversion, but the clone usually does not long fire. You have to be reactive if you want to enjoy the effect of surprise. But it is possible to use it to take information, because the player who has destroyed the clone will be immediately marked on the interface. Ideal for spotting a sniper.


Its ultimate is interesting and gives some options to consider. Mirage reveals a group of clones around him and thus makes himself invisible. Either you try to flee and/or relocate in the fight (like a bypass), or you stay on the spot and align the first opponent who will have the misfortune to look away, thinking that the hologram group has no more interest.

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