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Home > New Gear > Black Shark 2: the new gaming beast raises the bar to 12 GB RAM
Black Shark 2: the new gaming beast raises the bar to 12 GB RAM

Black Shark 2: the new gaming beast raises the bar to 12 GB RAM

By  Linky Johnson 2019-05-05 729 0

The river sounded with a lot of water and, after a quite revealing filtration, finally we know first hand the Black Shark 2. Another mobile of this brand focused on satisfying the public more purely gamer and launches its first flagship of the year.




The place has been the homeland of this recent brand in the mobile panorama, which maintains its profile and style in this new terminal that integrates the most powerful hardware that we are seeing in Android mobiles and some particularities facing that the playing experience is the best.


6.4 inches in search of the best refreshment rate

Adding to what seems to be the mid diagonal in the high range of recent months, the Black Shark 2 opts for an AMOLED panel of 6.39 inches, being larger than that of its predecessors. With FullHD+ resolution (not even for gaming go up this value) and in the absence of knowing the use of the front by it, has a refresh rate of 43.5 milliseconds, being according to the brand the panel with the lowest latency of all.


This is a screen that promises good visibility regardless of the environment and angle of vision incorporating various modes to try to rest the view as the reading mode or the DC Light dimmer (an intensity regulator). It also incorporates TrueClarity MEMC technology, which compensates and estimates motion to avoid blurring.


They promise HDR experience with real-time conversion from SDR to HDR. In addition, it incorporates pressure sensitivity at two specific points to activate a series of specific actions. This is called Master Touch and the idea is to make actions faster during the game, saving up to 80 milliseconds by shooting in an FPS game.


Thus, this screen is integrated into a chassis whose aesthetics is marked by the lines that we have seen in previous mobiles and what is assumed as "gamer design": dark tones and lights. In this case the logo and the two sides are RGB LEDs that are illuminated according to the effects of video games or music, being able to be personalized.


More vibration, more power in the audio and fast charge

Sound, vibration, visualization, video game performance and control. These are the five pillars that the brand proposed for the launch of the one that takes the baton of the first Black Shark and the Black Shark Helo, and that arrives with the latest processor of Qualcomm for the high range, the Snapdragon 855.


This processor, prepared for the 5G and with neural processing unit among other features, is accompanied in this case by 12 GB RAM. This, as we said, is the maximum we have seen in Android mobiles, as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus ceramic, seeking in this case to give the best experience in something as demanding in terms of power and graphics as games.


To cool all this the Black Shark 2 incorporates a liquid cooling system, called Direct Touch Liquid Cooling System 3.0, which is the first in the world according to the brand to integrate a multilayer liquid. What this system allows is that the heat is dissipated covering all areas of greatest temperature increase, so that the CPUs are kept 14 degrees centigrade below.


All this is powered by a battery of 4,000 milliamps/hour, which on paper paints very well (and almost a minimum for a mobile thought to be used intensively), promising game sessions of up to five hours enduring autonomy 60% than others according to the manufacturer. In addition, it supports fast 27-watt race, so that five minutes of charge give for about 30 minutes of play.


A software adapted to the use

As far as software is concerned, it is common for these mobiles to include a custom layer or a launcher and for this to come with a specific mode. In this case it is Ludicrous Mode, with which the processor is put to the maximum avoiding the fall of frames.


We also find the mode Shark Space - Inmersive Gaming, which frees all the RAM occupied by all tasks so that it is dedicated almost entirely to the active video game in the foreground. In addition, to make the experience as immersive as possible, there is a Game Dock as a shutter for quick access so that users can customize the options without completely leaving the game.


Audio at the level of the most demanding

Sound is another key to making the gaming experience as full and immersive as possible, and in this regard the company has incorporated two front speakers for stereo sound and three microphones, two with noise cancellation and placed on the front. In addition, what they have achieved as they explain is to avoid problems when playing face-to-face face-to-face in terms of audio.


This was one of the pillars we said at the beginning, and another related is vibration. The Black Shark 2 can recognize different environments, weapons, movements or blows so that it adapts to different vibrations, seeking to give a new dimension in the games.


And in terms of connectivity, like its distant cousins Xiaomi high-end, the Black Shark 2 integrates a double antenna, looking for a strong connection in the 360 degrees with an antenna type X-type Smart. With this, the idea is that regardless of the orientation of the phone the connection remains stable, something essential when it comes to online games.


Black Shark 2 price and availability

The Black Shark 2 allows the connection of an HDMI cable to an external monitor to move the game to a larger screen, promising the minimum lag. This combines it with the GamePad 3.0, so that the mobile becomes a console controller thanks to the Black Shark stand.


The price of the Black Shark 2 version with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB secondary storage will be 3,799 yuan (500 euros approx.), and the model with 12 GB RAM and 256 GB secondary storage will be 4,199 yuan (550 euros approx.). We still do not know when they will arrive to the market, but we will update this data as soon as we have it. The Black Shark 2 will be available in two colors, adding a variety in silver to the black that we saw in the previous models.


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