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Home > New Gear > Apex Legends: Meet all the legends of the game, its advantages and disadvantages
Apex Legends: Meet all the legends of the game, its advantages and disadvantages

Apex Legends: Meet all the legends of the game, its advantages and disadvantages

By  Linky Johnson 2019-04-22 2316 0

Mastering your legend is essential to gaining advantage under the opponent in Apex Legends. Knowing Lootear and shoot in Apex Legends is mandatory, but mastering your legend (character) brings you great advantages over the opponent. Being one of the main differentials of the title, Apex brings this curious mechanics of choosing characters with unique abilities. These skills do not define whether you are strong or not, but bring benefits to certain fields and battle situations. Depending on the moment, you can even facilitate the elimination of your enemy.

These characters are called "Legends", and currently the game has a cast of eight unique heroes. Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Pathfinder and Wraith are the options available. It is worth remembering that Caustic and Mirage are blocked, needing you to play or buy to unlock them. We at Combo Infinito play with all these legends of Apex Legends and we tell you what their advantages and disadvantages are. Don't you know what the ideal choice is for you? Come with us, we'll show you!


This legend of Apex Legends fits into the category of "professional combatant" because their skills are focused on combat. Bangalore has a ' smoke launcher ' ability to hide or camouflage anything. This skill works very well to hinder the enemy when they need to flee, advance raise the friend and even heal.


Already in the passive ability, which is the one that does not need to be activated by a command, it causes Bangalore to walk faster when receiving shots of opponents. Something interesting is that you do not need to be hit to receive the speed increase, just the firing pass near you. This passive helps you in time to depart for the attack or escape from a battle where you may be at a disadvantage.

Finally, his supreme ability called the Thunder Rumble calls for an artillery attack under a certain area. This area of attack is defined by the player himself. The most opportune moment to use your supreme is when a group of enemies are together and stopped in a location without vertical protection. It is also possible to disrupt the enemy squadron that is leaving in despair of the storm, because you will force the players to turn around the attack area or face the missiles in luck.


This legend is most recommended for those who like to be aggressive in the attack. If you are a player who prefers to camperar an area or play safe, it may not be as useful.


With this legend, no enemy will be out of your sight. Bloodhound is a true hunter and stalker of the map's players. Starting with your tactical ability that allows you to activate a kind of sonar that reveals enemies, traps and hints around you. It is important to use this ability whenever you enter a suspicious region.


Your passive ability is a great bonus for tracking nearby enemies. You can see traces left behind by enemies. This character is excellent to help you deduce if the place has chances of having an enemy. Together, you can use the tactical ability to have the exact location of the enemy.


Above all, in the supreme skill we have the ' Beast of the Hunt ', which makes Bloodhound get faster and with an improved vision to see enemies in the scenario. They are fully highlighted in red, while the other objects are in gray color. This power should be activated in times of conflict so you can potentialize the attack.


Bloodhound is an ideal legend for players who like to switch between risky and safe gambling. You can utilize your skills for both situations, it will definitely suit all needs.


This legend is initially blocked for acquisition (with or without microtransaction). Caustic brings a peculiar tactical ability, the ' Nox gas trap '. When launched the cylinders, opposing players within the area activate the gas that soon begin to lose life. This skill becomes very useful when positioned in paths that the opponent can reach you. It also serves as a protection, in case you solve camperar somewhere, just leave it near the doors.


Your passive ability titled ' Nox Vision ' makes you see the enemies through the gas. With this we have three advantages when using this trap: the first is to eliminate the enemies; The second advantage is to be able to see the enemies in it; Finally, the third is to be able to hide within this gas.


Anyway, we arrived at the supreme that is the ' Nox gas grenade '. This ability is very strong if used indoors. It's basically a more powerful variation of your tactical skill. The gas curtain covers a much larger area, compared to the traps.


Caustic is a legend for players who like damage to the area (sorry for the pun) and who do not like aggressive in the attack. Your game must be safer and around the Nóx gases. Under a good use, Caustic can be make powerful in a match in Apex Legends.


Are you the type of player who likes to be "tough in the fall"? Gibraltar is the equivalent of the famous "tanks" of the MOBA games. However, what will hinder your fall in the game is your skill, not life. That's because all legends run and walk at the same speed, Gibraltar has a tactical power as a ' protection dome ', which protects you and your friends from attacks for 15 seconds.


The shield is not only present in its tactical ability but also in the passive. The weapon shield protects you from attacks when you're targeting a weapon. In general, these two skills allow you to be one of the most aggressive and tough players in the squadron.


Your supreme skill is similar to what we have in Bangalore. The ' defensive bombardment ' requests a mortar attack concreted in the marked position. Its strategy is the same with the supreme of Bangalore, use in groups of enemies is more effective.



The Apex Legends combat physician may be one of the most important legends of the game. It can help your squad a lot, not only because they heal everyone with their tactical skills, but also save space in their backpack by not having to load as many life packs. The Lifeline healing robot can heal the entire squadron simultaneously, as long as they're close.


The legend is also capable of reanimating allies felled more quickly with a shield to protect from attacks while performing the action. Its healing speed is higher, it is possible to use healing items 25% faster than the others. All of this is your passive ability.


In the supreme skill we have the ' supply capsule '. When requesting, a capsule will fall from the sky with some interesting items, for example: weapons, armor, ammunition and consumables. All to continue well in the Battle of Apex Legends.


Lifeline is essential to the squadron, which makes it risky in conflict. It is important to play safely with it, for you must be the last to fall. Otherwise, your team will be lifeless or support to keep everyone alive.


Known as ' illusionist Rogue ', Mirage possesses the tactical power to create a holographic copy. Perfect for cheating the opponent by throwing the clone at him while he turns around. The clone serves to escape the danger too, for it will leave his enemy confused, perfect time to flee from outnumbered battles.


When you're knocked out, Mirage creates a hologram and makes you transparent, allowing you to escape from the enemy's vision for your friends to rescue you.


Your supreme skill is the most interesting of all of you. You will create a group of holograms while temporarily invisible. This skill is perfect in attacks with the squadron, the confusion is certain, giving a real advantage to you and your friends.


Is it mobility you want? It is mobility that you will have with the Pathfinder legend! The friendly little robot has a hook as a tactical skill that allows you to reach distant locations with a lot of speed. It is possible to use the hook for fast and agile attacks, confusing the target easily.


Its passive ability is to be able to analyze flags scattered across the scene to reveal the next place in which the playable area ring will close. Knowing in advance where the game will continue brings a great strategic advantage to your squadron. Arriving first on site is very important to ensure the best places to await the next round.


Pathfinder also features a ' Tyrolean weapon ', allowing you to create this feature in a few seconds wherever you want. This weapon is found in the Supreme skill, your team will be very mobile with this legend of Apex Legends.


The Wraith legend manages to be the second character with the best mobility of the current cast. Your tactical ability allows you to teleport quickly through another dimension. As long as you teleport, you will not receive any damage from the opponent, being also a perfect option to escape.


Your passive ability brings voices in your head that intensify with approaching enemies. Wraith and the Bloodhound can be a strong duo in the squadron, the two are able to find nearby enemies with ease. Using headphones while playing with the legend is extremely advisable.


In the supreme skill, similar also to the Pathfinder, you can help your team to get around in hard-to-reach locations. With a ' Dimensional rift ', everyone can teleport for 60 seconds. However, beware! The rift can be used by the enemies if it is still open.

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