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Home > New Gear > Asus ROG phone 2 vs Black Shark 2: who is more powerful?
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Asus ROG phone 2 vs Black Shark 2: who is more powerful?

Asus ROG phone 2 vs Black Shark 2: who is more powerful?

By  Town Kassis 2019-07-30 7057 0

Young people pay more attention to the game experience when they choose and buy mobile phones. In recent years, there have been many mobile phone manufacturers focused on e-sports games, such as Black Shark, Red Devils, Thunder Snake, Asustek and so on. In order to meet the needs of the market environment and users, these brands continue to make attempts and innovations to create a number of game mobile phone products with strong game performance, such as the newly release ASUS ROG phone 2, is it better than the Xiaomi Black Shark 2? Let’s make a detailed comparison.

Asus ROG phone 2  

On July 23, Asus ROG unveiled its new ROG gaming phone 2 in Beijing, which comes with Qualcomm's highest-profile processor, Snapdragon 855 Plus, with screen refresh rates up to 120Hz. This phone is a professional game phone with deep cooperation and customization between Asustek and TX, with strong software and hardware performance.

However, opponents are also on the move, and the Black Shark phone will launch a new Black Shark game phone 2 Pro, on July 30 with the same configuration of the Snapdragon 855 Plus. Compare Asus ROG Game phone 2 with Black Shark Game phone 2, which has been released today, to see which phone is stronger.

Black Shark 2  

Configuration competition

From the core processor point of view, the Asus ROG 2 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus is Qualcomm's latest hard-core chip. Asus as the first carrier manufacturer has attracted a lot of attention and controversy, compared with the Black Shark 2 Snapdragon 855 chip is much dimmer. From the configuration point of view, the main configuration of Snapdragon 855 Plus upgraded to the core frequency and GPU performance, the adjustment range is not very large, on the whole, we can see the advantages.

Asus ROG phone 2 vs Black Shark 2:Configuration competition 

The Asus ROG 2 is equipped with a 6.59-inch AMOLED electric competition screen, with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, breaking the historical record. In terms of response time and touch sensitivity, it is relatively smooth, easy to control in the game, and flash touch technology can also accelerate the game synchronously. Play while you walk, take the lead ahead of time. Black Shark 2 is equipped with a game touch chip and algorithm, the 6.39-inch screen touch response time is only 43.5 Ms, the game experience is also better.

Asus ROG 2 screen 

Don't underestimate game phones. Their photography systems are surprisingly powerful. Asus and Black Sharks are equipped with 48 million rear main cameras, Black Shark 2 uses 48 million + 12 million AI dual photography to achieve 10x zoom, front lens 20 million, No worse than any other camera phone. The Asus ROG 2, which uses Sony IMX586 sensors, has a strong performance and is clearly photographed with a 13 million auxiliary camera, as well as a 125degree ultra-wide angle shoot and a 24 million front-facing camera.

Black Shark 2 cameras 

In terms of endurance, the Asus ROG 2 has a large 6000mAh battery, supports QC4.0 fast charging, less heat dissipation, and there is no obvious hot in the charging process of playing games and watching movies. Black Shark 2 only has 400mAh capacity, but its 27W high voltage charge can also restore energy at any time, short charge can play games.

The verdict: Snapdragon 855 Plus performance is more outstanding, Asus ROG 2 has 120Hz smooth refresh rate, strong endurance, photography is not inferior, the overall configuration is better than Black Shark 2.

Asus ROG 2 

Game competition

The game system experience is crucial in e-sports. Asus ROG 2 uses double shoulder keys to turn the phone into a game console. The four-finger operation is very convenient. There are also 4-antenna WiFi layout, double forward speakers, and 4 microphones to bring better results. Using Solar CoreTX game core performance optimization, from the network, operation, loading multi-dimensional optimization of user experience. Mobile phone back lamp performance custom changes, bring a better visual experience, in the intellectual control center can manage the game configuration files and game settings, and further optimize the game experience.

Asus ROG 2 game system experience  

Black shark mobile phone from the visual, auditory and game experience optimization, from the back "X" curve, Magic Press three-dimensional touch, visual effect contrast, color restoration and other aspects to make the game picture more clear, full, intuitive experience in the game process is very good. It is equipped with X-2 suspension antenna for the game scene, Unicom game to accelerate the mobile phone signal, network optimization, to create a very fast game experience.

At the same time, all kinds of AI core scheduling make the game scene and run more intelligent.

Black Shark 2 game system experience  

Game heat dissipation has always been a distressing thing for e-sports enthusiasts. These two mobile phones use liquid-cooled heat dissipation to lower the temperature. Asus ROG 2 uses vacuum cavity homogenization plate, with copper and aluminum heat conductor to control temperature. Matrix liquid cooling heat dissipation to ensure the high-speed and stable operation of the game can not drop the frame. Black Shark 2 uses liquid-cooled 3.0 technology, tower-type global liquid-cooled heat dissipation from all directions to quickly disperse heat, CPU core temperature can be reduced by 14 degrees Celsius, combined with extremely cold cooling back clip can quickly cool down.

Black Shark 2 liquid-cooled 3.0 technology 

The verdict: from the game experience, it is not difficult to see that the two have their own characteristics and advantages, the user experience is not ambiguous, the use of all kinds of technology to improve the overall game performance, the two mobile phones belong to the "can resist and play" boutique works.

Price comparison 

In terms of price, the Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 is officially on sale on platforms such as the Black Shark Mall. In terms of price, 6G+128G is priced at 2699 yuan, 8G+128G at 2999 yuan, 8G+256G at 3299 yuan and 12G+256G at 3799 yuan.

The price of Asus ROG Game phone 2 was officially announced on July 23. The price of TX custom elite version 8G+128G is 3499 yuan, the price of classic 12G+512G version is 5999 yuan, the supreme version is 7999 yuan, and the electric competition armor version is 12999 yuan. The price span is large. And to a certain extent to meet the needs of all kinds of users. The mobile phone opened for pre-sale on July 23 and officially went on sale on the 31st.

Asus ROG Game phone 2 ​ 

From the two prices, although Asus ROG release of the initial price is higher, but the subsequent will certainly be reduced, black shark game mobile phone 2 release of the initial 8G+128G price of 3499 yuan, 12G+256G price of 4199 yuan, now the price is also tend to stabilize. The Asus ROG Game phone 2 is more cost-effective than by comparison because it outperforms the Black Shark phone in terms of configuration and performance.

The verdict: Asus ROG game mobile phone 2 price is indeed higher than the black shark mobile phone a lot, the initial purchase is not cost-effective, and the mobile phone version price gap is very large, the memory is single, the price is generally on the high side, pay attention to the performance of the player can choose and buy.


Taken together, Asus ROG 2 as the first smartphone with Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, the market and users place high expectations. However, according to its specs and experience, I think the price-performance ratio of the Asus ROG 2 is not very high. But for game enthusiasts, it will offer smoother and faster experience than Black Shark 2. So the Asus ROG 2 is more suitable for gamers to choose and buy. However, for ordinary users, its performance and configuration is not optimal.

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