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Home > New Gear > BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope from Xiaomi Youpin: waterproof binoculars with an 8X zoom
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BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope from Xiaomi Youpin:  waterproof binoculars with an 8X zoom

BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope from Xiaomi Youpin: waterproof binoculars with an 8X zoom

By  GB Blog Official 2018-10-30 2961 1

If you are an avid explorer and adventurer, you probably already have a dedicated pair of binoculars. Binoculars help us bring the world closer by enabling us to see things we would otherwise have missed — they are the perfect observation, study and exploration tool. Today, we take a look at the BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope by Xiaomi and see how it can take your adventures further.

the design of BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope: 

What can one use binoculars for?

If you are new to the whole idea of owning binoculars, we have a few tips to get you started. First, there are quite a few things you can do with binoculars than just bird watching. For instance:

Binoculars can be your first step into stargazing and astronomy. It is actually recommended by professionals that you start off with a pair of simple, easy-to-use binoculars to start your exploration of the night sky as they would be less overwhelming and would actually give you a better idea of what you can potentially uncover in the night sky.

Experiment with photos. While most smartphones come with some sort of zoom, this, naturally, won't be the same as looking through binoculars. Thanks to the fact that most phones come with auto-focus, you can actually take a picture through the eyepiece of your binoculars and get an up-close photo without an expensive lens.

Second, binoculars are very easy to use and require a very small learning curve. This means that, unlike with more complicated equipment, you will be able to start exploring right away and, potentially, move on to more professional devices.

 the usage of the binoculars

Specifications at a glance

Let's take a closer look at the specs of this BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope


Product name
BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope from Xiaomi Youpin
Binocular telescope
Product size (L x W x H)
12.50 x 12.50 x 4.50 cm / 4.92 x 4.92 x 1.77 inches
Product weight
0.5095 kg
Amplification factor
Exit pupil diameter
Exit pupil distance
Eyepiece diameter
Field of view
Prism system
Roof system
Package contents
1 x binocular telescope, 1 x velvet bag, 1 x wiping cloth, 1 x mirror belt, 1 x Chinese manual
Other features


BEEBEST 8X Binocular Telescope from Xiaomi Youpin - BLACK

BEEBEST 8X Binocular Telescope from Xiaomi Youpin - BLACK
$111 $69.99    


BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope: made for the outdoors

Most binoculars are made with the explorer in mind. And Xiaomi have taken this to a new level by equipping their set of binoculars with a set of extra element protection series making them suitable for the most rugged of outings.

The BEEBEST 8X is IP67 waterproof, this means that the binoculars are not only protected from a light rain but can even withstand a 30-minute water submersion (should it ever come to that). Fog, water or dirt — the binoculars can take it all and more, making them the perfect choice for mountaineering, hiking, camping and other outdoor sports.

the IP67 waterproof of BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope 

Measuring just 4.92 x 4.92 x 1.77 inches, the binoculars are very portable and lightweight (just a bit over 500 grams). This makes it super easy to carry them around: just attach them to your backpack or clothing, put them inside a bag or even a coat pocket — they will not add too much extra weight to your gear and do not require any special carrying case.

the portable and lightweight of BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope 

BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope: see it all — up close

Thanks to the eight times magnification, you will get to see what you want in great quality and from a great distance. Go wildlife or bird watching and see the animals up close without disturbing them. Watch a game without dropping the big bucks on front-row seats — with the BEEBEST 8X, you will be right there in the action. Enjoy a play, opera or ballet even from the back of the theatre and don't miss a single pirouette.

the multiple fuctions of BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope 

Thanks to the 32mm objective lens, the binoculars get ample light and let you see objects and sceneries in detail even if the lighting conditions leave a lot to be desired. The binoculars come with a 19mm eyepiece and a 4mm exit pupil. This means that even if your eyes are not perfectly aligned with the telescope, you will still get the entire field of view. Plus, thanks to the ultra wideband multilayer coating process used in the making of the lens, you get accurate color rendition and high reflectance.

the 4mm exit pupil distance of BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope 

BEEBEST 8X binocular telescope: the verdict

The original price of the BEEBEST 8X is over $110, which is not little to pay for a hobby device. However, if you take into account GB's 37% discount, you are actually getting a very impressive deal being able to get the binoculars for just $69.99, at almost half the original price. And, note that thanks to the advanced element protection and strong build, you will be using the BEEBEST for a long time.


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