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Home > New Gear > BL-05 Bluetooth Speaker Smart Bulb Unboxing
BL-05 Bluetooth Speaker Smart Bulb Unboxing

BL-05 Bluetooth Speaker Smart Bulb Unboxing

By  GB Blog Official 2017-02-23 3686 8

Let's see how to play this interesting amazing BL-05 Bluetooth speaker smart bulb! Connect it with phone, play the music on it, change color and set time-delay lighting off.

Ladies and gentlemen, today our Gearbest blog is excited and thrilled to introduce one the most innovative and popular smart products we've ever seen – introducing the BL-05 Bluetooth Color Changing Smart Bulb. Okay, two special features are immediately apparent from the name: Bluetooth connectivity and color changing functionality. But, that's just the beginning, folks. I'm going to tell you and show you just what this cool gadget can do!

BL-05 smart bulb package box

(BL-05 smart bulb package box)

To use this bulb is incredibly simple, it operates just like any other bulb: just screw it into any E27 or B22 socket and connect it to a power source, and flip a switch. Let there be light. But do remember, it's not a normal bulb, it's the BL-05 Bluetooth Music Playing Color Changing Smart Bulb! Wait, it also plays music? How can a light bulb even do that? The simple answer is: through the wireless magic of Bluetooth control. Let's check it out.

Bluetooth Connection

Connecting the bulb to your phone via Bluetooth is just the start to access the bulb's awesome functions. Don't forget that the maximum distance for effective transmission is 10 meters (without obstacles).

Step 1.

Search for the "CHSmartBulb" application in the Google Play store, Android application market, or Apple store depending on your specific device OS. Then download and install it on your phone.

Download CHSmartBulb app

Step 2.

Screw the BL-05 bulb into a lamp holder and ensure it's connected to a working power source. Turn on the bulb as you would for any, it will light up.

turn on BL-05 bulb

Step 3.

On your phone, enter the Settings interface. In our worked example, we use an iPhone however the general process is the same on Android phones. Select the Bluetooth option and activate this feature. Wait for a while, then the CHSmartBulb device will show up. Tap on it to pair with it.

connected BL-05 bulb with phone

Step 4.

Once both your phone and the bulb are paired over Bluetooth, launch the CHSmartBulb app on your phone. On the App Connect interface, the CHSmartBulb will be listed. Tap on the name to connect to the bulb. Once you've successfully connected, a pop-up notification will appear along with an audio confirmation sounding from the light bulb's speaker.

CHSmartBulb app on your phone

Music Player Function

Tapping the Music option will cause the app to ask you permission to access your music library (on iOS devices) or to your files and data (on Android devices). Tap Allow to authorize the request. All of your phone's locally stored music will now be listed – simply choose a track, and the bulb's speaker will start to audio stream it. It's great for anyone who wants to relax, study, date, or even party – thinking outside the box, it's also perfect for soothing antenatal music. It's suitable for all kinds of music in most rooms or even a bar, play your favorite for literally room-filling audio.

Volume adjustment: Simply adjust the music output volume using your physical phone volume buttons, or tap the top right speaker icon and use the on-screen volume slider.

EQ setting: Tapping the left top icon grants precise, granular control over music allowing you to fine-tune the EQ effect to your own preferences using presets, e.g. Jazz, Popular, etc. Alternatively, you can also set the EQ manually based on your requirements.

CHSmartBulb app volume adjustment

Light Color Changing

Go to the OFF/ON interface, it's a digital master switch for the bulb. Provided you're within the effective Bluetooth distance, you can use your phone to conveniently turn the light bulb on and off remotely.


Enter the Lamp interface and a full color panel here. You can slide your finger to any color on the color palette then the bulb light will transform into that color. Regarding the two sliders, the top slider adjusts the color light's brightness, while the bottom one controls the white light's brightness level.

Want the full effect? Choose the Auto function. This starts a fun-filled light show that automatically changes the colors and rhythm in time with the music being played. This sets the stage for some unforgettable house parties!

CHSmartBulb app light color changing

Other Settings

Enter the Setting interface allows you to:

1. Rename the bulb's Bluetooth name.

2. Set the light shut-off time:

● Slide your finger on the analog clock hands to your preferred settings, basically the time you want the bulb to automatically turn off. Tap the Timing lights button to confirm the setting. This function be used when sleeping or for area security purposes.

● Also you have set the shut-off time, you can tap the Cancel The Timing button to deactivate the auto power off.

Set the BL-05 Bluetooth bulb light shut-off time

Personal Comment

Yes, I know that there are lots of similar products available, other smart bulbs exist on the market. And, sure, most also utilize a Bluetooth connection, wireless remote control, and even a color changing feature.

However, put them all side to side and one of these smart bulbs is not the same. The BL-05 smart bulb stands out because it has an awesome built-in speaker! So it's not just a color smart bulb, it's also a wireless Bluetooth speaker!

And the icing on the cake is the groovy Auto color changing mode, so the bulb is literally dancing along with the music. That is a killer feature for anyone who loves to hold parties at home for a cool club atmosphere, or if you simply enjoy relaxing.But, even with all these terrific, fun-filled features, the price is still unbelievably cheap for the functionality and versatility.

What do you think about this bulb? Pretty cool and unique, right? It would certainly make for a unique gift or just a personal treat: the price is so affordable with excellent functions. In fact, it's hard to find a reason not to own one. Whether it's for normal daily use or special occasions, bring the magic of light and sound home with the BL-05 Bluetooth Color Changing Smart Bulb.

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