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Home > New Gear > Borderlands 2: Brief introduction
Borderlands 2: Brief introduction

Borderlands 2: Brief introduction

By  Daniel Camilo 2019-05-23 973 0

First person shootout (FPS) with cRPG elements, which is a sequel to the hit released in 2009. The development of Borderlands 2 was taken over by Gearbox Software again with the support of 2K Games.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a continuation of the 2009 game, which was very successful and enjoyed by critics and players alike. The second installment of the series was created by Gearbox Software and is still a combination of a first person shooter and Diablo-style RPG elements. Like the original, the production includes a cooperation mode.

In the second part of the series we return to the planet Pandora to check out the unexplored areas that hide many secrets of the universe Borderlands. The plot tells the story of events taking place shortly after the end of the "One" story. The main opponent of the players is Handsome Jack, who, after taking credit for the heroes of the previous part, bought out the largest weapon manufacturer in the world, Hyperion, and declared himself dictator of Pandora. Our aim is to put an end to his tyranny, shown with a pinch of salt, of course.

In the game we meet a team of heroes known from the first part, but this time Mordecai, Lilith, Brick appear as side characters. The producer did not take the easy way out and prepared four new heroes to choose from. These are Salvador, Maya, Zero and Axton. The introduction of these protagonists translates into the presence of previously unknown character classes. Gunzerker has the ability to use any two weapons at once and acts as a tank. Commando uses the help of an automatic cannon, which is developed through an appropriate set of skills. In the case of Assassin, the emphasis is on the element of surprise - the warrior sets traps for his opponents and prefers to act from hiding. In Borderlands 2 there is also the Siren class, which was in the previous part, but has now been given a whole new set of skills.

The weapon system, which was the showcase of the first part of the game, was completely remodeled. The creators of Gearbox Software created all the weapons from scratch, assigning them to a few characteristic manufacturers. Unlike "one", in Borderlands 2 guitars do not differ only in stats, but also in appearance and mode of operation. Also, the environment in which the production takes place has been significantly modified. Pandora is no longer just a series of desert landscapes. Instead, various locations have been served, such as ice tundra, jungles or rocky hills.

The true strength of Borderlands 2 remains the mode of cooperation. It allows four people to play at once via a network or a local connection. The developers have constructed the game in such a way that the presence of other players opens up access to new tactics. Some of the challenges are also dedicated to groups.


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