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Home > New Gear > Apple MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 15: which should you buy?
Apple MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 15: which should you buy?

Apple MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 15: which should you buy?

By  Linky Johnson 2019-05-25 2047 0

Laptops have the same size, premium design and similar hardware.

Dell XPS 15 2018 and MacBook Pro 15 notebooks are two options available for purchase in Brazil and compete for the powerful specifications. The Apple laptop is for sale on the official website of the brand for prices between $ 18,500 and $ 21,300, while the Dell device has not yet reached the Brazilian market. In the United States, the XPS 15 9570 has prices from US$ 1 thousand, about R$ 3.9 thousand in direct conversion and free of taxes.

Despite the robust technical data sheet of both, the difference between prices can confuse some users. With this in mind, TechTudo has prepared a comparison between the configurations and main characteristics of the two models.


The two notebooks have different designs, including the material adopted. While the MacBook Pro 15 has an aluminum casing, the Dell XPS 15 brings the surface finish in carbon fiber - the interior, in turn, also in machined aluminum. This way, both laptops can provide good strength and protect the internal components.

Apple MacBook Pro vs Dell XPS 15:design

The Dell XPS 15 is only available in one color option, which combines black on the inside and gray on the outside. MacBook Pro 15 is found on Apple's Brazilian website in two options: silver and "space grey". Apple's notebook weighs 1.83 kg, while Dell's comes in 2 kg - which should not make much difference when carrying.


The latest MacBook Pro 15 display is 15.4 inches in size, built with LED technology and IPS standard. The Dell XPS 15 display, launched in 2018, has 15.6" and features the InfinityEdge IPS standard, which, according to the manufacturer, is responsible for leaving the screen almost without edges.

MacBook Pro 15 display

When it comes to resolution, the current MacBook is only Full HD, while the Dell device offers an option with 4K, in addition to being touchscreen. Therefore, the XPS 15 should provide better quality when displaying content with more definition and sharpness when available.

Dell XPS 15 display


m theory, the Dell XPS 15 9570 can show better performance as it has the option to come with Intel Core i9 processor, the most advanced of today. Meanwhile, the MacBook Pro 15 comes with a Core i7 CPU, which also offers cutting-edge performance for any kind of professional, though not as powerful as the latest chip.

As for RAM, the XPS 15 comes standard with options ranging from 8GB to 32GB, depending on consumer choice. Apple's notebook doesn't exceed 16 GB, according to the manufacturer's official website here in Brazil.

Video Card

In the United States, the Dell XPS 15 9570 is offered with three graphics card options: Intel UHD Graphics 630, which does not offer much graphic power, Geforce GTX 1050 or Geforce GTX 1050 Ti, suitable for those who want to use the equipment for games.

Dell XPS 15 9570with three graphics card options

The MacBook Pro 15 can also be purchased with three variations of graphics chip: Intel HD Graphics 630, Radeon Pro 555 or Radeon Pro 560. The last two options may be more than enough for heavy-duty applications like video editors, for example.

In isolation, it's hard to say which one can offer better performance. However, it is safe to say that, in general, the cutting-edge configurations of both products can deliver equivalent performance.


The MacBook Pro 15 has only one battery option, with 76 Wh. If you choose the XPS 15, you can choose between a version with 56 or 97 Wh. According to Dell, this second option allows up to 21.5 hours of continuous notebook use, while Apple, on its website, promises up to 10 hours of wireless network navigation, but does not specify the time of use in offline mode.

Operating system

In a purchase decision, the operating system can be crucial, especially if the consumer needs a specific application in their work project, or is used to a specific OS. Dell XPS 15 comes with Windows 10, while MacBook Pro 15 works with the latest version of macOS.

MacBook Pro 15  latest version of macOS

Price and availability

The Dell XPS 15 9570 is not yet available in Brazil, but in the United States its suggested price is US$ 999 (about R$ 3.9 thousand, without taxes) for the most basic configuration. The MacBook Pro 15, in the manufacturer's virtual store, costs between R$ 18,500 and R$ 21,300.


Faced with the big price difference without a performance gain that justifies it, it's easy to say that the Dell XPS 15 9570 has the best cost-benefit, especially for users who work all the time on the computer and do not dismiss a good game occasionally.

Another factor that distinguishes the two products is that Apple's notebook comes with a Touch Bar, which has several functions and shortcuts to improve the user's productivity. This unprecedented component can even justify the higher price.


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